Pickem Video Poker

by Gayle Mitchell

Pickem Video Poker is one of my favorite VP versions and one of the reasons is that the pay schedule respects the straight flush hand with a higher return.

Pickem Video Poker also rewards you with higher returns on all the winning hands in comparison to other VP versions and you are paid for a pair of Nines or Better at the low end.

Pickem rules are very simple. The player is dealt two cards at the beginning of each hand that cannot be discarded during the play of this particular hand.

At the same time, two other cards are dealt to the right, each of which is a pile of three cards with only the top card showing.
The player then picks one of the two piles of three card sets to complete the five-card hand.

But, which set of three do you choose?  Some strategy tips are provided below for the Learn to Play Video Poker program.

First, take a look at one of the most unusual Video Poker paytables (18/15) to be found beginning with a return of 2-1 for a pair of Nines or Better for a five coin maximum bet.
18/15, noted in bold below, refers to a 18 coin return for a full-house when betting one-coin and 15 coin return for a flush. Therefore, max coin return of 90 and 75 respectively.

This simple game provides something different in VP land, especially when you pickem just right. We have provided a paytable illustration below for Pickem Video Poker.

Pay Schedule: Pickem VP 18/15
Pair--Nines or Better
Two pair (2 PR)
Three-of-a-kind (3/kind)
Straight (ST)
Flush (FL)=15
Full House (FH)=18
Four-of-a-kind (any)
Straight Flush (SF)
Royal Flush (RF)

max coin return
10 coins
15 coins
25 coins
55 coins
75 coins
90 coins
600 coins
1199 coins
6000 coins

Overall Average Payback = 99.95%.

Pickem Video Poker Strategy:
Once your four cards are dealt (two on the left followed by two piles of three) and surveyed, you will then ask these questions before picking one of the two card sets.
Keep in mind that Nines or better pay and should influence your pickem choices. 

  • Is there a pair with either pick?
  • Is there two parts of a straight with either pick?
  • Is there three parts of a straight with either pick?
  • Is there two parts of a flush with either pick?
  • Is there three parts of a flush with either pick?
  • Is there three-of-a-kind with either pick on the way to 4-of-a-kind?
  • Is there two parts of a straight flush with either pick?
  • Is there three parts of a straight flush with either pick?
  • Is there a two card Royal with either pick?
  • Is there a three card Royal with either pick?
  • If none of the above, it’s your pick and truly ‘the luck of the draw’.

May all your VP choices turn out to be ‘Royalty’.

Pickem Video Poker is followed by All Aces-Super Aces
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