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Blackjack Quick Tips by GamblingTeachers

Blackjack Tips at Gambling Teachers provides quick bytes of info to include how to play, betting, terms and strategies.
Additionally, this lesson offers 2 Blackjack Strategies EZ and Simple from respected authors Henry Tamburin and Frank Scoblete.
BJ Tips are 1 of the 10 fast track gambling tips series and can be printed for your next casino visit online or off.
Tips examples are:
1) Blackjack: Play Dealer must stand on ALL 17's tables.
2) Best for player: single deck tables, no double down restrictions. Re-splitting and surrender allowed.
3) You only have to beat the dealer: you can win with a 13 or 14 hand and a dealer bust.

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Keno Lesson at Gambling Teachers

Gambling Teachers offers Learn Keno at the Bingo Keno Games program.
This lesson discusses keno rules and strategies and will be of interest to casino players who enjoy playing lotteries or numbers games.
Types of Keno bets are detailed: Straight Ticket, Split Ticket, Way Ticket and Combination Ticket, to name a few.
Additionally, played properly for small stakes, keno will not drain your gambling bankroll quickly as it is the snail of casino games.

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All American Video Poker Lesson

Gambling Teachers offers a lesson with illustrated paytable, straight flush bonus description and strategy for the popular All-American Video Poker.
While not widely available offline, All American VP has been revived online and that is exciting news.
As per the paytable, All American offers a generous 1000 credit payout for a straight flush plus ALL straights, flushes and full houses pay 40 credits, unlike any other VP paytable.
This lesson at Gambling Teachers continues with a bullet list of strategies.
Learn, Play and May all your VP choices be Royalty!

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Craps Quick Tips at Gambling Teachers

This Craps Tips lesson at Gambling Teachers is 1 of 10 in the series.
This Tips sheet covers how to play, betting, strategies and some basic lingo.
Some examples are:
Keep your pass line or don’t pass bet to the table minimum; use progressive betting when taking or giving odds. That’s where the real money is won.
The Odds bets are determined by a probability chart and are based on 36 combinations a pair of dice can be rolled.
Larry Edell jumps in with more tips and ends with this advice: As always, good luck at the tables!

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Picking Your Blackjack Game

Gambling Teachers explores the variety of Blackjack Game picks, a lesson at Learn to Play Blackjack Program.
What should you be looking for before you play blackjack games online or off?
Example: Play only blackjack games with favorable rules
The playing rules, including the number of decks of cards, are not always the same on all tables in a casino.
So how do you know which game is better?

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Learn Red Dog Poker

This lesson at Gambling Teachers explores Red Dog Poker, a popular online game.
Red Dog offers several versions, two of which are Acey – Deucey and In Between.
In Between is a variant where players bet on the odds of the third card falling in between the values of the first two cards, or to use the title of the game, in between the values of the first two cards dealt.
This lesson cover rules, strategy along with versions and terms.
In the end, Red Dog Poker is worth the hunt.

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Do You Know Gambling Lingo?

Gambling Teachers tests your knowledge with this Gambling Lingo Quiz.
These terms, lingo and jargon are heard often at the tables and sportsbook
Here are 3 preview questions:
1) What is a Circled Game in Sportsbook?
A. Game where the favorite will likely win--a sure bet.
B. Game where the betting line has not been established yet.
C. Game where betting limits are lowered.
2) Player who is a George does what?
A. George is a generous tipper.
B. George is a lurker who watches a game like blackjack, also known as Curious George.
C. George plays craps only.
3) What is a Dept. of the Interior Player?
A. Player who has inside information about the race/bet.
B. Poker player who has bagged an inside straight.
C. Craps player who makes an inside bet.
Gambling Terms dictionary follows the gambling lingo quiz and upgrades your gaming education.

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Listing Casino Comps & Benefits

Gambling Teachers provides a list of Casino Comps & Benefits for players.
One of the benefits of casino comps is to sign up for one-card to use at a group of casinos online or off.
The current and probably lasting trend is to combine several casino properties under one named Member Club Card to form a MegaClub.
Use your card at all participating casinos to gather points.
Additionally, online casinos offer Players Loyalty Rewards, Bonuses and one-club membership for several online casino groups.
Good Luck! Rack up those points and reap the generous rewards.

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Slot Winners Tell Their Stories

Gambling Teachers details the jackpot stories of slots winners in 10 monthly reports.
This post reveals 2 of those winning stories with a link to all reports.
1) One More Time for $2 Million
The Gold Country Casino and Hotel in Oroville, CA had a winner who wishes to stay anonymous. The Yuba City woman was getting ready to leave the casino after a long day of gaming when she decided to try one more time at the popular Megabucks Video Penny slot machines.
In a last minute burst of luck, the progressive jackpot was hit for a grand total of $2,145,562.
2) Another QuarterMillion$ Win
Neicha Frizzel and her champion rodeo driver hubby of Cashion, OK hit pay dirt with a win of $327,490. at Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma City.
Frizzel was killing time when she selected a QuarterMillion$ In the Money slot. Meanwhile, Neicha’s husband was in town on an errand to get a special purse for his wife decorated with one of his championship rodeo belt buckles.
That’s the last purse my wife will probably ever own, it’s her lucky purse, her husband teased. Future plans for the money will allow him to continue a rodeo career while the pair’s farm and bills will be paid.

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Casino Bets vs Odds Report

This lesson at Gambling Teachers reports casino betting names or types versus casino game percentage odds.
The best casino betting names are usually dull sounding names.
For example, Bank bet (1.17, casino game percent) or the pass (1.41 casino game percent), don't pass (1.40%), come (1.41%), don't come (1.4%) and odds (no house edge) bets at craps.
Whereas in Sic Bo, a game known for its horrendous bets, the two best casino betting names are called the Big and the Small, both of which come in with a 2.8% edge.
The games of Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and more are detailed in this informative report.

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NEW! Gambling Superstitions

Gambling Teachers takes an entertaining detour and explores Gambling Superstitions with this new lesson.
Gambling Superstitions are part of playing the game at casinos online and off.
This new addition to the Gambling Tips & Strategies program covers the games of poker, craps, roulette, slots, video poker and bingo.
Find out if your good luck charm or ritual is among this collection. We know you have one--time to reveal it!

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Craps Tales & Huge Rolls

Gambling Teachers reports craps winners and historical huge rolls.
Huge or Monster rolls are of special interest--that is rolls that last more than 20-30 minutes and make everyone at the table a bundle of money.
My greatest roll was 89 numbers before I sevened out.
Click on the post link for more craps tales and huge rolls...

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Video Poker Questions & Answers

Gambling Teachers offers up 12 Video Poker Questions. Answers are provided by 2 gaming pros who respect and play the game.
Examples of VP questions at this lesson are:
What is meant by a full pay Video Poker machine?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of the various styles of Jacks-or-Better?
With Double Bonus Video Poker, I have won 7 straight trips. Would you say this is A) Impossible. B)Very Very Lucky or C) Simply a Hot Streak?

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What is Your Sportsbetting IQ?

The Sportsbetting Quiz at Gambling Teachers will challenge your sports terms IQ and is certain to make you smile.
Here are 3 examples:
1) What is a Bridge-Jumper in sportsbetting?
A. A punter who tries to combine one game with another.
B. A punter who only makes wagers on card games.
C. A specialized handicapper for large show bets on favorites.
2) What does Odd-Even refer to?
A. Names of the twins who operate the new craps table.
B. Betting on whether total goals will result in an even or an odd number.
C. The numbered groups of punters that are divided for a certain sporting event.
3) What does the term Total Rounds mean?
A. Wagering on the number of rounds that will take place in a boxing match.
B. A term used for tallying up the number of tokens a bettor has.
C. A type of cookie made from cereal.

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Answering Your Casino Slots Questions

If you are looking for Slot Answers about your favorite casino game, then this is the lesson for you at Gambling Teachers.
The Q&A format includes 12 answers to questions about the slots playground.
Get details about certified slots, nudge slots,single payline vs. multiple payline, penny slots, payouts and RNG=random number generator.
Many of the terms or phrases will be familiar to you while others will be a new addition to your slots dictionary.
Lets have some fun...

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Roulette: The Good & Bad

Gambling Teachers brings you good and bad betting strategies from the Learn Roulette Wheel program.
While the good strategies refer to dealer signatures in this lesson; the bad methods are known as Roulettes Ugly Seven.
Here are 3 examples of Ugly Bets:
1. Doubling up when a bet is lost.
2. Continued doubling until the player wins or hits the house edge
3. Doubling up and adding one unit after each losing bet until you hit the house edge.
Learn More before your next wheel spin...

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Sportsbetting Lingo & Jargon

This lesson at Gambling Teachers explores the language of Sportsbetting.
Check out this lingo and jargon:
Chalkeater: Someone who bets only on favorites.
Circled Game: A game where betting limits are lowered, generally on account of injuries and/or weather.
Dime: $1000.
Exposure: Maximum amount a sports book can lose on a game.
Futures: Bets made today that take place at a later date.
Follow this post for more jargon before you Get Down=Place your bet.

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Bankroll vs Game Speed

Gambling Teachers offers this lesson about casino bankroll strategies vs. game speed.
Most players know that the casino has the math on their side.
Thus, they focus on cutting the casino edge to the bare minimum by learning correct playing and betting strategies.
However, just as important is the speed of the game or the number of decisions per hour played.
The lesson details specific strategies for blackjack, craps, mini-baccarat and games based on poker and slots.
In the end, be like that tortoise that beat the hare and take it s-l-o-w and steady when you play.

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Picking Poker Tournaments

Gambling Teachers provides this lesson about 10 Rules for Successful Online Poker Play and How to Pick Poker Tournaments.
To assist you in making the best choices, this lesson includes poker tournament tips for single table, multi table, heads up and registration/entry fees.
10 Rules for Successful Online Poker play includes Picking an online casino, betting limit, a poker stake, a table and position.
For example, when picking a position at the table, you should seek out the tightest player at the table and arrange to be seated to the left of that player.
Utilizing these tips is sure to improve your poker play and pickability.

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Let It Ride: Quick Tips

Let It Ride Quick Tips at Gambling Teachers will put you on the fast track to success for this popular poker version.
The Tips sheet includes how to play, betting and strategies for your next casino visit online or off.
Start with rules of the game, view the payout schedule provided and take note of the strategy tips, like this one:.
If your hand shows no promise by the fourth card, take your second bet back no matter what you did on the first bet. Keep in mind that your first and third bets can stay in play while you make this move.

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Improving Video Poker Play

This Video Poker Online Strategy lesson at Gambling Teacher focuses on the Double Bonus Poker VP version.
When we check our online gaming options and find a game with a higher than usual payoff on flushes, we must adjust our strategy to maximize flush opportunities.
Additionally, with an online game that pays a big bonus on four Aces, we may ignore other potential winners to make a run at the jackpot.
A prime example is Double Bonus Poker online. On the negative side, Double Bonus pays only 1-for-1 on two pair, instead of the 2-for-1 return on Jacks or Better.
To balance that off, there are many paytable enhancements, starting with big bonuses on four of a kind or quads.
This lesson provides strategy choices to improve your results and profits.

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More Bingo Lingo Fun

Gambling Teachers has expanded the Bingo Glossary to entertain players with bingo lingo fun.
Here are a few examples:
On: term used to declare that a player is On with one or more cards that require only one number for a win.
Parti: abbreviation for participation bingo where the cash prize is determined by the number of players.
Six Pack: Six numbers in a block on one card.
This low-cost form of gambling is a good bet while the fun of playing the game is built in.

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NEW! Online Slot Games Report

Gambling Teachers has added Online Slot Games Report to the Learn Slots, Play Slots program.
This report details the game creators, types of slots available, winning jackpot stories and begins with general facts for online slots players everywhere.
Online slot types include progressives, 3D, mobile and branded or entertainment slots.
The report concludes with Winners Online and Off.
Discover the latest news about online slots and Good Luck!

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Want to Learn Jokers Video Poker?

Gambling Teachers offers this lesson on Jokers Wild Video Poker for your education.
Strategies are detailed for hands dealt With and Without a Joker.
The majority of your hands will look similar to a Jacks or Better game; however, there is a different strategy in play for Jokers Wild.
On average, fewer than 10% of your initial cards dealt will contain the joker, thus your strategy will evolve accordingly.
This Deuces Wild lesson will continue your education for players who are wild about Video Poker.

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Online Gaming Guide

Gambling Teachers offers this online gaming guide as a primer for casino players who are considering online play.
Finding the Best Sites
The most important step is also the most obvious which is finding a casino or poker room in which to play.
Following are basic steps when searching for a casino gaming site.
Read more at this post link

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About Craps Regression Betting

Is craps regression betting a good way to wager?
Find the answer in this Learn to Play Craps lesson at Gambling Teachers.
A typical craps regression play, called the $110 one-hit-and-down goes like this:
The shooter has established his point. You place $110 inside; thats $25 on the 5 and 9, $30 on the 6 and 8.
The shooter has 18 ways to hit these four numbers. If he does, the payoff is $35 on the first hit. Once that hit takes place, you lower your bet to $22 across, securing a profit of $13.
Now, the rest of this shooters roll is pure profit. Read More via this post link.
OR jump over to Craps Betting Reference, a summary of the main features for the various bets in craps.

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Roulette Tips & Strategies

The lesson, Roulette Tips includes rules, betting, strategies and payouts at Gambling Teachers.
An excerpt follows:
1) Play single-zero for low casino edge of 2.63%. Double zero Roulette has a 5.26% house advantage.
2) The 0, 00, 1, 2, 3: five number bet has a large 7.89% casino advantage. Avoid this bet.
Roulette Strategy #1: Place red or black bet combinations to cover 26 numbers total as detailed below:
A) Black bet covers all 18 black numbers.
Also, bet Column 3 under #36 for eight (most) red numbers.
OR B) Red bet covers all 18 red numbers.
Also, bet Column 2 under #35 for eight (most) black numbers.
Follow this post link to Spin and Win

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Focus on the Casino House Edge

This lesson at Gambling Teachers focuses on the casino house edge and what games to play.
The first goal of all educated gamblers is to cut the casino house edge to a minimum on the games you like to play.
When deciding which games to play, look at the games where the casino edge can be kept under 2 percent. This holds true for table games and for all machine games as well.
First, the definition of house edge: The house edge is the percent of all the money wagered at a game that the house can expect to keep in the long run.

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Baccarat Quick Tips

Baccarat Tips is one of 10 in the Quick Tips Series at Gambling Teachers.
These Quick Tips include how to play, betting and strategies.
This lesson is sure to put you on the fast track to prepare for your next casino visit online or off.
Baccarat Strategies includes a Drawing-Standing Chart detailing precise and advanced strategies to enhance your education of the game.

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Money Games at the Casino

Casino Money Games, Math plus bad bets and smart bets are the focus of this lesson at Gambling Teachers.
If you are experiencing a losing streak, the math does not indicate on most games that such a streak will end anytime soon.
That same math-thing holds true for a winning streak.
Casino money games of video poker, blackjack, Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride all have basic strategies that will cut the house edge to a minimum.
Also, using a Players Card is a very smart move.
Read more about Casino Money Games...

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Answering the Pusoy Poker Question

Gaming Pros teach and answer the Pusoy question at Gambling Teachers.
Pusoy Poker, also know as Chinese Poker is based on the game of Pai Gow Poker and played mainly in Asia and the Phillipines; however, several online casinos offer the game.
The attraction is that unlike pai gow poker, which seems to have endless ties and no winner, pusoy offers a payout for each hand.
This lesson covers rules, strategies, surrender and royalties.
Pick up the pace and try pusoy poker online.

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Jump on the Gambling Fast Track

Gambling Teachers offers Casino Gambling Fast Track Learning or Quick Tips.
The 10 casino games covered in the series are: General Poker Quick Tips, Texas Holdem Tips, Baccarat, Let it Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Slots, Video Poker and Roulette Quick Tips.
Get on the learning fast track with this series taught by Gaming Pros at Gambling Teachers.

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Video Poker Double Challenge

Gambling Teachers offers 2 Video Poker Quiz--a Double Challenge.
Here are 2 sample quiz questions:
1) For Bonus Video Poker, what are the payouts for 2 pair and 4 Aces with max coin in play?
A. 5 for two pair and 400 for 4 Aces.
B. 10 for two pair and 400 for 4 Aces.
C. 5 for two pair and 800 for 4 Aces.
2) Which two Video Poker hands designate a specific 9/6 Jacks or Better VP version?
A. Full House and Flush.
B. Straight and Flush.
C. Straight and Full House.
Video Poker Quiz 2 awaits if you are looking to double-test your Video Poker game knowledge.

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Gambling Teachers Quiz Challenge

Gambling Teachers challenges players with a series of 25 quiz for casino and skill games.
Test Your Gambling IQ for Table Games, Machine Games and other games to include Bingo, Keno, Sportsbetting, Billiards/Darts, Rummy and Chess/Backgammon Quiz.
Each casino or skill game Quiz has 10 questions and answers along with an introduction written by Gaming Pros.
Rating Online Casinos is a Q & A Quiz that is required before playing online.
Take the Quiz Challenge and rate your Casino IQ!

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Casino Lingo Lessons

Get into casino lingo mode with these 12 lessons that provide casino gambling terms, lingo, jargon and phrases for all the popular games at Gambling Teachers.
The series line-up includes Holdem Terms, Omaha Poker Lingo, Stud Poker Jargon, Other Poker Terms, Blackjack, Craps, Bingo Lingo, Roulette Wheel Talk, Slots Talk, Video Poker, SportsBetting Jargon and General Casino Gambling terms.
Have fun with Casino Speak!

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