Jokers Wild Video Poker

by Gayle Mitchell

Jokers Wild Video Poker is another popular wild card game that adds to the excitement of video poker.

The majority of your hands will look similar to a Jacks or Better game; however, don’t fall into the trap of using the same Jacks or Better strategy play.

On average, fewer than 10% of your initial cards dealt will contain the joker, thus your strategy will evolve around this fact.

Below is a 7/5 VP pay schedule for Jokers Wild Video Poker with minimum payout for Kings or better.
7/5, noted in bold below refers to a 7 coin return for a full-house when betting one-coin and 5 coin return for a flush. Therefore, max coin return of 35 and 25 respectively.

The paytable below illustrates specific winning hands and maximum coin return payout.

Pay Schedule: Jokers Wild Video Poker 7/5
Pair-- Kings or Better
2 pair (2PR)
Three-of-a-kind (3/kind)
Straight (ST)
Flush (FL)=5
Full house (FH)=7
4-of-a-kind (quad)
Straight Flush (SF)
Wild Royal w/Joker
Royal Flush (RF, no Joker)

max coin return
5 coins
5 coins
10 coins
15 coins
25 coins
35 coins
100 coins
250 coins
500 coins
1000 coins
4000 coins

Jokers Wild Strategy per pay schedule:
There is also an Aces or Better version as the minimum payout.
The strategies below are for Kings or Better and Aces or Better versions.
I have divided the strategy notes into those hands that are dealt With Joker and Without Joker as below: 

With Joker
  • Hold pat hands of full house or better
  • Break a paying flush for a 4-card royal or 4-card open straight flush
  • Break 3/kind for any 4-card straight flush
  • Break a pair of aces or kings for a 3-card or better straight flush (must be consecutive), or any 4-card flush
  • If none of the above, select a middle card, (from 5-10) to keep with the joker.

Barring a middle card, there may be times that you should hold the joker alone.
More than 3% of the time, you won’t be able to connect with a straight, flush, straight flush or a high pair. However, holding the joker alone can give you four new cards and a win.

 Without Joker
  • Hold two pair or better
  • Break a flush for any 4-card royal draw and break a straight for any 4-card straight flush or royal draw.
  • Break a pair of aces or kings for 3-card royal draw.
  • Break a low pair for 4-card flush or open ended 3-card straight flush
  • Break any pair for a 4-card straight flush
  • Hold any 4-card straight or any 3-card straight flush, if consecutive, discarding small pair for the larger payout
  • Hold A-K of same suit
  • Hold suited faces K-Q, K-J, K-10, Q-J, Q-10, or J-10 

Go for a straight flush whenever possible, for the larger return.

With this wild-card game, straight flush and Joker Royal Flush opportunities appear more often than Jacks or Better Video Poker.
Keep a lower pair over the possibility of pulling a joker for a four-card straight, especially an inside straight. 

Although, it is suggested to hold an inside straight in wild-card games; in this case the payout for the straight has been reduced from four to three, so keep the pair only.
As with all VP games, maximum coin play for each hand is the best strategy.

May all your VP choices turn out to be ‘Royalty’. 

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Royal Flushes at Video Poker account for about 2 percent of your long-term return.
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