Slots Winners Report: March

Slots Winners Weekly Report:March brings you 4 jackpot slots winners who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories playing slots online and off.

Slots Winners Report for 3-25
1) More than a QuarterMillion$ Win
Diane Lynn Bruck of Saskatoon, SK. Canada choose a Tower of Power version of the QuarterMillion$ progressive slot at the Treasure Island Casino on the Vegas strip. After only 3 spins, her reward was a $457,371 payday.
Bruck and her cousin were visiting Vegas when after a show; the decision was made to visit the slots playground. Bruck revealed her  strategy—‘hit and run’—take some spins and move on if no reward.

2) A Winning Dream
“I had a dream the other night that I would win, and I was so excited when it happened. I just could not believe it,” said the 31-year-old Los Angeles resident who requested to remain anonymous.
The Megajackpot of $1,535,315 was hit at a Wheel of Fortune quarter slot located at the Luxor Casino in Vegas with a small investment of only $20.
The new millionaire is employed as a manager at a fast food chain and wants to create a financial plan for the future with his winnings.

3) I Hit It, I Hit It!   
Frederick Woods, 66, a frequent customer at the Cannery Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas routinely played the same machine—a quarter Wheel of Fortune slot.
“I knew right away that I had won,” said Woods. “This is the first time in 30 years that I jumped off my feet yelling, I hit it! I hit it!” Woods, a retired truck mechanic, hit for $372,441 and plans to share the winnings with his spouse. “I’m not sure what I’ll do with the winnings, but I bet my wife will know how to spend it.” he smiled. “I have not rushed to do anything since I retired 6 years ago, so I’m not going to rush spending this, either.”

4) A Party and Early Retirement
Timothy Alexander, 33 is an aviation supervisor from Roanoke, TX who was celebrating both his mother’s and his own birthday at the New York, New York, Las Vegas. “I like to play Wheel of Fortune,” said the excited winner. “I had been winning small jackpots all day and when I realized how much I had won this time, I started yelling. I could not believe it.” The megajackpot of $1,122,983 was struck on a Wheel of Fortune dollar progressive.  Future plans include an early retirement.

Slots Winners Report for 3-18
1) $4 Million Wheel Big Win
Randal Teixeira, 48, from Pearl City, HI became a millionaire by playing a dollar Wheel of Fortune slot and taking away $4,070,743. After betting only $21 before the big strike at New York-New York Casino, Vegas, Teixeira stated, “there was something special about this slot and it actually called me to come play.”
This megajackpot will clear the path to retirement and a dream home for Teixeira and his wife.

2) Deadwood is a Hit
John Gleissner, a retiree from Gillette, WY set out for Franklin Hotel and Casino in Deadwood after a year’s absence. ‘I love Deadwood, now.” was his exclamation after a jackpot hit of $304,118 at the Wheel of Fortune quarter slot.
However, the win was not apparent at first after a bet of about $20. “I was down to about $3 and was going to quit when that was gone,” said Gleissner. “I thought the machine broke because it locked up on me and no bells rang,”
His future plans were not specific. “I’m staying here for a couple of days. Then I don’t know.”

3) The 40th Birthday is the one
Frank Saldana, a business owner from Yuma, AZ was celebrating his 40th birthday when he struck a quarter Wheel of Fortune slot for $244,883. at NY-NY Casino, Las Vegas.
Celebrating with 4 friends from Texas, Sweden and Arizona, Saldana explained, “we all turn 40 this year and are here at NY-NY having a good time.” “When I hit the jackpot, all I could think about is how good this will be for my family.” The winner will invest his winnings and continue to work.

4) Not 1--but 2 Cars
Yolanda Navarro David, 57, a nanny and her husband were married at the Riviera and return often to the strip casino. Navarro David, from Santa Clarita, Ca. played about $50 before she struck a huge payday of  $1,207,898. at a Wheel of Fortune dollar machine.
The smiling winner stated, “There were five accidents on the road and it took us more than 5 hours to get here. The gods were looking after us.” Her plans are for 2 new cars and to invest the remainder.

Slots Winners Report for 3-11
1) Slots Win over Lottery Buy
Frances Grant’s plan was to buy her weekly lottery tickets at the Seminole Casino in Hollywood, FL., however the sales desk had closed. The next move for the Ft. Lauderdale resident was to try her luck at the progressive jackpot slots available at all six Seminole Casino properties in Florida. Against these odds, the 57 year old Grant not only hit for $517,712., but the huge jackpot is paid out in total—no waiting for yearly payments. “How can you win if you don’t put yourself in a place to win?” asked Grant. She continued, “I just had a feeling about going to the Seminole Casinos, I have played here before and I really enjoyed it.”

2) It’s Grand to be a Millionaire
Wilsing Tse, 53, from Rosemead, CA struck a huge payoff of $1,995,173. playing at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
After betting about $30 at a quarter Wheel of Fortune slot, Tse states, “I just knew I won something big when the picture on the reel matched the picture on the machine. The automotive services rep and his wife were staying in ‘grand style’ this trip. Future plans include assisting family and friends in China; however, Tse is not ready to retire yet.

3) A Return Visit Creates a Millionaire
After playing at MGM Grand Detroit Casino earlier in the month, an anonymous Ohio pizza shop owner noticed some uncashed slot receipts and the return trip created a millionaire style win.
While his particular Wheel of Fortune game was not available on his return visit, the wait was worth it when it became it available—to the tune of $1,367,715.
The 52-year-old winner plans to pay some bills, fix up his farm and buy a new car.

4) It Pays to Play the Same
Beverly Imboden, 53, of Louisiana knows what she likes. It’s the Wheel of Fortune quarter slot with the Megajackpot. That was her machine of choice when visiting Harrah’s Rincon in San Diego with her family.
She fortunately did not walk away before hitting a $245,967. jackpot. “I couldn’t remember anything, I was stunned, excited, in disbelief.” said the stunned winner. “I had to find my kids.” The retiree plans to get rid of the mortgage with her winnings.

Slots Winners Report for 3-4
1) Jersey Educator – A New Millionaire
A 56 year-old special education teacher from Jersey hit it big with a $1,577,661 MegaJackpot at a nickel Wheel of Fortune slot at Harrah’s Atlantic City. The anonymous millionaire went with her favorite slot while visiting AC with a friend. The huge strike astonished the winner, but she stated her life would not change except for repairs to her current home and a new car.

2) 3 Coins will do it

Penni Greene from Willingboro, NJ hit for $472,435 at a quarter Jeopardy progressive after playing only 3 coins. “I’m really surprised,” said Greene. “I frequently visit Borgata—it’s my favorite place to play. I really enjoy the people and the machine are always fun.”

3) Trade Show Visit Produces a Huge Payday
Shi Chul Kum of Flower Mound, TX. visiting a Vegas trade show was the shocked winner of $3,080,610. at a Wheel of Fortune progressive slot. Kum had spent only $40 at the 50-cent Megajackpot game at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. “I was just passing through the casino after leaving the trade show and I thought I’d try my luck,” said the new millionaire. “When I saw what I won, I went totally blank. I could not think.”  Future plans include a cash infusion for his business.

4) Aloha Dreams
Jetting to Las Vegas from Hawaii proved to be a lucky decision for Hideko Sakamoto who won $3.7 million on a Wheel of Fortune quarter slot at the California Hotel. She will divide the loot among her 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

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