Slots Winners Report: October

Slots Winners Weekly Report: October brings you 5 jackpot slots winners who tell their ‘life-changing’ stories.

Slots Winners Report for 10-29
1) Thanks for the College Fund, Mom
Kathy Losada, 42 of Boca Raton, FL enjoyed her Vegas getaway even more with a Wheel of Fortune Megajackpot win of $2.6 Million at Caesars Palace.
The new millionaire said she had been winning consistently during the trip, but wasn’t prepared for the ‘big one’.
She immediately called her two teen-age children to tell them to pick out a new car “to share”. Also, leaving her health care industry job was on her mind. “I’d like to be a stay-at-home soccer mom until my kids finish school. The 20-year annuity will ensure a college education,” said Losada.
“There is nothing more heartwarming that a big jackpot that makes possible a college education for two accomplished young people” said Caesars Palace President. “We wish Kathleen and her family all the happiness in the world”.
For herself, Lodada said she intended to visit the exclusive boutiques at Caesars Forum Shops and maybe splurge on a Louis Vutton purse.

2) Lucky Sevens Again
Caspar J. Guida of Brooklyn, NY won $1,161,019 on a Millionaire 777's progressive Slot machine at Trump Marina Hotel Casino in A.C.
A big fan of this slot, Mr. Guida becomes the second person to hit the top Millionaire 777 jackpot in AC.
As luck would have it, this winner was waiting to be paid for a smaller jackpot he'd just hit at a nearby slot when he decided to try the same game with another $100.
The investment paid off with a super progressive jackpot. While he has no immediate plans for the money, the retiree said to onlookers that he intends to throw a big party for his friends and family.

3) A Pot of Gold for this
Irish Lady June Casey of Redord, MI was visiting Kewadin Shores Casino, MI on a bus tour when she hit for $1,298,346 at a Fabulous 50's MegaJackpot machine. 
Once inside the casino, she selected a Red, White and Blue machine, her personal favorite.  "I had played it and cashed out, but when realizing I had more time to play, I  went back to the same machine".
After her big score, she said, "Maybe I was saying a little prayer, that maybe  this would be the winner". Looking to the future, Casey said she may take the family back to Ireland.

4) Black & White Slot Record
Carla Gomez of Granbury, TX visited Kiowa Red River Casino with her husband carrying just $28 and 2 match-play coupons.
Her progressive of choice was a quarter Black & White progressive machine that hit for $586,857.
This was the largest jackpot awarded for this progressive group, but that’s not what stunned Gomez. Hours past and her instincts told her that perhaps there was a malfunction and maybe she was not lucky.
Once validated, future plans include paying off the house, donating to the church and assisting her five children and others.

5) Papa Wins More than $10,000.
John Williams was “just walking by and decided to give a Temple of Treasure slot a try” while playing at the Winstar Casino in OK.
The electrician from Comanche, OK stated after his $346,611 strike, “at first I thought I won $10,000. I only put $10 in, so anything was okay with me.”  The shocked winner will have enough for his first house payment and start a college fund for his new baby girl.

Slots Winners Report for 10-22

1) Dreams of a Retired Minister
Lonnie Marline Bowling, a retired, disabled minister from Sylacauga, AL paused to consider the circumstances of his newfound wealth.
“I just had a feeling”, said the 49 year-old about the weekend trip he and his wife had planned to Beau Rivage Resort & Casino.
While his wife was feeling ill, she encouraged him to keep their plans on his own—at least for one night so that he could make it home in time for Sunday.
Then he hit a $3,087,462 jackpot on a new IGT Megabucks Video slots nickel progressive system. “I had a dream that I won $33,000 on a slot machine last week and I felt that luck was right around the corner”, Bowling said, acknowledging that the sleep induced vision led him to seek out one of the new Megabucks video slots progressive machine. “At least I had the ‘threes’ right”.
After the five-hour drive from his northern Alabama home and playing $200 on the nickel denomination machine for another two hours, Bowling was feeling tired and hungry and nearly stopped playing, but the dreams wouldn’t let him leave.

2) A Wedding Anniversary Turns To Gold
While celebrating their 32nd anniversary in Lake Tahoe, Joann and Ron Ohm hit the Wheel’s quarters for $1,538,757. It took only fifteen minutes and $20 later for Ron, a truck driver, to jump up, start clapping and ask people to find his wife. Their plans were to head for home early to complete some work on their house.
 “Now you can afford to hire somebody to do the work” was Joann’s reply. “No way, I am not going to let this new-found wealth change me,” said Ron.
But, their daughter’s student loans will be covered, they agreed.

3) Travelin’ in Riches and Safety
Debra Pannelli of Cape May Court House chose to play a Jeopardy! quarter progressive slot at Bally’s, Atlantic City and then came the ‘riches’ part of her story. Pannelli, a housewife and new grandmother started playing at Bally’s last year and had visited five times before she ‘struck big-time gold’ with a $1,703,134 Jackpot.
Debra and her husband made a decision to travel from one end of the casino floor to the other and after a small investment of only $20; the clamor of bells and spinning lights announced the big win.
After calling her mother and son, Debra said one of the first things she would do with her winnings is purchase a truck with an extended cab so here grandson can ride safely around town with her.

4) Casino is Calling
William Jackson won $1,917,400. playing a Wheel nickel slot at the Desert Diamond Casino. Jackson of Tucson, AZ noted that, although he visits the casino regularly, “Something kept drawing me to come to the casino to play today.” His preferred dollar Wheel of Fortune machine was unavailable, so he settled for the nickel progressive and began to play with $30. “I was dumbfounded”, the millionaire stated. Future plans include assisting his aunt; however, Jackson said that he would have to let his millionaire status soak in before any other decisions.

5) A Local Strikes It Rich

Francisco Campos struck gold at the Isle of Capri, KC. After investing only $45. in a Wheel of Gold quarter progressive slot, Campos hit the $2,126,022. jackpot winning combination. The Kansas City resident already has big plans for his winnings. In addition to sharing his fortune with his family, Campos want to try his luck in the real estate industry.

Slots Winners Report for 10-15

1) Vegas Big Hit
"Nothing is sweeter than winning $3.2 million in downtown Las Vegas," says cabbie Robert Baker as he showed off the very large ceremonial check.
The Elvira, Mistress of the Dark slot at the Golden Nugget Casino win sets a new world record for the denomination.
“I play nickel progressives,” Baker said. “They are my favorites and it really paid off today”.  After coming down, Baker says he will again be behind the wheel of his taxi as usual. “I need to take some time to figure out what I’m going to do from this point, and going about my life as usual seems like the best way to keep my feet on the ground”. One item that's a sure buy and a lifelong dream is to buy a Lincoln Town car.

2) Truck Driver Hits More than the Road
Loyd Gene Youngblood, 51, a truck driver from Green Forest, AR hit a MegaJackpot of $3,051,560 at Sky City Casino Hotel in NM. After just a $20 bet at the Wheel of Fortune dollar slot before the big hit, Loyd was asked about his future plans.
Loyd happily replied that he was going to buy each of his two adult children a new house, and added, “And I’m going to Disneyworld”.
Loyd rebuilds old cars and trucks as a hobby and loves fishing and hunting. When asked about retirement, Loyd seemed unsure. “I enjoy trucking. I also enjoy stopping by Sky City Casino Hotel because they know how to treat truck drivers”.

3) Tahoe Shines
“I’m lucky here at the Horizon,” said Marin. “I have won a couple of jackpots, but never anything like this one”. Cesar Marin was still in shock with his millionaire status after hitting a Wheel of Fortune $5 MegaJackpot for $2,948,093 at the Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe.
The winner from Sacramento, CA played the $5 machine for about 15 minutes before his huge payday. “I knew right away that I hit the big jackpot, but, I’m still in shock,” said Marin, who with his brother Jose owns and operates a concrete company. He further stated that he treats his parents to trips to Lake Tahoe often. "Life has changed in an instant with this huge jackpot, but I will try to invest the money wisely. I’ll just have to let all this set in before I decide. I do know that I’m going to help out my family”.

4) Yep, That'll Get You a New House
Brenda Reedi will swear that her little chant of “big money, big money, big money” at her favorite Wheel of Fortune slot led to a winning jackpot of $1,484,897.
This bountiful trip for the Chuncula, AL resident will most certainly purchase a new dream home.

5) There Is No Other
Suzan Berry has only one favorite casino when she travels to Deadwood, SD and that place is the First Gold Casino. Another favorite is the ever-popular Wheel of Fortune progressive slot.
Suzan said she and her friends are hooked on Wheel of Fortune and thought beforehand that it could be their lucky night.
And they thought right almost immediately as Suzan hit for a huge win of  $805,977. on the quarter version Wheel machine. Suzan was dumbfounded and stated so with, “It can’t be real.”
The lucky winner can now give her children a college education and the prize will give back a secure financial future. One last wish is to purchase a pool table.

Slots Winners Report for 10-8
1) Two of the Best
After a win of $1600. at the Taj Mahal, AC on the first of two $5 Wheel of Fortune slots, Joy Stell of Sagamore Hills, OH decided to invest $50 of her winnings in a second Wheel slot. 
Ten minutes of play produced a whopping $1,663,256 win and this astonished statement, “I thought I hit $10,000 and my friends were screaming that I won the progressive jackpot, but I wanted to wait until somebody who knew what they were talking about came to tell me. Then the slot attendant said, "Now be calm, you just won a million and half dollars. I just sat there looking at the machine, saying to myself,  I’m going to wake up from the dream”.
This retired schoolteacher plans to use some of the win for the college education of her twin grandchildren and then it’s Hawaii.
Donations to charities and renovating the Florida retirement home with her husband of 47 years, Guy will be in the future.

2) Louisiana Two-Fer
Two LA casino players struck huge paydays with Wheel of Fortune progressive slots. Let’s begin this unusual tale with Debra Williams, a 45 year-old grocery store manager from Fort Worth, TX who selected the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City to play her favorite quarter slot.
With just $12 in play, Williams became a millionaire with the $3,168,864 prize. Her response, “It will change things quite a bit-for the better.” Debra will invest wisely and may open her own catering business.
Secondly, about four hours later, 67 year-old Casmiro Guzman, a Water Dept. retiree of Houston, TX who won $3,963,921 on the dollar Wheel. Guzman began play with $100 before hitting the big payday at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs Casino. His response, “I didn’t realize I won nearly $4 million. I’m going to buy whatever my wife tells me to. I’ve been married for 39 years and I know who to listen to”. His plans also include a trip to Las Vegas and more travel.

3) 16 is Their Lucky Number
The Dills 16th Wedding Anniversary was reason to celebrate at The Gold Strike Casino in Tunica. The celebration took on gigantic proportions with a MegaJackpot prize win of $1,244,871. Marlene Dill, a 65-year old retired receptionist from Murfreesboor, TN was surprised to find an empty seat at her favorite Wheel of Fortune quarter slot and after only a few pulls and wagering just $3.75, her discovery netted a huge payday.
“I started going crazy and hollering for my husband”, said the stunned millionaire.
 “Before I took this trip, my son told friends that I was going to win a million dollars and it turns out he was right.”
When asked about future plans, Dill said she would like to invest some, start a college fund for her grandchildren and she wants a brand new Cadillac for herself.

4) I Deserve This Ride!
Joan Krall, a retiree from Deerfield, WI was visiting the HoChunk Casino in Bamboo, WI and enjoying her play at the Marilyn Monroe Diamond Cinema nickel slot. “I hit 5000 nickels and once I cleaned those up, I hit again for 5,000 more.” Not long afterwards, came the MegaJackpot to the tune of $1,571,172. “The machine just kept paying! It was great” was the shocked statement of this winner who plans to buy her hubby a new car.
For as she explained, “He doesn’t drive. It will be a nice car for me!”

5) One More Time
Daniel Barrett’s win of $487,914 at the Turtle Creek Casino on a quarter Wheel was, in fact, his second jackpot.
Barrett of Grown, MI hit a major jackpot before, but this hit is still a very happy experience. “I was trying out all the MegaJackpot machines on this trip and will continue to play the slots”, he said. The winner’s future plans are to enjoy retirement and help his family.

Slots Winners Report for 10-1

1) Help on the Way
Nancy Keane of Long Beach, NY, had played for only 15 minutes when she landed the 3 Jeopardy! icons for a $2.1 million progressive payout.
She found that dreams really do come true at the Showboat in Atlantic City. “All my life I have wanted to help my kids, but I have been unable to. Now I can.” “It’s like a dream, I don’t believe it.” The retired school cafeteria manager usually heads for the half-dollar slots, but an urge gravitated her to the dollar Jeopardy! slots for the first time. When the noise level reached pitched proportions, Keane was still not aware of her millionaire status until a slot host came over and said “Wow! You won the primary! “He seemed more in shock than I was,” said the big winner who is the mother of nine, and grandmother to ten.
She will share her windfall with her family and her favorite charity--the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Keane lost 1 daughter to cystic fibrosis and two more of her kids have contacted it. This is the type of winning story that warms your heart.

2) A Nervous Moment
Karen Baker was very nervous after she hit the MegaJackpot of $1,259,366. “I didn’t scream, but my knees started shaking, and I thought I might faint”.
This retiree from Los Lucas, NM was playing the dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive slot machine at Isleta Casino and Resort.
Her plans include paying off her debts and helping her family.

3) A Strike in the Desert
Roberto Corralez Figueroa won $4,279,360 when he hit the dollar Wheel of Fortune  progressive MegaJackpot at the Harrah's Phoenix Ak-Chin Resort. 
The winner, a water pipe installer from Coolidge, AZ did not realize his strike  immediately, but became very excited when told of his MegaJackpot progressive  windfall.  Figueroa is a regular customer and stated correctly, "I always play the winning  machine."  Future plans are not complete; however, this gigantic prize will "buy a house" and "I will go to work as usual" said the thrilled player.

4) Moving On Up
Carmel Harmon was playing the quarter Wheel of Fortune game at Siena Hotel Spa Casino with little luck, so she decided to move up a denomination to dollar machines. “When it hit I looked up and thought I won $1,702.,” said the San Bruno, CA woman who started shaking all over when she realized she had actually won $1,702,081. Harmon is not sure what she will do with the money, but she will start small with a new washer and have the trees trimmed.

5) Before I Hit the Road…
Linda Casborne of Redland, CA was thinking about hitting the road after playing for a short while at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland, CA.
However, there was time to try the Money Madness Marilyn Monroe slot machine that she says was beckoning her. ‘I never played this machine before; there was no reason for me to be drawn to it,” said the 53-year-old. “The machine just seemed to call me as I was getting ready to leave.” Her impulse was correct in that shortly, the MegaJackpot hit the big one for $555, 683. “When I realized I won, I can’t begin to describe how I felt,” said Casborne.
The winner plans to help her family, set up a college fund for her four grandchildren and catch up on some bills.

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