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Learn Slots, Play Slots is taught by Gayle Mitchell, author of slots books, Ebooks and Ezines Editor.
She says, "I find slots are played at different levels of expertise and education.
We all need to upgrade our education to stay current".

For example, a recent slots type
to arrive on the scene are
Community Play or Multi-Player Concept slot machines that are setup to accommodate several players, all of whom can qualify for the top jackpot bonus round and gather credits separately at their station.
Built into most slots today are added features such as multi-lines, free spins and a second bonus screen for extra cash.
Branded slots with familiar star quality titles--Lord of the Rings,
the Osbournes and Elvis are part of the slots world with more games online weekly.

Additionally, new slot versions played online and off are introduced at gaming shows worldwide and Learn Slots, Play Slots will keep you informed about the changing slots playground.

This program provides slots Q&A’s, Tips, Strategies, types of slots--basic, bonus and progressive versions and includes a Quiz.

Slots 2 offers Slots Winners and Reviews for online casino and land-based.
Lessons for this Learn Slots, Play Slots program are listed below.

1) Basic, bonus & progressive
2) Slot Strategies: land-based
3) Online Strategies
4) History
5) Progressives: History & Wins
6) Multiplayer Slots versions
7) Nickel Strategy
8) Players Strategies
9) Brand Name Versions
10) Myths and Facts
11) Slots Bet vs. Blackjack
12) Slot Answers: 12Q's
13) FAQuestions
14) Bonus Slots Q&A
15) Penny Slots vs. Dollars
16) Tips: Fast Track Series

17) Terms-Dictionary
18) What is Your Slots Type?
19) Online Slot Games Report
20) 2012 Slots, Part 1
21) 2012 Slots, Part 2
22) 2012 Slots, Part 3
23) Quiz: 10 Q&A
24) Quiz 2: More Q&A
25) IGT Slots 2011, Pt 1
26) Atronic 2011 Slots, Pt 2
27) Bally 2011 Slots, Pt 3
28) WMS Slots 2011, Pt 4
29) Aristocrat 2011 Slots, Pt 5
30) 2010 Games, Part 1
31) 2010 Games, Part 2
32) Slots 2009

The Learn Slots Program has expanded into 2 areas.
Slots Winners and Reviews for land based US casinos is the focus of Slots 2.

Learn Slots, Play Slots Introduction
Many moons ago, the only machines available were clunky, tiny, fruit-bell reels and Vegas was the only place to play slots.
Computer technology has taken players down a neon, graphically rich and audibly enhanced road to the latest treat for the senses: bonus slots.
Now we play Monopoly, listen to Elvis tunes, Make a Deal or No Deal, spin that Wheel of Fortune and revel in the casinos’ ‘online video arcades’.
We have come a long way. Don’t you just love the excitement?

Mindless casino games - you say. Not anymore - my friends. learn slots at gambling teachers
It’s no longer a matter of insert coins, pull handle, cross fingers and dream of the big jackpot.
An education is now a pre-requisite of any casino visit.
Not only should you choose and observe the selections and/or schedules presented, but also wager management is key to your survival in a game that now produces 75% or more of most casinos’ revenues.

If you don’t become savvy and learn slots before you play slots, you are missing out on some nice paydays.
We all know the casinos and the programmed RNG have the upper hand; however, with this program, we will embark on an education that can and will improve your play and knowledge of terms preparing you for those jackpot quests.

Selecting the correct versions, location, testing, and playing the right denomination for a wager management plan are all learned strategies here.
To teach these concepts, I divide the machines into three major categories:
1. Basic versions with a single payline and constant jackpot.
2. Progressives that offer an ever-growing jackpot.
3. Bonus Added Versions. Feature free spins, 5 reels, multi-lines, bonus games and nudge-hold.

You need not be overwhelmed for I promise to sort out this mountain of information with specific strategies to stretch your gambling bankroll.
I have found, as you will, that knowledgeable, confident players can and do enjoy every casino experience.

May you forever hear the sound of raining coins.

Learn Slots, Play Slots is followed by Slots 2: Winners and Reviews
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Tips, Terms & Wins

Slots Colors Light Guide
The slot light colors will tell players the denomination and at the same time determine your next move according to your bankroll. As there are plenty of multi-denomination slots play available in casinos today, the slot light color will be that of the lowest denomination.
Here's the slots light colors: pennies=white. nickels=red. quarters=yellow. 50cents=gold and dollars=blue.

Converting Credits to $$
100 pennies=$1.--divide by 100 for $ value.
20 nickels=$1.--divide by 20 for $ value.
10 dimes=$1.--divide by 10 for $ value.
4 quarters=$1.--divide by 4 for $ value.
2 50cents=$1.--divide by 2 for $ value.

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