Slots Winners Report: September

Slots Winners Weekly Report brings you 5 jackpot slots winners who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories.

Slot Winners Report for 9-24
1) Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
The Marilyn Monroe Diamond Cinema slot is a favorite of Karen Smith and after only 15 minutes and $40 worth of play; she was rewarded with a ‘shimmering’ jackpot of $2,155,280.
Karen of Cherokee Village, AR likes to play at Imperial Palace hotel casino in Biloxi MS. She didn’t realize she won until she checked the meter again. “I was in disbelief. I needed confirmation from my friend, Lois. I am going to share my winning by helping others”, said Smith.

2) No More School Days
Corrine Powers, 67 may soon be an ex-teacher and just enjoy life with her husband and family thanks to a $1,676,000 jackpot on a dollar Wheel of Fortune machine at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. After only $40 in play, she said, “When I realized that I won the big jackpot, I thought I was pretty low key, but then someone asked me where I work, and I couldn’t remember!” Powers said.
“I guess I was more excited that I realized. I love Wheel of Fortune and since I live near the Suncoast, I usually play one particular bank of machines here”, “I really enjoy coming here because the people are so friendly”.
Buying a boat is part of the future for this Las Vegas resident.

3) Pinch Yourself
Steve Gibson of Camino, CA is still in disbelief over the fact that he's an instant millionaire. He hit a Wheel of Fortune quarters MegaJackpot for $2,621,685 at the Pinion Plaza Casino in Carson City, NV.
Gibson said he always plays the Wheel of Fortune game, and that he put $20 in the machine, played for a while, then put in another $20 and it hit. "I had a really strong feeling that I was going to win big.
I just knew it," said Gibson, who was in town to visit with his brother in-law. "I tried my luck for a while at the table games and then came over to play Wheel of Fortune with my wife.
I had to wait a few minutes until the man playing the machine next to her got up and left.
When it hit, the bell started ringing and I looked up at the meter and thought I won $4,600, but then I looked again and almost had a stroke. I couldn't believe it."
The facilities manager stated that he won't leave his job because he enjoys what he does and he wouldn't know what to do with himself if he didn't go to work.  He did say his wife Candice, probably would not work as much.

4) The Hits Keep Comin’
Kathryn Harris’ day was off to a rousing start with two jackpot wins of over $3000 and her husband’s take of  $2000 while playing at Boulder Station Casino, Vegas.
Moreover, the hits just kept on coming with a huge strike of  $1.6 million at the Wheel of Fortune Special Edition video slot.
“The game looked like fun, so I played it”, said Harris. With less than $20 and a few minutes of her time, the five reels aligned in just the right position.
The big winner, a Los Angeles bank employee, made a family trek to Vegas in celebration of Mother’s Day for her 90 year-old mother.
“My mom can’t believe that she has lived long enough to see her daughter become a millionaire.” Harris said. “I can’t believe it either!”

5) Divorced and Happy
While divorce is never easy, a Bunker Hill, WV man offered some laughter after his win on a 50-cent progressive Wheel of Fortune at AC Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino.
 “I just called my ex-wife to see if she was sure she wanted to be divorced,” said the winner, Frank Citro Sr. who could see some humor in the situation.
“I have always wanted to take a cruise, and now I will—and you can bet that I won’t invite my ex”. Citro, 47, owns a cleaning-service business and relates his winning story.
After dinner, I found my favorite Wheel of Fortune machine was not available, so I tried the machine next to it. After 20 minutes and $50, the three Wheel of Fortune symbols lined up for a $977,701 jackpot.
“When I saw the three symbols and heard the bells go off, I said to myself that this better not be a malfunction”. “When they told me it was real, I started screaming. It’s taken 10 minutes for it to sink in that this is really happening”.
Besides taking that cruise, Citro plans to pay off his mortgage, share his good fortune with his two daughters and donate to cancer research and his church.

Slot Winners Report for 9-17

1) Millionaire Granny
She selected a dollar Millionaire Sevens Bally progressive machine at the Sycuan Resort and Casino in El Cajon, CA and hit the jackpot for $1,325,279.
“I was in the process of changing machines when I sat down at a Millionaire Sevens progressives which I had played quite a number of times in past visits. My strategy was to invest $21 which would give me seven spins. If I didn’t get anything, I was going to try another machine.”
So begins the winning story as told by Alice Kane, the 75-year-old mother, grandmother and great grandmother of two who loves to play the slots.
“I lined up three flaming 7’s which got me in the bonus mode. After spinning up to $1000, I’m thinking, “Oh great, that’s the most I’ve ever won on this machine.” Then when it started to spin again, I said “Wow! and then I’ll be darned it spun again for the big jackpot. I was just kind of stunned. It was pretty unbelievable.”
Alice maintains, “I am just the type who maintains a low profile rather than making a fool of myself, yelling and jumping and screaming and drawing attention.
Alice continued, “Yes, this one will be tough to top, but I’ve heard so many times people will win something big, and they’ll turn around and win something more. It’s kind of like the start of the pattern of winning. I don’t know if that’s going to be the case or not but I’m not going to change my gaming habits. You set your limits, because when you’re losing, it’s too easy to lose a lot.”
Lastly, Alice notes, “The only change this money will make in my life is knowing that I’m able to do something for my family. Fortunately, my oldest son is an attorney and my granddaughter’s new husband is a financial wizard, so we pretty well have that covered. But making provisions entails quite a bit. I have to have my living trust changed and all kinds of stuff like that.”

2) One Big Spin for this Canadian
Velma Armitt, a Canadian retiree from Winnipeg, MB, won $1,332,896 when she decided to spin for the Megabucks jackpot at the Shooting Star Casino in  Mahnomen, MN. Armitt was traveling to the casino by
bus to attend a two-day seminar, when just one spin produced a new millionaire. 
She stated that she usually does not play the higher- denomination games. "I’m very cautious with money and love the quarter and 5-cent games, but before going home, I decided to try the big one".
Both Velma and her husband said they love to travel and will be taking a lot more trips now. She also plans to use her winnings to help her children.

3) It's Shocking! 
Ariel Miller, from Bellevue, NE is in a state of shock since becoming a millionaire.  The big hit was at the Bluffs Run Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on a Wheel slot and it was his first time trying the game.  Someone was seated at the machine he normally plays, so he decided it was a good time to see what the Wheel of Fortune was all about.  While waiting for his drink order, he decided that when his waitress arrived he would cash out and venture back over to his favorite machine to see if it was available. 
However, Ariel never made it back.  The right symbols lined up just right for a win of $1,062,520.
"I couldn't believe it until players around me began to congratulate me," said Miller, who is already retired.  As for his plans for spending the money, he says, "I'll just use what's left after my wife gets what she wants.  I'll probably put some in CDs."

4) Fortunate Florida One
Cecil Stames of Milton, FL spun and won on the Wheel of Fortune dollar slots at the Isle of Capri Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.
After an outlay of only 20 dollars, he won $4,436, 033. Starnes, who is self employed, had been playing the dollar Sizzlin' 7's but wasn't having much luck. He got up to wander, saw the casino's new Wheel slots, and decided, "to give them a go". He said, "the Isle of Capri is the only casino where he wins." When asked what he would with his windfall, Starnes said, "Buy a new car and spend some".

5) Her Luck Changes
“I didn’t think it would hit anything today because my luck has been so bad”, stated Angelian Giulin, but The Blue Water Casino in AZ proved this weekly visitor wrong.
A stake of $20. at a Wheel of Fortune, Red, White & Blue slot delivered a $320,998 MegaJackpot.
Giulin, an office manager from Blythe, CA. says, “My player’s card was blocking the view of the third reel and I didn’t know I won until the lady next to me told me so.” When asked about her plans. Angelian stated clearly, “I have seven children and fourteen grandchildren—need you ask?”

Slot Winners Report for 9-10
1) It's Magic
Celeste has worked for years in the family's equipment rental business. Recently, her mother gave her a lucky pendant and she is certain she is responsible for the win. In addition, her father gave her a $100 bill for the trip and told her to use that money to buy chips for herself.
Therefore, he's now positive that his $100 gift is responsible for her new fortune. Celeste was so touched by what her father said after hearing of her win. He said, "Celeste, you've always done for others, now you can do for yourself."
Let's back up a bit while Celeste of Albany, GA tells her story:
"It was one of those magical nights when we couldn't lose. We were having such fun and winning on almost every machine we chose to play. We're not big gamblers, but maybe now we will be!"
"My mother and father love to gamble, and my mother had been comped a room at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MI. She graciously invited my brother and me to join in the celebration.
Earlier in the evening, my friend and I had been playing the Wheel of Fortune machines and won $500.
Just before going up to the room, we decided to go back to the Wheel of Fortune to see if we would have any luck again.
When the three Wheel of Fortune symbols appeared, nothing happened; there were no bells or flashing lights."
My friend said, "I think you won $10,000." Then I said, "No, I think I won the progressive jackpot."
While I sat at the machine waiting for someone to arrive, I began to get nervous and said to my companion, "You better go find someone in case we have a power failure and I lose the entire jackpot."
He left to find an attendant and when they returned they confirmed that I did win the progressive jackpot of $1,195,974.
It was now 2:52 a.m. and we were far from being tired after all the excitement. Celeste added, "It was hilarious--the hotel personnel immediately moved us to the penthouse suite. We waited around until later, and then called my mother and brother to tell them our room had been changed and to come up to our suite to visit us.
My brother immediately said, "How much did you win, $10,000?"
I said "No a lot more than that. Just put your robes on and come up to the suite.
When they arrived, we held up the check and I took a picture of my mother's face when she saw the amount!"
How does she feel about the win? "I felt very humbled and thankful for my blessings. It's been a wonderful experience." Her future plans are simple for now, "we've put it in CDs until we can decide."

2) Happy Returns
Michael Figueroa of Citrus Heights, CA, said they were celebrating his friend's 30th birthday at Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe when they decided to play some slot machines. Michael got the best gift with a heavy hit of $615,176 at a Wheel of Fortune quarter progressive.
He had only invested $20 and stated, "I always play the Wheel of Fortune machines because I love to get to spin the wheel". “I kept thinking that I really wanted to hit the jackpot and had just repeated that to my wife when it hit. I was in shock, stunned.”
Michael, who is self-employed, said he would spend wisely, live a little more comfortably and extend his trip to Lake Tahoe.

3) Ride to Riches, Indeed
Janet McDonald likes to winter in Scottsdale, AZ where she and a friend took the Flamingo's 'Ride to Riches' pink bus to Laughlin.
After only $20 and five minutes, the Wheel came through with a gigantic win of  $1,998,173.
The retired French teacher from Fulton, NY stated, "I've won before, but not like this,"  "The biggest jackpot before today was $1,500.
I didn't realize at first what I won. My friend Carolyn had to explain it to me."
When asked what she would do with all that money, she sighed, "It really hasn't sunk in yet. It doesn't feel real."

4) Airport Jackpot
While waiting for his flight home to  Akron, OH, Jerome Volchko bet $10 at a Wheel of Fortune quarter slot in McCarran Airport, Las Vegas. His Vegas trip with family had not been that great, but this last-minute stop produced a $2 million dollar windfall for the 43-year-old employee of Wonder Bread. This new money will pay some bills, buy a new home and allow possible early retirement. 

5) Pop that Champagne Cork
Anthony Vighione, owner of several video rental stores in Milford, CT, plays the Popeye video slots often and says they're his favorite. While playing at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, Anthony hit an eye-popping payday of $508,594. at a quarter Popeye progressive machine.

Slot Winners Report for 9-3

1) Wedded Bliss
A 49-year old woman celebrating her 27th wedding anniversary with here husband at Sam’s Town in Robinsonville, MS grabbed a $2,861,426 jackpot on a dollar Wheel of Fortune. Linda J. Lemaster, from Gaffney, SC said she had just left another slot to let her husband play when she bet her last $3. It was just after 1:30 am and Linda said she was looking forward to returning to her hotel room and getting some shut-eye.
Then…”I felt like I was going to pass out” stated the winner. “I was in shock”.
Future plans include a new home for her son, daughter-in-law and grandson along with a sizeable contribution to her church.

2) Happy Happy!
Rosarlo Ontiveros, a contractor from El Paso, Texas made one of her regular visits to Casino Apache, Mescalaro, NM.
"I always play Wheel of Fortune, she said, and then added that it was also her birthday."
After a win of $505,285 on a one-dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive, she said, "I plan to buy my granddaughter a car, invest and save, save, save, but maybe a Jaguar for my husband".

3) Early Morning Jackpot Rain
Thomas Ray Barron, a lifelong Vista resident and early-riser was playing the slots at Valley View Casino when he put a $20 bill into a Wheel of Fortune dollar slot and hit for a $1,608,985 jackpot.
Barron is palm-tree broker and has three daughters whom he plans to help with his winnings. He also plans to use his winnings to pay off debt and return $40 he owes his mother.
Barron, a frequent Valley View Casino visitor, was ‘over the top’ and amazed when his loyalty paid off. “I come to this casino because it’s close to home, has great people and I like the machines. I was due for a win!”

4) Wishes Come True
This particular Wheel of Fortune slot only required $60 for the wishes of housewife, Renee Totsky to come true.
Totsky, from New Berlin, WI won a $700,191 MegaJackpot at Potowatomi Bingo and Casino in Milwaukee, WI. Just the week before, her payday netted $900 and a wish that if only she could hit the big one just once.
When the Wheel symbols lined up just right, Renee started crying with the realization of the event.
 “Needless to say, I’m very happy”. she stated.  Her plans include traveling, paying a few bills and saving the rest for now.

5) Now, I’m a Millionaire!
“Someone called me a millionaire after I won, and all I could think was that I never thought I’d be one” said Carolyn Warmke, a 57 year-old sales manager for radio stations from Brenham, TX.
She said that when she realized she had won $1,074,556. on a dollar Cash for Life--Triple Spin Stars & Bars reel spinning slot machine at Grand Casino Coushatta, her immediate reaction was to start crying.
As frequent visitors, Carolyn and her husband, Jerry came to celebrate his 60th birthday. Carolyn approached the new Cash for Life slot and was very happy to hit for $1000 in the beginning.
After dinner, her husband suggested she continue playing the same machine. With just $16 in play, she hit the gigantic jackpot. “When he came back, I was sitting there in a daze because I’d won,” she said. The Warmkes said they would use the winnings to pay off some bills and “to make our family happy”. 

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Happy Happy!
Rosarlo Ontiveros, a contractor from El Paso, Texas made one of her regular casino visits. "I always play Wheel of Fortune, she said, and then added that it was also her birthday."
After a win of $505,285 on a one-dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive, she said, "I plan to buy my granddaughter a car, invest and save, save, save, but maybe a Jaguar for my husband".

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