Slots Winners Report: January

Slots Winners Weekly Report, January brings you 5 jackpot winners who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories. 

Slots Winners Report for 1-28
1) The Winning System
A Wheel of Fortune slot, $20 and the Isle of Capri Casino in Bossier City, LA turned out to be the winning formula for Beth Rodell. Beth, a resident of Centreville, TX explained her 'system' that enabled her to walk away with $1,156,831. "I just love the slots,  Wheel of Fortune quarters and the Jeopardy! Game." "I cashed out on this machine and was ready to move on to another. But, I always play three more times after I cash out on any slots. It sure paid off this time. I couldn't believe my eyes when it hit.
"I was shocked when I realized it was the Big One.". Besides allowing for a much better retirement, Beth will share the bounty with her children.
2) How Much Did You Say?
Helen and Paul Miesemer, retired teachers, head out to the Atlantic City boardwalk casinos at least once a week. Helen selected a Wheel of Fortune at the Taj and after $125, up popped the three WOF icons and a jackpot of $1,209,524, much to the shock of the winner.
"I can't believe it" and "I didn't realize how much it was until the attendant came up and told me" was the reply.
In the afterglow of the win, Helen's husband Paul was contacted in their hotel room as he prepared for an upcoming party. Paul recalls, "They told me my wife wanted me to come down to the casino because she had won a lot of money". I asked, "How much, a couple thousand?" Then they said, "No, 1.2 million."
As Helen and Paul prepared for a winner's photo session, Helen turned to Paul and asked if her hair looked okay.  His reply, "You look like a  millionaire."
The money will be put to good use for the purchase of a new car and assisting relatives with a new business.

3) Curiosity Nets a Huge Winner
John Galle, a 57 year old Recreation Dept worker from Vancleve, MS was curious to see the Grand Casino in Biloxi and the journey produced an $860,090 payday.
After playing a dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive, Galle said, "I thought I had won $860, I was ecstatic when I realized I hit the big one." Galle had a feeling that a jackpot was coming his way. "I bet $160 and walked away with nearly $1million".
Future plans including paying off his house and debts, but won't quit his job. "I'd drive my wife crazy if I stayed at home all day."
4) "No More Information Needed"
When Tamith Ashley hit for $334,449, she was asked about future plans. Her reply, "Three kids in college, no more information needed."
Ashley was playing her favorite 'I Dream of Jeannie' penny slots at Fire Lake Casino in Shawnee, OK and after only $20. play, the progressive slot provided a nice payday.
When the machine froze, she thought something was wrong, but an attendant told her all was indeed right and the top jackpot was hers.
5) Dreams Provide the Plan
Patti Ruth Piottowski-Delaney, a retiree from Anchorage, AK. says, "I was awake half the night thinking about that machine."
She said her visit to the casino was planned and she chose the winning slot because it was her favorite. That favorite-Wheel of Fortune, quarters gave this dreamer a $708,481. Megajackpot at Gila River Casino in Laveen, AZ.
Patti's first consideration is paying off two condos and a car.

Slots Winners Report for 1-21
1) Family Gathering Produces a Millionaire
The family of Eradyn Perez, 34 of Houston, TX. gathered at the Isle of Capri Grand Palais Casino in Lake Charles, LA. After an input of just $60, Perez hit at the quarter Wheel of Fortune machine to the grand tune of  $1,025,426.
The shocked millionaire said, “I thought I won $1500, not the statewide progressive.”

While undecided about future plans for the windfall, Perez said he will continue working as a waiter at a Houston restaurant.
2) Mega Happy, Happy!
An Ohio woman chose her favorite slot, a Wheel of Fortune $5 machine at Caesars Palace in Vegas while in town to celebrate her birthday. The best of gifts came her way with a huge  MegaJackpot  payday of  $2,878,912. “I saw the three symbols, and I was looking up to see what I had won,” she stated. “I thought I was dreaming when I realized I had hit the jackpot.”
Future plans include paying some bills and continue working.
3) Double Fortune—Vegas Style
There is no denying that Wheel of Fortune are the most popular progressives, but a double strike in Vegas proves the point.
First up is Kosta Geranis, 46, of Las Vegas who hit quickly at about 6PM at the Boulder Station for $694,498. at a quarter Wheel. 
This very slot machine had paid out previously for Geranis, but certainly not a MegaJackpot. Kosta’s future plans are to purchase land, pay bills while caring for his family.

Two hours later at the Golden Nugget, Celeste Baumert, 45, a CPA of Gretna, NE lines up a quarter Wheel just right for $204,030 and states her history with this particular slot.
“I played this machine the last time I was in Vegas and won a little money on it, so I decided to try again.” Baumert’s future is summed up with, “Buy a car for my son in college, make some investments, give some to charity and take a vacation.”
4) A Daughter’s Wish Fulfilled
Once upon a time, Jennifer Niemann’s daughter wanted to attend Watertown Christian School in SD but the price was high.
Thus, Mom chose the Dakota Sioux Casino and a Beverly Hillbillies penny machine because “it pays out better than the rest.” The Hillbillies cooperated with a huge strike of $982,620.
Not only does Jennifer’s daughter get her wish, but the winnings will buy a new home, pay bills and allow for a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
5) Lucy is Lucky
The I Love Lucy show has many fans and that’s the reason Melinda chose this progressive slot for her first visit to Jackson Rancheria Casino in Jackson, CA. The dollar I Love Lucy slot produced a $301,276. MegaJackpot for Melinda just before she was ready to hit the road.
 “I was discombobulated and in disbelief,” said Melinda whose future plans include investing in real estate.

Slots Winners Report for
1) Day Tripper Slots Winner
An anonymous New Yorker’s day trip to AC resulted in a $1,630,330. win. The now millionaire, construction worker hit the huge payday while playing a Wheel of Fortune $5 progressive slot machine at Resorts AC.
The startled winner stated that he was not sure what his plans for the money might be. However, as he has done in the past, he will likely make a return trip to AC.
2) Aloha in the Future

“I was initially looking for the quarter machines, but couldn’t find them, so decided to play dollars.” Geraldine Mack of Henderson NV then played about $100 at Wheel of Fortune and won $1,412,982.
“I didn’t know I had won,” said Mack, “a gentlemen two machines down told me I had won $2000 and I was thrilled, then another person told me it was a million.”

Geraldine, a 69 year old retiree and her son were playing at the Flamingo, a Vegas strip casino.
The millionaire continued, “We play at the Flamingo often and I always play Wheel, the red, white and blue version. I called my daughter immediately after realizing my huge jackpot and she said that she had a feeling that I was going to win.”
Plans for the future include paying off her home and bills, and accompanying her daughter and son to Hawaii.
3) Having a Good Time
Milford Griffin, 65, went off to play at his favorite casino, Eldorado in Shreveport, LA and favorite slot—Wheel of Fortune. This retiree not only had a good time, but also was rewarded with an $829,420 MegaJackpot.  “I was totally surprised. I had no idea I had won that much,” said the smiling winner. Griffin continued about his big hit, “I’m going to take care of the family and have a good time.”
4) Wrong is Right On!
Dewayne Vaughan, a National Guardsman from Starkville, MS and his wife choose Golden Moon Casino in Philadelphia, MS for a night out. Playing a Family Feud quarter machine was another good choice awarding a $273,224. Jackpot.
The winner “thought there was something wrong with the machine,” but in the end said, “It will help me achieve my goals.”
5) There’s a Spot for Me
Patricia Whetstone of Dewittville, NY located a spot for her at the Wheel of Fortune quarter carousel resulting in a payoff of $331,174.
Patricia visits the Seneca Allegheny Casino in Salamanca, NY. every few weeks and said about the big hit “I thought I had won a smaller prize, then I went numb.”
Whetstone’s first priority is to pay off some bills.

Slots Winners Report for 1-7  
1) The Wheel Stops at $1.3 Million
This lucky lady approached the dollar Wheel of Fortune with a $50 bankroll at the Bellagio, Las Vegas that resulted in a huge payday of  $1,344,582.
The anonymous millionaire stated, “I was shocked and could not believe it. I’ve been on a lucky streak, winning $75,000 from my state lottery a few weeks ago.”
Her future plans are to take care of her family and give back to her community.

2) Before I Fly Away
Jennifer Rappoport, a 34 year old lawyer from Pasadena, CA was in Vegas for a friend’s shower.  “I hadn’t had much luck and had been a loser all weekend, so right before I left for the airport, I took a chance,” The ‘chance’ was a Wheel of Fortune quarter machine at the Paris Casino that hit for a huge payday of  $1,088,868. After a cash outlay of only $60, Rappoport stated later, “I was attracted to the Wheel of Fortune game because of the payouts,”
“I went totally blank and didn’t realize what had really happened.”

The new millionaire will invest wisely and continue to work.
3) A Wheel Good Choice
Jacqueline Beson, a day care director explained that she usually plays the Elvis quarter slots, however, her favorite machine was being serviced, so she chose a Wheel machine instead.
This choice resulted in a $630,299 hit while playing at the Lake of Torches Casino in Lac Du Flambeau, WI.
Beson was thinking that her “guardian angel was on vacation.”, but now she looks forward to retirement and paying off her bills.
4) Now That It’s Available…
Calvin Sturgeon Jr. was watching a particular slot throughout the evening and sat right down with $30. when it was available. Shortly, the Family Feud quarter progressive struck for $323,014. at Golden Moon Hotel and Casino in Choctaw, MS.
Sturgeon, a fence builder from Birmingham, AL, said, “I could not believe I had won the progressive.” He plans to continue working and says about the winnings, “Just save it for now.”
5) Five Spins Will Do It
It took only five spins at a Wheel of Fortune slot in the Imperial Palace, Vegas to send Jennifer Peculis into shock and the recipient of a $448,715 jackpot.
While waiting for a late afternoon flight, Jennifer, 28 from Ohio and her fiancé Ben decided that playing slots would pass the time.
With only $10. in play, Jennifer said, “I saw the first Wheel of Fortune symbol, then up came the second and by the time the third came up it was a blur.”
Once she realized what you had won, plans were made to pay off her house, her car and student loans with some ‘fun money’ left over.

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