Slots Winners Report: March

Slots Winners Weekly Report: March brings you 5 jackpot winners who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories.

Slots Winners Report for 3-24
1) Happy Anniversary
Ron and Joann Ohm traveled from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary unaware that they would soon be instant slots millionaires.
Ron said he only put $20 in the Wheel of Fortune machine and played for just 15 minutes, building up 512 credits when the big jackpot of  $1,538, 757 hit at the Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino Resort. "I always play the Wheel of Fortune slots," he said.
"When it hit I jumped up and started clapping and asked people to go find my wife."
Ron is a delivery truck driver for a uniform company. "Now you can afford to hire somebody to do the work," wife Joann said. "No," replied Ron. "This isn't going to change me, I'll do the work."
The Ohms said they would use the money to pay for their daughter's student loans. She just earned her masters degree at the University of San Francisco.
2) It's Fabulous!
Jim Mikowski of Traverse City, MI. had a plan: go to Turtle Creek Casino in Williamsburg to play the same Fabulous 50's machine that he knew had hit nine months earlier for over $900,000.
The progressive slots prize had grown to $1,249,273.63 and with just $20, he says, "but I wanted to be absolutely sure I had hit the jackpot before I made a fool of myself. I made sure and then I jumped up and down and yelled. Next to getting married and having my kids, this was definitely the most exciting moment in my life."
Mikowski is a plumbing and heating contractor and when asked if the win had allowed him to retire, he replied, "I do plan to retire, but, I have commitments for jobs through the end of the year. These contractors were good to me before I became a millionaire; I couldn't just leave them hanging."
"We celebrated this win and our 40th anniversary in a big way," he said. "My wife Barbara and I took our daughter, son-in- law, and two grandchildren to Las Vegas for a week, and then we went on to visit our other daughter and her husband in California.
We all had a ball. We are now planning a trip to Hawaii. We have also donated to our favorite charity. My retirement, the trips--none of it would have happened without the win."
3) And She Said…
Blue Water Casino in Parker, AZ was the place for Larry Jackson who won $750,455 on a one-dollar Wheel of Fortune machine.
Jackson, a retiree from
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, had taken a day trip to the casino to play his favorite machines. When asked about his plans, Jackson stated, “that will be up to the wife.”
4) A Lone Star
Joseph Guillory of Beaumont, TX can hardly believe his good luck and big hit of $541,415 at a Wheel of Fortune in Delta Downs Racetrack and Casino, Vinton, LA.  Joseph said he spent about $53 playing three different games when suddenly the three Wheel of Fortune symbols lined up and bells began to ring.  "I really love this place, because if I can't win in the casino, I can always go over and bet on the horses.  Man, was I lucky tonight."  Guillory, who is retired, said he would use his winning to take care of his mother so that she has a good life.
5) Don’t Ya Just Love Lucy?
Irene’s plan was to visit the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City to view the I Love Lucy exhibit that was being showcased there, but since she missed it, decided to play the I Love Lucy progressive instead.
"I made sure to get here before 10 a.m. to pick out a machine before the buses arrived. I just sat down and deposited a $10 bill and look--most of it is still left," stated Irene Leichliter, of Egg Harbor, NJ.  “I've always loved Lucy, but I really love Lucy now!”
Irene went home that day $531,884 richer. This Mother and Grandma plans to share her good fortune with her family. 

Slots Winners Report for 3-17
1) Father and Son Fight Cancer with Jackpot Win
Harold Liscombe, of Beachwood, NJ was a man with a challenge.
The challenge being to fund the medical requirements to fight the cancer battle being fought by his 14-year old son, Peter.
Liscombe won the fight with a $1,363,851 progressive hit at a Wheel of Fortune slot at AC Borgata. “I was just doing this for my son…it’s’s like a miracle. I spent $15,000 to make sure he has everything he needs as he goes through his fight with cancer.
Now there’s only one more thing I need—his healing”, stated Liscombe.
“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I thought I’d won $10,000 and once I realized I’d hit the million, I had to catch my breath”.
“I have been very lucky. Life has treated me good and I have a little house and a lot of toys, everything I need except my son’s health.”
Liscombe, 40, a sales manager at Ocean Chevrolet in Toms River, NJ had played $200 and 20 minutes later, three Wheel of Fortune symbols spun to a stop in front of him. Besides medical bills, funds will be set aside to purchase his wife a two-3 Karat diamond ring and a donation to the local cancer support organization.

2) And More to Come 
The giant Wheel of Fortune jackpot of $1,273, 783.55 was hit by Boonchoo Novick at Isle of Capri, Biloxi MS during one of her bi-monthly casino visits The Lawton, OK resident selected a 50-cent slot and after her huge haul was asked what her future plans will be, to which she replied, "I plan to do more gambling."
3) Husband Supplies the Bankroll
With her husband supplying a $20 bill and 10 minutes of play at a Wheel of Fortune game, Monica Ware, a 43-year-old homemaker struck big for a $993,728. jackpot at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi.
“When the third symbol came up, the machine directed me to call for an attendant.” Ware says. “I didn’t understand what that meant.” “The lady sitting next to me said, “I think you may have won a lot of money.” Ware’s favorite TV show and desire to play the slots version of Wheel of Fortune proved to be a winner indeed.
“This is a lifetime dream, a true blessing from god,” says a thankful Ware. When asked about her slots winnings, Ware, stated she would like to start a college fund for her two daughters and is considering buying a new house.
4) One Slot for the Road
Robert King was headed for the exit after dinner at the Kewadin Casino in Christmas, WI when a Wheel of Fortune slot delayed his plans. “It was the last slot machine I was going to play that night,” he related.
The retired prison guard from Marquette MI  played only $45 at the Wheel slot and struck for a $1,127,942. MegaJackpot. “I almost went into shock,” Robert said.
Future plans for this awe-struck millionaire include paying off credit cards and buying a new car.
Stating that his new millionaire name plate wouldn’t really change his life, he went on to say, “I sure am happy that my life will be a lot more comfortable.”

5) Jeopardy! Win Not to be Missed.
Robin Rader from Moss point, MS was getting ready to ‘pack up and call it a day’ when the quarter Jeopardy! progressive machine hit for a $630,309 jackpot. Rader bet about $100 at this slot in the Isle of Capri Casino, Biloxi, MS.
“I though I’d win something, but I never dreamed I’d win any amount of money like this.” Her thoughts for the future included assisting her children, ordering a new truck for her husband and making a down payment on a new house.

Slots Winners Report for 3-10
1) Nice and Lucky
Charles and Barbara Lekowitz of Grand Junction, Colorado, were staying in Vegas to attend a convention. Afterwards, they decided to break up the drive home with a stop in Mesquite at the Oasis Hotel/Casino. After checking in, Barbara headed for the room as Charles made a beeline for a bank of 'the Wheels slots'. Barbara joined her husband at the right moment for his MegaJackpot win of  $1,076,742 on his fourth pull!
Barbara recalls, "I walked up to him and said, Honey what did you win?" "I'm not sure," Charles said, "but I think it's the big one."
It turns out that his favorite, 5 Times Wheel of Fortune machine made him an instant millionaire! Barb relates the special treatment afterwards, "They moved us to a suite for the weekend, we were given complimentary massages and complimentary dinners, and to top it off, a bottle of Dom Perignon.
Everyone was just so marvelous. We then called our two grown children on our cell phone, but they didn't believe us at first." "My husband and I are continuing to work," Barbara said.
"We're going to invest the money for our retirement. It will certainly give us security and peace of mind, but it really won't alter our lives."

"You know I think this is why people gamble, for the big one and you never know when it’s going to happen. I'm just happy that it happened to us!"
Barbara added, "This couldn’t' have happened to a nicer person than my husband. Everyone comments on how thoughtful and generous he is, and if anyone deserves to win a million big ones it's him."

2) Feet First
The new slots millionaire for Delta Downs Race Track is Mike Licatino of Port Arthur, TX. who won $1,058,509 on a Wheel of Fortune quarter machine.
After spending $100 and about ready to leave, up pops the Wheel of Fortune symbols. "I couldn't believe it, he said. I was scared to touch it again." Mike, who does paint and body work on cars and motorcycles, credits his win to a bad case of heartburn.
He said it woke him up early in the morning, so he decided to drive to Delta Downs, because he couldn't sleep. As a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, Mike would like to use his winnings to open his own shop, but for now he says, "I guess I could start out with a new pair of shoes."
3) 'One of These Days' Is Here
Cosme Dominguez, a stonemason from Pecos, NM, said he visits Camel Rock Casino in Santa Fe, NM, often and has been a regular customer.
He was rewarded with a MegaJackpot of $678,807 when he hit one of the Spooky Slots-Addams Family nickel progressive. Dominguez said he had played this machine before and usually wins. Just before, Cosme said he asked his wife what the "big amount" was while thinking, "one of these days I will win."
Although he says that, his win would not change his life, plans for his winnings included paying off his car and helping his kids.

4) Lovers Tale
A couple from the Bronx, NY chooses Trump Plaza Casino in AC to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There was much more to celebrate after playing a Millionaire 777’s progressive slot that hit for more than $1.3 million. The anonymous couple, a retired truck driver and his wife, a former nurse was almost out of gambling money; however their last $20 provided the big win and a reason to rejoice.
Trump Plaza got in on the excitement also as this was the first million dollar 777 win for the casino.

5) And, One More Time
What a lucky streak for real estate agent Ellen Lockwood, who won a $945,531 jackpot on a  Spooky slot progressive at Harrah's Rincon in San Diego. Here's the best part: this was her second win in a year! Earlier, Ellen hit for $1 million at the same casino on a $1,000,000 Pyramid machine.
"For someone to win two large jackpots in their lifetime is unusual, said the GM of Harrah's Rincon, but for someone to do it in the same year, at the same casino, it's like lighting striking twice."

Slots Winners Report for 3-03
1) I'm Outta There!

Jerry Nemeth, 58, of Ohio was hopeful of some kind of win during his visit to Vegas, but his expectations didn't include the statement, "I Resign!"

The, now former, school custodian won $1,016,389.22 on a Wheel of Fortune dollar progressive slot at the Flamingo. This big hit allowed him to say to his boss. "You will have to find somebody else right away!" Nemeth and his wife Judy were on vacation. "It was a good time to get away," said Judy of their trip.
"We'd just arrived and I won $1,000 on a Wheel of Fortune machine at the other end of the casino. We play only Wheel of Fortune slots.
I saw some other machines and we sat down together, and Jerry put in a $100 bill. He had only been playing six or seven minutes and he still had $34 in credit left in the machine when he won the big one."
"I felt great," said Jerry "I jumped out of the chair and shouted I won the jackpot" I got cold chills. It's wonderful. I can retire."
The couple has been married 37 years and has 2 children and three grandchildren.

They are in complete agreement as to how they will spend their windfall. "We will payoff our daughter's home mortgage, give an equal amount to our son to build a new home, pay off our own mortgage, and invest the rest."
The win is paid out in 20 annual payments of $50,819.46. Nemeth received his first check, for that amount, at the time of his win.

2) Breakfast, then a Winning Play
Sandra Weaver is now a happy millionaire. She and her family opted for breakfast at Casino Sandia and then moved on to some slots play. With an initial investment of less than fifty dollars at a Wheel of Fortune machine and thoughts of cashing out, Weaver gave the machine one more spin. To her amazement, up popped a MegaJackpot of $1,443,029.  Sandra does not have a plan for spending the money, other than paying some bills and to "bless others as I have been blessed." "Now I will have to tell my kids I was at the casino," she laughed.

3) A Warm Win
Diana Liotta, of Woodbury, New York inserted just $50 into an Addams Family nickel progressive slot at the Showboat Hotel Casino in Atlantic City when she scored a $774,689.12 jackpot. When she realized her major luck, she couldn’t wait to share the news. “I want everyone to know, God has solved my burial worries and my personal debt,” she said. “I’m not sure how I’m going to tell my kids. I think I will have a big party this weekend and nonchalantly place the big check somewhere.”
It was important that her children share in her good fortune. “1 have always believed in giving to my children while my hands are warm,” said the retired Spanish teacher. “Now I have more to give them. Winning this jackpot has made it possible.”

4) Pick This One Too!
Gayle Hartman, a realtor from Princeton, Illinois, is $539,985 richer after a Wheel quarters MegaJackpot win at the Mississippi Belle II in Clinton, IA. Hartman said she was visiting the casino on a bus trip from Illinois to accompany her husband who was the bus driver. “My husband picked out a machine and told me to play it and no other. She played only put $4 before hitting the big progressive. “When it hit I got very excited and was very happy. This will make life much more comfortable.”   

Mississippi On a Roll.
Grand Casino Gulfport and Grand Casino Biloxi created these winners. 
Wanda Peacock of Tampa, Florida hit for $692,737 at the Grand, Biloxi while playing “Wheel of Fortune” progressive quarter machine. Three days later at Grand, Gulfport, Tim Hill of Petal, Mississippi, won a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, plus $2,000 cash with a Ride and Win quarter slot machine played for about 5 minutes with only $10 invested.

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