Slots Winners Weekly Report: December

Slots Winners Weekly Report: December brings you 5 jackpot slots who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories.

Slots Winners Report for 12-3
1) Lots of Pennies thanks to the Hillbillies
The first penny progressive MegaJackpot hit in Mississippi goes to Gerald Rogers Wade, 58, a wrecker driver, from Murfreesboro, TN at Fitzgerald’s Casino, Tunica. Wade had only played $20 at the Beverly Hillbillies game when it struck for a $1,389,381. reward.“I just had a feeling to play this machine, and I thought it would be great to hit it big,” said Wade.
“I watch The Beverly Hillbillies on TV, and I love that show—but now I love it even more.” “This feels wonderful and I’m going to pay off bills and buy a new car too. I won’t have to worry about money anymore,” stated Wade. “I’m going to sit back in my easy chair and enjoy life.”

2) Back to Work on Monday?
Robert Devers of Bethlehem, PA says he will return to work the warehouse on Monday, even after his big hit for $2,400,506.
Devers, 51 was playing a 50-cent Wheel of Fortune machine at Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City for only 15 minutes when shock and joy set in. There is a dual celebration--Mrs. Devers was an $800 winner before the bigger news came their way. They are sure to return to play their favorite Wheel.
3) Small Casino Pays Big
A small casino in Arizona, the Mazatzal, attracted Damian Chavez to a Wheel of Fortune because ‘he likes the TV show”.  The golf course worker from Payson, AZ was ready to leave because of work the next day, but bet $50 in the popular slot resulting in a $279,391 Megajackpot win. After contacting his boss to say, “I quit. No more work.” the excited winner plans to buy a house and then he concluded, “We’ll see”.
4) Quarter Million$ Slots Winner Strike at Wynn
One of the newest and grandest Vegas casinos is now on board for a big Wynn! Renulesh Sharma of Northern CA won $415,920 with the Lucky Wheel version of Bally’s Quarter Million$ progressive slot.

5) Morning Triple Winner
Pechanga Resorts & Casino in Temecula, CA steps up with a Triple Win by one very lucky lady--Linda Goreham of Corona whose history is that of an original $25 player. Her first of the day was a $250,000 “Quick Hits” slot win. “I did it again”, she called out referring to the scene accompanied by bells and music for a $10,000 win. A triple win was in the wings--this time for $12,000., thus translating to a cumulative win by noon of the same day of $272,000.

Slots Winners Report for 12-10
1) This Canadian had to be Convinced
Kathryn Hill, 53 that day, selected a Monty Python and Holy Grail nickel slot at Seneca Niagara Casino to input her first $20 bill.The teacher from Paris, Ontario, Canada liked the Holy Grail symbolism and considered it “a good omen”, but “wasn’t convinced” even after receiving congratulations on her $1,306,669 win.Unsure about how to spend her new found fortune, Hill says she will stay on the job for now. 

2) A Winners Detour
Robert Serafine, a salesman from New Britain, CT was on his way to play his favorite game, video poker when he noticed a vacant seat at a Star Wars slot. After betting $30, the MegaJackpot hit for $1,562,333 at the Mohegan Sun Casino. The shocked winner said, “I was on my way to my usual spot and this machine was the only one with an open seat. It just locked up with bells or whistles going off. I didn’t know what happened.” As to future plans, Serafine stated, “I’ll buy a house.” 

3) A Patient Winner
Richard Jones, a sales rep from Bessemer, AL was patient and played next to the Wheel of Fortune that was his first choice.
“Then I switched,” he said. After playing only $3 in the winning machine, Jones reported being shocked and “in disbelief” when the Megajackpot of $612,262. hit at Silver Star Resort in
Philadelphia, MS. Future plans include paying off his daughter’s wedding bills and investing the rest. Jones said that the win “will make life a whole lost easier and I will be debt free.” 

4) Race Weekend is Lucky
Everett Brown of North Smithfield, RI took home the largest jackpot ever from Dover Downs Hotel & Casino at $375,179.
His chosen machine, a Wheel of Fortune 5-cent progressive slot set off warning bells for the stunned winner.  “I can’t believe I just won that much money. I was playing the machine for only 10 minutes when the symbols started lining up and the lady next to me told me I just won a huge jackpot.”
“I love coming here every year, but this one is special since I won on race weekend. The service is great and they make me feel so relaxed here. I would say Dover Downs is one of the best casinos on the east coast.”
Plans include a dream home in Murphy, NC and a return trip to Dover Downs.

5) Waiting for that Jet Plane in Vegas
Even though most people walk away empty handed playing at the airport, Frank Garrett proves them wrong with a big hit of $363,903. at a Wheel of Fortune quarter slot. Garrett, a 51 year old roofing contractor from Rohnert Park, CA and his wife Jenny were on their way home when a Five Times Pay Wheel caught Frank’s attention. “When I played baseball, my number was 5”, said Garrett. “So, when I saw this Wheel of Fortune with a 5X, I picked it.” Garrett will immediately leave his winnings with his ‘bookkeeper’ wife Jenny and plans to keep on working.

Slots Winners Report for 12-17
1) This Time Lucky
I’m really not a gambler,” said the anonymous player. “I’m not even a lucky person, normally.” After a $3.7 million hit at a California MegaBucks dollar slot, this Los Angeles man explained that he was having a good time playing by his wife at Harrah’s Rincon Casino Resort when the big payday arrived.
‘The money will allow me to retire early and help my two children.” Additionally he said, “The jackpot will let me take some time to smell the flowers and leave a legacy for my family.”
2) A Ten Will Do It
Vegas was Donald Johnson’s vacation choice to celebrate his son’s 21st birthday.
The 58-year-old from Hazlet, NJ picked an I Love Lucy machine that after only a $10 investment produced a $1.7 million Jackpot at MGM Grand. “I like progressives and hadn’t seen that game in New Jersey,” stated Johnson.
Future plans begin with a meeting with a financial advisor for the new millionaire.
3) What a Catch!
In Sarah Mae Bolk’s own words, she was “fishing at a cabin resort and comes here every year to play.”  But after playing Wheel of Fortune for the first time, she was down to only 70 credits.
This particular Wheel at Kewadin Manistique Casino in Michigan then lined up just right to the tune of  $976,786. Bolk, from Leslie, MI originally thought the award was going to be $1500. Future plans include a new boat and car. 

4) It’s a Two-Fer: “When the Wheel of Fortune symbols were appearing every now and then, I had this feeling,” says Ruby Bolin. That ‘feeling’ was spot-on with an eventual win totaling $268,337 from the Silver Star Casino that she plans to share with her hubby and children. There’s day later, along comes Sue McGuire Thornton of Northport, AL to also play the Wheel to hit a jackpot of $225,613.
5) The Only Slot Available
“No other machines were open, so I put $20 in the machine and it hit.” states Khamsamay Homdouangphachanh of Brossard, LA. Spending the day with friends at Cypress Bayou Casino in Charenton, LA, Khamsamay hit for $348,242 at a quarter Wheel of Fortune. The winner’s future plans are simple as she will just put the money in the bank for now.

Slots Winners Report for 12-24
1) One, Two System that Worked
Eleanor Barkauskas, a secretary from Waterbury, CT used a one, two credit system when playing Megabucks at Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort leaving her open to a lost progressive jackpot if max coin was not in play.
Luck was obviously on her side when she was rewarded with a $2,747,332 Megajackpot. After recovering from the shock, Barkauskas stated, “my worries are over.”  Future plans include replacing her 13-year-old car and “I can retire without worrying about health insurance or bills.”
2) The price of the Buffet + $34.
Renata Cottino, a builder from Thornwood, NY stopped in for the buffet at Mohegan Sun Casino Afterwards, he chose the only available Wheel of Fortune progressive to sit for a while and input his $34. Initially thinking his reward was $2000, he was soon to learn that his small investment was to garner a whopping $2,059,333. jackpot. Cottino plans to continue working saying, “My winnings will help offset the cost of my son’s wedding; otherwise I will just enjoy the gift”.
3) A Return to the Wheel
Heather Dachelet hit big with a $314,193 jackpot on a dollar Wheel of Fortune slot machine; one that she had done well on in the past at Oneida Bingo and Casino in Green Bay, WI.
When the machine locked up, Heather waited for the coins to drop, and then it dawned on her that she had won the top jackpot. When asked it she would continue working, she laughed and said, “I’m too young to retire, but will use the money to pay bills and take a vacation”.
4) Bally’s QuarterMillion$ Hit
Andrew So, on vacation and playing at Primm Valley Casino, NV hit the jackpot for  $293,489. at an In the Money version of the QuarterMillion$ Progressive. So spent 20 minutes at the next door slot, then took the empty seat beside him, inserted $20 and how his luck did change!
The winnings will provide a down payment for his future home in Burbank, CA.
5) Looks Nice and Pays Nice
Gregory Stefanich of Crandon, WI opted for a visit to Mole Lake Regency Casinos rather than a soggy hunting trip.  “I was walking to get a beverage and it looked like a nice machine,” he said. The nice machine turned out to be a Wheel of Gold slot and after only $10.25, paid a nice jackpot of $231,117. “The person next to me told me I won.” Gregory stated. He plans to keep his job and use the winnings for his retirement.

Slots Winners Report for 12-31

1) Happy Birthday Mr.Trucker
“I couldn’t believe it!” bellowed Preston Pringle, a self-employed truck from Tupelo, MS. His big hit of  $2,985.267 at a $5 Wheel of Fortune at Sam’s Town Casino in Robinsonville, MS was the best birthday gift a 36-year-old casino player could wish for. “The casino workers had to tell me that I won the jackpot, because I didn’t realize it at first.” After switching machines and betting about $60, Pringle stated,
“I just had a good feeling, watching the symbols line up. I’ve won several other jackpots before, but nothing like this. What a birthday this is!”

This millionaire’s plans include paying off bills, traveling, helping needy children and “just taking it easy for a while. Life for me will be more relaxed and I won’t have so much pressure.” “And, oh yeah, life will never be the same.”
2) Millionaire 777’s Lives Up to Its Name.
Another millionaire is crowned while playing the Millionaire 777’s game at Bally’s Park Place Casino. Satwant Sewak from Marietta, GA needed only $20 to strike a big win of  $1,161,447. This dollar slot then reset at $1 million as Sewak smiled for the cameras with his big check.
3) Birthday Gift
Kim Boudreaux, a school teacher from Lafayette, LA was at Cypress Bayou Casino in Charenton, LA for her mother’s birthday. After playing only $40 at a Wheel of Fortune progressive, Kim struck for a $236,131. MegaJackpot. The ‘very excited’ winner plans to stash the jackpot for a rainy day and now feels that her life will be “much easier.”
4) Quarter Million$ with 10
Scott Cole of Honolulu, HI noted that there were only 10 credits left as he struck for $382,655. at a Quarter Million$, In the Money progressive slot. Scott had input just $20 in the slot while playing at the Golden Nugget Casino located in downtown Vegas.His winnings will pay off his home and help finance his children’s education. “I will be return to Las Vegas soon to try my luck on another Quarter Million machine,” he promised.
5) I Just Knew It
Jacolyn Morman hit pay dirt with a $325,271. win at a Wheel of Fortune slot at the Skyline Hotel and Casino in Henderson, NV. The Mason City, NE resident has a premonition, “I just knew I was going to win on that machine.” said Morman, a 60 year old entrepreneur. The strike came her way with only $40 in play and she intends to purchase a bunch of nice gifts for her family.

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