How to Play Poker: Program 1

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The How to Play Poker Program at Gambling Teachers is extensive with 2 Programs, 10 Game Types, 42 versions, general strategies, tournaments and 60+ lessons.

10 Types: Holdem, Omaha, Wild Card, Stud, 3-Card, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, European Games & Other Versions.

How to Play Poker lessons include General Strategies, Holdem, Omaha, Hi-Lo Games and Wild Card Games.

Professional gambler, Bill Burton is our lead teacher with contributions by gambling pros, J. Phillip Vogel and Gayle Mitchell.

The listing below includes general lessons, Texas Holdem and Omaha

How to Play: General
1) Game Selection
2) Poker Room Play
3) Think Like a Professional
4) Bad Players: Beat Them
5) How to Avoid Bad Beats
6) Bluffing: Valuable Weapon
7) Sit & Go Tournaments
8) More Sit & Go Strategy
9) Live Poker vs Online, Pt 1
10) Online Poker vs Live, Pt 2
11) Online: How to Choose
12) Free Poker Online
13) Poker Tips: Fast Track
14) Skills Test
15) Chips and Tricks
16) Dictionary - Terms

Omaha and Hi-Lo
1) Omaha Poker Basics
2) Play Omaha Advanced
3) Omaha Hi-Lo Basics
4) HiLo 8 or Better  Advanced
5) Strategy: Starting Hands

Texas Hold 'em
1) Learn to Play Holdem
2) Starting Hands: 10 Best & Worst
3) Position: A Key Concept
4) Significance of Pot Odds
5) Suited Cards Play
6) Playing Heads Up
7) Playing a Short Handed Game
8) Mistakes & Corrections
9) Speed Poker: Online Holdem
10) Single Ace and Position
11) Holdem Tips: Fast Track
12) Holdem Quiz 1: Basic
13) Holdem Quiz 2: Advanced
14) Holdem Terms
GT Quiz Series: 25 Quiz Picks

6) Hi-Lo: Omaha Versions
7) Omaha vs. Hold 'em
8) Omaha Quiz
9) Omaha Terms

How to Play Poker: Wild Card Games
Wild Card Games: 10 Versions includes Jackpot Games
Poker Program 2

How to Play Poker Introduction
The hierarchy of hands is: best hand royal flush, straight flush, 4-of-a-kind, full house, flush, straight, 3-of-a-kind, two pair, one pair to the lowly no pair.
Players bet against each other and not against the house.
Check the table postings for betting limits, and ask what the rake is (the percentage the house takes for providing a dealer and tables), usually 5% or a maximum dollar amount that is a flat fee or hourly rate.
Most players prefer the comfort of online poker because you can play for free and the forums provide valuable information.
Generally, your buy-in should be 10-20 times the top bet; set a stop-losshow to play poker taught by the pros at gambling teachers limit and a win goal.
If you run out of chips, you'll be allowed to continue to play out your cards; however, you are excluded from betting in the remaining rounds.
A side pot is started and goes to the highest-ranking hand between the other players who donated.
I would recommend that novice players look for the low limit tables.
Contact the room manager, and if a seat is not available for your requested game, you can be placed on a waiting list and paged.

How to Play Poker betting options:
1) bet 2) pass, check, no bet made, you stay in the game
3) call, bet - the same as the previous bet or
4) raise the bet, often a limit of 3 raise bets in any round.
Checking, then raising, is likely allowed.
A 'button' moves around the table clockwise indicating dealer position.
Bluffing - Pick your times and players.
It's easier to bluff against one player and easier against good players who respect the art as opposed to weak players who stay in the pot forever.
Let's Shuffle Up and Deal!

How to Play Poker Program 2 lessons are in this order:
Stud Poker, Caribbean Stud, 3-Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Let it Ride, European Games of Baccarat, Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer and Other Versions: 12 Games with Red Dog plus tournaments.

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Tips, Terms & Wins

Poker 2 Program Index:
Lessons for Stud Poker, Caribbean Stud, 3-Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Let it Ride, European Games of Baccarat, Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer and Other Versions: 12 Games plus 5 lessons about poker tournaments.

The first online poker room was launched in 1998.
To date, the largest online poker win was for $1.3 million during a heads up $500/$1000 pot limit Omaha session in November, 2009.
California has the highest rate of online poker players with more than $2million people playing in the state.

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