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A diverse gambling education should include the GT Learn SportsBetting Program offering lessons taught by gambling pros.

Football betting and wagering on horses or other sports games is popular at land casinos and betting shops, but it's gigantic online.
Online Casino sportsbetting options include a variety of games: basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, golf, billiards, darts and boxing.

The program provides sports betting tips along with 15 lessons/quiz and an Introduction taught by 3 sportsbetting pros: J. Phillip Vogel, Tony Stoffo and Vincent Conti.
Gambling Teachers has compiled data about sportsbetting online, sports bets worldwide and 5 popular sports wagers found after the Introduction.

The lessons for the GT Learn SportsBetting program are listed below.
1) SportsBetting & SportsBooks. What's It All About?
2) Sportsbetting Terms
3) Strategies for New Sports Bettors
4) Sports Betting Online: A Primer Lesson
5) Sportsbetting Exchanges vs. Online Sportsbook
6) Sportsbetting Bankroll
7) Baseball Streaks System, Part 1
8) Baseball Streaks System, Part 2
9) Sportsbetting Quiz
10) Billiards Games and Versions: Sports Game
11) Darts Games and Versions: Sports Game
12) Billiards and Darts Quiz

Horseracing Systems at Gambling Teachers

Learn Sportsbetting: HorseRacing
13) HorseRacing System #1:
Horse Off the Claim.
14) HorseRacing System #2:
The Frontrunner Special.
15) HorseRacing System #3:
Maiden Claiming and Maiden Special Weight Races.

Horse Racing Trivia at Learn Sportsbetting
The largest crowd for the Kentucky Derby was in 1974 where 163,628 fans attended.
Sir Barton won the Belmont Stakes in New York in 1919, to become the first horse to capture the Triple Crown. This was the first time that the Belmont Stakes had been run as part of the prestigious trio of events to include the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.
3 big races for fillies, known as the Triple Tiara are Mother Goose, Coaching
Club-American Oaks and Acorn.
In American and British horseracing, the horses run in opposite directions on the tracks.
Blue ribbons are awarded to horse racing winners in the United States and Australia, while red ribbons are awarded in the UK and orange ribbons in Holland.

Learn Sportsbetting Online Introduction
It's fair to say that for as long as there have been sporting events, there have been plenty of people eager to bet on them. During colonial times, for example, settlers were known to bet on cockfights and bare-knuckle pugilism.
In the post-Civil War era, horseracing was the event of choice, followed shortly thereafter by baseball. learn sportbetting taught by pros at gambling teachers
And in the technology-laden 21st century, sportsbetting has grown to include everything from traditional sports like football and basketball to politics, popular TV, and even space exploration.
There's little doubt that the Internet has revolutionized the sportsbetting industry. What was once a restrictive pastime available though limited outlets has evolved to a point where a gambler can place a wager 24-hours a day on an event halfway around the world in a matter of minutes.
Such convenience has resulted in a dramatic surge in sportsbetting popularity as evidenced by the unprecedented growth in the online sportsbetting industry worldwide.

Gambling Teachers has compiled some data detailed below about sportsbetting online, sports bets worldwide, 5 popular sports wagers globally concluding with some entertaining trivia about each of these 5 sports.

Place Your Bets: Learn Sportsbetting 
Possibly the largest sports wager of all time was $5million New Zealand dollars on the All Blacks rugby team to win the Rugby World Cup. That amounts to around $4million US dollars.
Approximately 67% percent of college students bet on sports.
Sportsbetting is second only to poker for college students.
For eleven different sports, 9% of athletes bet on sports at least once a month.
In 2008, a survey by ESPN showed that 118 million American’s bet on sports in that year alone.
Las Vegas is the sportsbetting capital of America. In 2008, over two billion dollars were wagered in Nevada.

Betting Worldwide: Learn Sportsbetting
The most popular sport bet in Asia is cricket.
In the UK, the most popular sports bets are soccer and horseracing.
The Superbowl is the most popular sports event bet in the United States.
Prop or proposition bets are random bets placed on Superbowl events outside of the game to include the length of the national anthem and which celebrities will play during the half time show. Some prop bets attract more wagers then the game itself.
Belgium boasts the Spa-Francorchamps motor racing track.
5 Popular Sports Wagers Worldwide are US Football, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball and Boxing.

Learn Sportsbetting: 5 Popular Sports Wagers Worldwide—The Facts
US Football:
No NFL team has ever played the Super Bowl on its own home field.
No Super Bowl game has ever gone into overtime play.
No Super Bowl has ever ended in a shutout.


Seven different countries have won the world cup. Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2), Uruguay (1), England (1), France (1).
93,000 fans attended the first World Cup final in 1930. Host country Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2.
Brazilian footballer Pelé scored a career total 760 official goals making him the top scorer of all-time.

The Term home run was used in crickets for many years before baseball.
First set of rules came in 1774 with 22-yard pitches, 4 ball overs, stumping, no-balls and stopping wicket-keepers from blocking movements of the batsmen.

Basketball: Learn Sportsbetting
The largest crowd to witness a basketball game was recorded in February 14, 2010 for the NBA All-Star Game in Dallas, Texas with 108,713 viewers in attendance.
The longest marathon playing basketball, with the final scores logged at 9900-8169 was played in July 1-5 2010 in Hungary. The game was played for a straight 107 hours with no rest breaks.

For over 106 months, and 25 title defenses, Joe Louis held the championship title within any weight division.
Three men have won the Heavyweight Championship title three times: Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Muhammad Ali.

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Sportsbetting Stats
Las Vegas revenues hover around $2 billion dollars wagered per year, however that is nothing compared to an estimated $63 billion dollars that will be bet online by worldwide sports players in the same time frame.

Possibly the largest sports wager of all time was $5million New Zealand dollars on the All Blacks rugby team to win the Rugby World Cup. That amounts to around $4million US dollars.

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