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The popularity of Bingo & Keno prompted us to include
a Learn Bingo Keno Games Program.
Our goal is to educate you about the rules and strategies of Bingo and Keno--2 games that are considered to be 'softer' gambling bets.
Who does not smile when leaping to yell BINGO! or picking them right in 'straight up' Keno?
There are many types of bingo games described in this section. UK Bingo has a special place in the program, not only for the unique lingo, but increasing the bingo numbers to a total of 90.
It's all about numbers at the Learn Play Keno Bingo program.
The program is taught by gambling pros, Gayle Mitchell & Frank Scoblete.

The lessons for the Learn Bingo Keno Games program are listed below.
1) Bingo Games Strategies & Rules
2) Bingo History, a Story and Trivia
3) Bingo Games Lingo, the language of the game
4) Bingo Quiz, test your knowledge of the game
5) Learn Keno Games Rules and Strategies
6) Keno: Game of Numbers
7) Keno Quiz: 10 Q&A to test your knowledge
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Learn Bingo Keno Games: Introduction to Bingo
Bingo Facts:
The #1 game in the world and a reliable fund-raiser.
There are 1,474,200 bingo card possibilities.
Research has proven that this game keeps you in peak mental form.
Physical exercise will tone up the body, but players' mental speed, observation skills and memory are enhanced by bingo.
Keeps your mind and memory alert while providing an enjoyable social event.
A similar game was utilized as a teaching tool in German schools in order that the children could learn multiplication tables.
Online Bingo has grown by leaps and bounds and most players find that playing online is the easiest and most comfortable way to play.

Bingo Games Superstitions:
Players have a lucky seat. learn bingo keno games at gambling teachers
Players have lucky numbers.
Players have a lucky day and time to play.
Players have lucky charms, shoes and shirts.
Lucky charms include rabbit's foot, elephants, teddy bears, frogs, monkeys and gemstones.
Pictures of loved ones, particularly grandchildren, are on display at that lucky seat.
Players purchase daubers in their lucky color and/or in the shape of their lucky charms.
Players don't leave money on the table. It's bad luck.
Circle around your chair three times to ward off bad luck.

Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts of Bingo Games.
Do relish every win with a loud and clear BINGO!
Do choose some favorite numbers.
Do explore generous promotions and play online bingo.
Don't take a fellow player's lucky seat.
Don't blame the caller. They are just the messenger.
Lastly, Do Learn, Play Online Bingo & Keno.

Learn Bingo Keno Games: Introduction to Keno
The game of Keno's roots and history can be found in China.
In China, a similar game to Keno has been played for several thousand years by emperors, warlords, merchants and peasants. The name of the Chinese game is Kino.
Keno Games were so popular in the 1800's in America with the Chinese laborers that soon enterprising Americans took over the game, changed its name and set up Keno parlors throughout the west.
Known as the Chinese Lottery and at one time just about every town in the west had a Keno games playing area.
For those of you who enjoy playing lotteries or playing online or if numbers are your thing, this game might hold interest for you.
It is indeed the equivalent of a lottery but much faster. You don't have to wait a few days for the results, just a few minutes.

Enjoy your Bingo Keno Games experience and may your winning number be the last call.

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Tips, Terms & Wins

Bingo Trivia
Bing Crosby was known as Bingo as a child.
Most players also like to play slot machines.
The majority of players have a pet, mostly cats.
While playing with his friends, a slip of the tongue from a startled winner resulted in the name BINGO and the rest is bingo history.

Keno Strategies
Don’t select more than eight numbers on a straight ticket.
The odds of hitting all eight are 230,000 to 1 but the odds of hitting all nine out of nine numbers are 1.3 million to 1.
Bet way tickets rather than straight tickets.
The odds are the same, but you will hit more payoffs.

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