Slots Winners Report: February 2009

Slots Winners Weekly Report: February 2009 brings you 4 jackpot slots winners who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories.

Slots Winners Report for 2-25-09
1) While waiting at the airport...
Christina McCarter, 41 of Tahlequah, OK was waiting for her nephew in Reno airport and had just hit for $350. while playing the nickel Wheels. Moving up to the dollar Wheel of Fortune, and betting $40. of her winnings brought a huge surprise and Megajackpot of $1,401,563. The mother of four says she will continue working and this win is the beginning of things changing for the better. “This is crazy, but this will make life better for my children.”

2) 2 Hits in 4 Days
Normand Roberge, 44, from New Hampshire hit for $257,845. at a quarter Wheel of Fortune located at the Vegas McCarran Airport. After playing only $20. at his favorite machine, while awaiting his flight home, this happy player is the second jackpot hit in 4 days. “I’ve always had a positive attitude about playing and believe someone has to hit it,” stated Roberge. There is no retirement in the future; however, another visit to Vegas is a certainty.

3) Pennies Result in a MegaJackpot Win
July Rowe, an accountant from Warsaw, IN struck for a $708,135 jackpot while playing a Wheel of Fortune Special Edition MegaJackpot penny slot at the Four Winds Casino, MI.
“Wheel of Fortune is my favorite,” Rowe stated and this machine was “the only seat available at the time.” After her big win was realized, she said, “I was in shock. I did not know how much I won. But my husband did.” Rowe’s winnings will be used to purchase a new car and house plus pay off some bills.

4) AC Tournament Winner
Atlantic City Hilton and Resorts teamed up to present the Wheel of Fortune $1 Million Winner Takes All Slot Tournament and the winner is...Thomas Hedenberg, 63, of Mantua, NJ. The new millionaire said, “As a regular player at the Hilton, I had the opportunity to participate in the contest for $1 million, and was lucky enough to win the tournament!” “We chose to come to the Hilton to celebrate my wife’s birthday.”
“Winning $1 million dollars…Wow! What a way to celebrate.”

Slots Winners Report for 2-18-09
1) A Student, College and the Fortune
Shauna Kelley, a student from Somerville, MA was visiting the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT with her parents when a Wheel of Fortune Special Edition slot caught her eye.After betting approximately $100, she struck for a true Megajackpot of $3.5 million. “I did not realize I won millions,” the stunned winner stated.“I thought it was thousands. I started to shake and my mom was going nuts!” Her future is set with plans to complete college and buy a house.

2) Another Strike in the Desert
Barbara Jefferson said. "I really don't gamble. I always played the nickels. I  don't know why I played the dollars."  Good move for this schoolteacher from Ballwin, MO as she went on to hit a  $3,119,193 jackpot at the dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive located in Wild Horse Casino, AZ.  After a small cash outlay of only $20, Jefferson mused about how this win will change her life. "I was going to retire this year or next. Well it is now this year".

3) A Wheel Fan Who Likes to Play
Anthony Riccomini, 27 from California says, “If you don’t play, you have no chance of winning.” He took that theme along to Reno for a birthday trip with his wife and neighbors. “I am a big Wheel of Fortune fan,” said Riccomini. “On our way to Reno, we were chanting...Wheel of Fortune!”
He hit for a $1,138, 513. jackpot at a dollar Wheel at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino. Before the jackpot hit, Riccomini says he was hoping to just break even. He had always dreamed of winning a million dollars but thought the slot had malfunctioned. “I was a realist. I had to call my friends and wife to come over to the machine.” The winner has started a new business and recently become a new parent so the winnings will help with both.

4) Moving from Keno to Slots
Rosemarie Corral, 39, a housewife from Oceanside moved over to a Wheel of Fortune slot when she wasn’t winning at keno while playing at the Pala Casino. That decision resulted in a $282,091 jackpot. “I didn’t think I won until someone told me,” stated Corral. “I’m shocked.” The surprise win left Corral unsure of plans for the big win.

Slots Winners Report for 2-11-09
1) Two=One Big Win
Jenna Zambotti, a homemaker from Niagara Falls, NY won $222,738 with only a $20 bet playing the Wheel of Fortune quarters MegaJackpot at the Seneca Casino. Zambotti said she “always plays Wheel of Fortune and loves the spin feature.” “All I wanted was 1000 credits,” said the shocked winner.
“I didn’t know I won until a person playing next to me tapped me on the shoulder.”
She will fund her children’s education and her win will make life easier and less complicated. Zambotti commented that “two is our number; I was born on the 22nd, have two children and won $222,000.

2) An Argument Produces a Jackpot Win
Sammy Zabib was getting an earful from his girlfriend for forgetting to buy her a pair of designer jeans she spotted in a casino boutique.
He got up at 5 a.m. and drove three hours to Atlantic City, arriving at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa before the boutique opened.
With some time to kill, he sat down at a Brazil Slingo slot machine and started playing, betting $4 a spin for about an hour.
"I was just trying to kill time until the store opened so I could get her those jeans," he said. "Then the machine stopped working. I didn't know why, so I called security. They came over, took a look at it, and said, 'You won the jackpot!'"
After receiving his payout of nearly $800,000. from the casino, Zabib completed his mission, buying the pair of  jeans that his girlfriend had wanted so badly.

3) Hunka, Hunka Cash
Kimberly Sheridan, a regular at the Mohegan Sun hit for $452,464. at an Elvis MultiStrike penny progressive slot. Sheridan wagered only $75 and when the machine froze during play, she said she thought, “the machine had a glitch.”
Her plans were more for the immediate, rather than future.
“My husband was going to see the Huskies play, so now I am sending more relatives down to see the game—on me.”
There would also be a lobster dinner at the casino. As for her current job, the smiling winner said, “I love what I do.”

4) It’s the Wheel for Juan
Juan Antonio Vargas, a 52 year-old mechanic from Laredo, TX hit for $2,864,791 at a quarter Wheel of Fortune slot at Isle of Capri Casino.
With a small wager of $16, the future was set in motion--pay off debts and take his family on vacation. “This will help make life a lot more fun,” Vargas said.

Slots Winners Report for 2-4-09
1) She Would Have Been So Proud
Roberto Montalvo, a boilermaker/pipe fitter foreman and his buddies completed a project in Louisiana and decided to relax at the Eldorado Casino.
After betting about $300. and waiting for the bonus spin, this astonished player hit a $1.3 million Megajackpot at a five-dollar Wheel of Fortune slot. “I was excited and surprised that I started yelling for my friends. They weren’t even watching.” “Once they came to the machine, we all started yelling!”
Future plans include a vacation with his son and buying land in Fremont, TX, but no retirement for now. It was a sad and happy win for Montalvo as he lost his wife about a year ago. “She would have been so proud,” said the new millionaire.

2) Maryland Wins Big
Robin Peters was the recipient of the Las Vegas Venetian’s largest jackpot ever to date while playing on a Wheel of Fortune game.
The Maryland resident won $2,584,546 after playing $50 in the slot. 

3) $85 and a Birthday Win.
Pamela Selby Wilbourne, a 45 year old retail manager from Melbourne, FL was celebrating her mom’s birthday at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, MS.
A quarter Wheel slot with a bet of $85. produced a win of $454,599.
“At first I would not let myself believe that I had won such a large amount because I didn’t want to get my hopes up,” said the winner until the verification. “Now, I am in plain shock. I never thought this could happen to me.” “I love playing the Wheel of Fortune machine because I enjoy the television show so much,” she said. “I guess my dedication as a show viewer has finally paid off.” The jackpot will help with her future retirement and a new car.

4) The Wheel and a Tax Refund

Cindy L. Wells of Bethalto, Illinois didn't waste any time taking her tax refund to the casino that in turn produced a $1,451,299 Wheel of Fortune win.
An available machine at Fitzgerald's Casino in Robinsonville, MS caught her eye and gave her what she thought was a $1,000, or possibly $14,000 jackpot before a casino employee corrected that to a top jackpot score.
Wells said she plans to pay off her house and car, and buy her son a new truck. "It will ease the load and we will not want for anything."

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