Triple Double Bonus Video Poker

by Gayle Mitchell

Triple Double Bonus Video Poker leads to ‘top pays’ for top winning hands as per this lesson at Learn to Play Video Poker program.
Triple Double Bonus video poker pays the same whopping 4000 coins for quad Aces with a specific fifth card as it pays for a Royal Flush.

However, there is a penalty (you knew this was coming); in that, three-of-a-kind is reduced 5 coins to a max coin return of only 10. Of course, straights and flushes are similarly decreased.

Note: I have re-arranged the paytable below moving the straight flush up to allow readers to view the various top awards for quads for this version.
In this group of quads, you will notice that four 2’s, 3’s and 4’s offer a good payout of 400 coins.
Even better, add a fifth card kicker of an ace, two, three or four and you are in for a grand 2000 coin payout.
Additionally, 4 Aces without the required fifth card still puts you in the money with an 800 coin payout.

The paytable below is for a 9/5 full-pay schedule and illustrates specific winning hands and maximum coin return payout.
9/5, noted in bold below refers to a 9 coin return for a full-house when betting one-coin and 5 coin return for a flush. Therefore, max coin return of 45 and 25 respectively.

Pay Schedule: Triple Double Bonus VP 9/5
Pair--Jacks or Better
Two pair (2 PR)
Three-of-a-kind (3/kind)
Straight (ST)
Flush (FL)=5
Full house (FH)=9
Straight flush (SF)
Four-of-a-kind 5-Ks
Four-of-a-kind 2 3 or 4s
Four Aces
4-of-a-kind 2, 3, 4’s w/A-4
Four Aces with 2, 3, or 4
Royal Flush (RF)

max coin return
5 coins
5 coins
10 coins
20 coins
25 coins
45 coins
250 coins
250 coins
400 coins
800 coins
2000 coins
4000 coins
4000 coins

Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy per pay schedule: 
  • Aces with a particular fifth card and as always, a Royal is the goal here.
  • In an aggressive search for four aces, you should take the strategy to hold the ace on its own when you are dealt other high cards (Jacks+) not suited.

  • Otherwise, if dealt a suited ace and face, then you will hold both. 

The reduced pay of 10 coins for 3-of-a-kind does in turn reduce the overall percentage return for this game; however, I find it is difficult to pass up the generous payouts at the top to play this exciting VP version. 

May all your VP choices turn out to be ‘Royalty’ or a ‘Royal 4 Aces w/ the right kicker’.

Triple Double Bonus Video Poker is followed by All American VP
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Tips, Terms & Wins

If there are no Deuces: draw to an inside Royal or Straight Flush because of wild card possibility.
Play Double or Loose Deuces versions where secondary jackpot of 4 Deuces pays double.

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