Slots Winners Report: November 2008

Slots Winners Weekly Report: November 2008 brings you 5 jackpot slots who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories.

Slots Winners Report for 11-26-08
1) The Joy of the Win
A great retirement is in the future for Jacques Kiere of Texas who took on a Wheel of Fortune slot and became the winner of $1,884,675 at the Isle of Capri Casino. “First I was in disbelief, and then once I realized what I had won, it became pure joy. My wife had a feeling of big luck!” said the winner. Another 'disbelief' in this tale of ‘big luck' is the fact that it only took $28. to produce the happy ending.

2) Grand Georgia Win at the Grand Casino Gulfport
Clarence Williams of Conyers, Georgia hit the top spot on a dollar Wheel of Fortune slot. Williams makes the trek down to the Grand in Gulfport a couple of time a year with this wife and friends, but this time he returned a millionaire. 
Williams hit the Wheel MegaJackpot progressive for $1,806,021. after approximately $150 worth of play and two hours of time that was certainly well spent.

3) A Win Made In Heaven
Geraldine C. Armstrong, a 57-year-old secretary of Chalmette, LA felt it was “divine providence’ that moved her to go to Harrah’s New Orleans Casino.
The special occasion, her 38th wedding anniversary will be forever remembered for the big hit of $4,336,288 at a Wheel of Fortune $1 progressive slot jackpot.
 “God certainly had something to do with it”, stated a shocked Armstrong. “The exit for Harrah’s was right there and He told me to ‘go have fun’. Armstrong had played only $70 on progressive machine and was down to a few credits when ‘providence struck’. There was only $4 in credits on the machine at the time of her win. “The feeling is indescribable, Fantastic”, said the ecstatic newly minted millionaire.

4) The Name is Bond...
Paul Kyriazi was duplicating the style of his hero, James Bond--007 when he became an instant millionaire at the Treasure Island in Las Vegas. “I wanted to see the pirate show and afterwards played about $40 on the Regis machines.”
“When the three Regis symbols lined up, I knew I had won something big but never imagined it was this big!” Kyriazi gathered up $1.5 million, the first-ever jackpot paid by the Regis Cash Club video slots.

5) A Mid-Week Win
When Eleanor Russell made her usual Wednesday trek to Foxwoods Casino, CT, she had no idea what a $20 bill would yield. Much to her amazement, it got her a $1,728,769 jackpot by playing a dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive. The hit put Russell in the record books with the second highest win for the state of Connecticut. Still reeling from the big win, Eleanor was unable to decide on how to spend her windfall.

Slots Winners Report for 11-19-08
1) Bet the Max to hit the Max.
Janice G. from Katy, TX won a progressive Wheel of Fortune jackpot of $812,467. at Hollywood Casino, Bay St. Louis.
“I kept looking at that machine and it kept calling me to come play,” said Janice.
She put 75 cents in her first pull, 50 cents on the second and 75 cents for the final pull that struck for the huge win, therefore, a total bet of only $2. Janice and her hubby Sam had already pocketed $30 on a previous slot machine before she moved to the Wheel slot.  “I’m really not all that lucky. I’ve never won anything in my life,” said the tearful winner.
She chose the 20 scheduled annuity payment plan and stated, “I’m going to give a portion to my church.” “It goes to show you that you always want to play max because you never know when you’re going to hit the jackpot.” 

2) Cashola Winner
Ca$hola, the first multi-state progressive video lottery game in the US has reported it’s first winner at Dover Downs Casino and she is Ingrid Karas of Dover, DE with a $318,760. strike.
Ms. Karas, a retired telephone operator tells her story. “I had never played the game before. I put my voucher in the Kingdom of Pharaohs machine; hit the button four times and the symbols lined up five kings in a row. The screen showed that I won 36 credits.”  I thought, “I only get 36 credits for 5 fives?”
“All of a sudden, bells went off the picture changed and the screen showed that I had won the jackpot. I was dumbfounded. I thought this has to be a mistake.” “Then people started running over and screaming, you won! and I began to get excited. I felt as though I might fall down, but I thought, if I do I’ll never get back up again.” Karas is a regular visitor to the Dover Downs casino, “because I’m a gambler,” she stated. “I really enjoy playing the penny slots.
It’s just fun. It gives us something to do. And I’d rather play here than anywhere else.” Plans, together with her hubby, include paying a couple of bills, taking care of two children, go on a few trips and enjoy retirement.
Karas stated additional plans, “we’ll go back to Long Island, do some fishing, see old friends and then take a trip to Mississippi for my birthday.”

3) A Happy Landing
John T Vandenwest, a retired United Airlines pilot landed a whopping jackpot of $1,325,180. on a nickel Cash for Life slot at the Three Rivers Casino in Eugene, OR. With an investment of only three dollars and ten minutes of play, Vandenwest goes down in the record books. “I was across the room at another machine and looked over to see that John’s slot was all lit up.”, says wife Bonnie, a retired schoolteacher. I asked him, “What did you win?” and he said, “I think everything.” Bonnie stated one certainty for the win, “I know I’m getting my baby grand piano”.

4) Another 777 Millionaire
Lucille Sismanovich of Northampton, Pennsylvania, hit the jackpot for $1,581,515. on a Millionaire 777 dollar progressive slot machine at the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. It is the first time this particular jackpot has been won in AC. Sismanovich hit the jackpot five months to the day after the last Millionaire 777 jackpot was won nationally in California. She played just $40 before hitting the ‘big one’. “I can’t imagine what I’m going to do with all that money,” she said.  

5) Available, Play It, Retire.
Fred Shriner says he choose a Wheel of Fortune dollar slot because “it was available and I played it.” The resident of Chino Valley, AZ is a regular at the Yavapai Casino in Prescott, AZ and after playing about $100, the big strike of $1,511,175. made him a millionaire. His first statement after the win sunk in for this former machinist was “I can retire and live comfortably.”

Slots Winners Report for 11-12
1) 20 Years Later
It’s been 20 years since this anonymous millionaire won her last jackpot of $12,500 at the Stardust. The 82-year-old woman arrived in Vegas in 1946 from Brisbane, Australia and after a long wait won the Megabucks jackpot for $10,762,067 at the Fremont Casino.
“I love playing slot machines, especially Megabucks. I remember playing Megabucks when it first came out here back in 1987.
So I feel I was owed this jackpot and I’m really happy that I never stopped playing.” “I feel I’m blessed,” she mused. “Earlier in the afternoon, I was at another casino and won $400 on a keno machine. But the Fremont is my favorite and I came over here to get my gift. I had already played about $600 on this one machine when I started talking to it and told the machine that I was getting very frustrated. I took out another $100 and on the very next pull, it hit. I saw the Megabucks symbols fall into place and thought I won $10,000.”
This millionaire’s good fortune will be spread among the church, family and a return to her homeland. “I’m the youngest of 11 children and I have one remaining brother and two sisters in Brisbane,” she said. “I haven’t been there in 20 years and I’m going as soon as I can.”

2) A Blessed Reward
A former nun playing only nine quarters at a Jeopardy progressive slot in AC’s Caesars Palace hit for $1,560,005. On the third pull, Catherine Foy of Philadelphia, a former member of the Sister Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary took away a check for $78,000 and will receive the same amount for the next 19 years. When asked about her win, Catherine said, “I always knew the Lord was going to help me pay my bills. I just didn’t know that it would be so soon.
When they told me that I won I got all shaky, and all I could think was that I wanted my husband here with me”. “I want to be debt free and now I will be. I will share what is left with my kids, my former order and send some to my family.”

3) A Quick Trip and Big Win
Joan Kunzler of San Diego, CA and her friend Kelly Balzer decided ‘on a whim’ to travel to Vegas in what would turn out to be much more than lunch and shopping.
A Millionaire 777’s progressive slot provided a whopping win of $1,866,641 for Joan at the Vegas Casino. “Lunch, gamble and shop. That was the plan”, said Balzer. Then her friend, Joan played six dollars and up popped the big hit on the third pull.  Awaiting verification proved rewarding for Kelly also as she opted for a nearby progressive that hit for $3,000. The two women have a great story for the day and some future plans to consider.

4) A Free Spot and a $10 Bet
An anonymous retiree from Arizona took the trip to Laughlin for the occasion of this wife’s birthday. “I saw people playing Wheel of Fortune this morning and thought, if there was a free spot in the evening, I’d play.” His choice of the free spot was at the Aquarius Casino Resort and with a $10 bet; his hunch was rewarded with a $454,939. Wheel of Fortune top prize.

5) 77th Win for Quarter Million Progressive
The hits keep on coming for Bally’s popular Quarter Million$ wide area progressives. The lucky 77th jackpot was hit for $313,562. at the Excalibur in Vegas. The Quarter Million$ version that produced a nice payday for the anonymous winner was an ‘In the Money’ slot.

Slots Winners Report for 11-5
1) Out of Jeopardy
Kim Dodge, 43, a self-employed accountant from Hazlet, NJ made a one-day stop at her favorite casino, Caesars AC. While playing her favorite slot, Jeopardy dollar progressive, she watched the three winning symbols align for a startling $4,342,272. payday. “I’ve watched Jeopardy on TV and couldn’t believe that 32 days netted the man over a million dollars. Now I have four times that with just one press of the button, and I didn’t even need to go on TV,” said Dodge. “I usually come down to Caesars one night a week.
I haven’t had a day off in a long time, as I have been so busy with my business, so I took the day off left the kids at home with my husband and came down hoping to win a few thousand dollars.”   “I didn’t think I would be going home a millionaire! I could not believe it when the bells started ringing. I thought the machine was broken. When I realized I won the jackpot, I started screaming. I was in shock”.
As to future plans, the big winner says, “I don’t have anything to worry about now. I may pay off my bills, but I also want to share this money with my family”.

2) His Tune Changes
“I had a horrible day. First, I lost about $400 in 25 minutes at the casino where I was staying. Then we took the Sea Doos to the river and the weather was cold. We expected it to be at least 90 degrees in Laughlin, but it wasn’t, and the water was freezing,” states Nathan Welter, a DJ from Fullerton, CA. Things changed after dinner at Colorado Belle. He chooses a quarter Wheel of Fortune slots and hits the big jackpot for $1,486,263. “I was stunned. My brain said I won, but I couldn’t grasp it.” 

3) What Happened to Me at the Conference
Julaine Strom, a 56-year-old tourist visiting Vegas for a conference from Mililani, HI was running late because she was now a millionaire.
The process of collecting $1,465,581 on a 25-cent Wheel of Fortune slot meant a missed meeting. The shocked winner admitted that while she works with numbers daily, the jackpot amount stunned her. “I played three coins and thought I’d won $1000. I didn’t realize I’d won the top jackpot,” said Strom.  She then called her husband, who was so excited he pulled his car to the side of the road and made plans to join Strom in Las Vegas.
Immediately after the win, Strom was joined by several of her co-workers on the NYNY casino floor. Referring to NYNY Casino, Strom stated, “I can’t imagine hitting this jackpot anywhere else. The people have been so great. It’s been a wonderful experience.”For the immediate future, this lucky lady says she will set aside “a little mad money and gamble a little.”

4) Start With the First $1000.
“My husband played the machine next to me and won $1000, so I sat down behind him and played,” said Sandra Naples of Spencer, MS who was happy about her decision to visit Foxwoods Casino. 
After a $648,336. win at a dollar Wheel of Fortune MegaJackpot progressive, for a small bet of only $40, Naples said it was luck that guided her to that machine.
She was shocked to learn that she had won the top prize. “I almost passed out,” she said. Future plans include paying off the mortgage.

5) What Happened?
Mikio Hirano, 44, a salesman from Tokyo Japan hit a $581,670 Wheel of Fortune quarter MegaJackpot at Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas. The astonished winner bet only $10 and reacted after the big hit with “I had no idea what happened.” Future plans are still undecided but Hirano said he would continue working.

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Althea Jones had never played slots before she decided to head for the casino while visiting relatives in nearby Milwaukee.
Gambling just $30. at a Wheel of Gold, she said. “The seat was vacant, so I decided to play. It was my first time here, and I have never played before.”
When asked how she felt after realizing she won $812,103, Jones responded: “Nervous. I really didn't know what I won. My niece told me.” As for her plans, she said she was “going to have fun, pay off her bills, and get out of debt.”

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