Double Double VideoPoker

by Gayle Mitchell

Your Double Double VideoPoker lesson and paytable is up next at Learn to Play Video Poker program.
This VP game continues to be one of the most popular versions to play and completes what I call ‘the trio of Bonus VP’.

I can see the attraction for Double Double VideoPoker, in that four aces with a kicker (fifth card) of a 2, 3 or 4 produce a nice payday of 2000 coins or ½ a Royal Flush.
Additionally, an increased payout is yours for four-of-a-kind 2’s 3’s and 4’s completed by a fifth card of an ace, two, three or four.

Following is a full-pay 9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker paytable.
9/6, noted in bold below. refers to a 9 coin return for a full-house when betting one-coin and 6 coin return for a flush. Therefore, max coin return of 45 and 30 respectively.

The paytable illustrates the payout for specific winning hands, one coin return payout and maximum coin return payout.

Pay Schedule: Double Double VideoPoker 9/6
Pair--Jacks or Better
Two pair (2 PR)
Three-of-a-kind (3/kind)
Straight (ST)
Flush (FL)=6
Full house (FH)=9
Four-of-a-kind 5-Ks
Four-of-a-kind 2 3 or 4s
Four Aces
4-of-a-kind 2, 3 or 4s w/A-4
Four Aces with 2, 3, or 4
Straight flush (SF)
Royal Flush (RF)

max coin return
5 coins
5 coins
15 coins
20 coins
30 coins
45 coins
250 coins
400 coins
800 coins
800 coins
2000 coins
250 coins
4000 coins

Double Double VideoPoker Strategy:
  • Keep your ‘eye on the prize’ of four aces with a 2, 3, or 4 as fifth card that pays out 2000 coins--halfway to a Royal.
  • If dealt an ace with unsuited face card(s), keep the ace only. This generous payday will occur approx. every 16,000 hands.
  • Pairs of Aces, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s should be held for higher returns.
  • Note that a straight is lowered to 20 coins max. return vs. 25 coins for Double Bonus 10/7 versions.
  • Although, this is a very popular VP version, do keep in mind that the total payback of  98.98% is not as high as Double Bonus 10/7 VP.

Total overall payouts for above version are maintained with maximum coins in play at a ‘full-pay’ machine with optimum strategy.

May all your VP choices turn out to be ‘Royalty’.

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