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Learn to Play Video Poker is one of the most inclusive programs offered at Gambling Teachers.

Two professional gamblers, Gayle Mitchell and John Grochowski bring their teacher-writer expertise to the Learn to Play Video Poker program for casino players whose goal is a comprehensive education for both online video poker play or offline.

You will find Q&A's, Tips, Online reviews, 2 Quiz lessons and more.
The program provides basic strategies and how-to lessons for the most popular versions with paytable illustrations to play video poker online and off.

The lessons for this Learn to Play Video Poker program in order of learning levels with individual VP version strategies are listed below.

1) VP PayTables & How-to Play
2) VP Types: Multi-hand & Bonus
The 18 lessons numbered 3-20 are a group of VP versions that include strategies and pay schedules. The best and most familiar in VP land is represented in this group.

3) Jacks or Better (Jacks+)
4) Deuces Wild
5) Deuces Wild: Other Versions
6) Jokers Wild
7) Bonus Jacks+ VP
8) Double Bonus
9) Double Double Bonus
10) Aces & Faces
11) Pick 'Em

12) All Aces or Super Aces
13) Super Double Bonus
14) Triple Double Bonus
15) All American
16) Bonus Deluxe-More for 4
17) Pay the Aces
18) Video Poker: Other Choices
19) Newer VP Versions
20) VP online versions reviewed

The Learn to Play Video Poker program concludes with lessons about strategies, Q&A, tips, terms and 2 quiz.
21) VP online strategy
22) Pay Table Variations
23) VP Strategies:Different Games
24) VP Questions about Jacks+
25) VP FAQ by Gayle & John
26) Quads Can Equal Royals
27) Double Bonus Strategies

28) Royal Flushes and VP
29) Tracking VP Hands
30) Video Poker Pro
31) Tips: Fast Track Series
32) Terms
33) Quiz
34) VP Quiz 2

Learn to Play Video Poker Introduction
The video poker slot model may take a little practice for novices who are used to automatic-pilot slot machines, but it's easy to learn.
If you already know how to play, some points in strategy will make your performance even better.
For beginners, poker hand standings are as follows, from the highest paying wins to the lowest:

learn video poker program at gambling teachersThat beautiful Royal Flush!

Straight Flush (consecutive order, all same suit)

Four of a Kind or Quads

Full House (3 of a kind, and a pair)

Flush (all same suit, no consecutive order)

Straight (consecutive order, not all same suit)
Three of a Kind or Trips

Two Pair

One Pair of Jacks or Better.

The two techniques that are mandatory to becoming an educated, video poker player are 1) how to read a pay schedule and
2) strategies for all VP versions: Jacks+, Bonus, Deuces & Jokers.

In fact, although a player may experience more losing than winning sessions, this is offset by the Royal Flush payout-which a skilled player is more likely to get.
I would be surprised to find one avid, skilled player who has not hit the big jackpot--wiping out the casino advantage in one swoop.

One item VP has in common with other slots is the RNG-the random number generator that constantly deals poker hands from a 52-card deck.
Since playing errors can reduce the payout, just sitting down in front of a full pay machine online or off won't help you unless you learn to play video poker with the correct strategies.

With the dexterity or skill of making the right decisions for each VP version, this game is one of the best bets in the house. I like that.

May all your Video Poker choices turn out to be 'royalty'.

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Tips, Terms & Wins

$1.3 Million Video Poker Win
This streak began at a Jacks or Better Double Up VP version.
The anonymous player's first  $5 wager found a pair of queens.
He took advantage of the option to double up . After doubling up a further 16 times, the player hit for  a massive $1.3 million.
“I thought about cashing out after  $40,000, but decided to continue,” said the player. “Then when I got to 1 million, I was tempted to double up on over 1 million dollars, but decided against it”.

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