10 Newer Video Poker Versions

by Gayle Mitchell

10 newer video poker creations from IGT follow for this lesson at Learn to Play Video Poker program.
Most of these newer video poker versions have an interesting add-on in that similar to slots, increased payouts are in the offing for an extra coin bet per hand. I save my best recommendation for last.
Let’s begin with a newer video poker version that has become popular with thrifty players.

1) Guaranteed Play: In this game, you prepay for a number of hands anywhere from 75 to 400 or more. If your score ends up positive, the money is yours.
If on the other hand you lose in the end, you only lose the original bet. This game is also available for the game of blackjack.

2) Video Poker Hold ‘em Poker: Popular poker game, now a VP slot.
The similarity to Pick ‘em Poker VP is that you are dealt two sets of hold cards, one of which is ‘picked’ by you. Then five additional cards are dealt and you are paid as per the paytable.
Your bet is returned for two pair, but a few starting hands like red aces will multiply your score. The Super Version where you bet 10 coins offers a better payout.
Strategy is similar to the Joker Wild – 2 pair version in that you will not necessarily save high cards, but rather ‘middle cards’ like 8-9 or 6-7 for possible straights and straight flushes.

3) Quick Quads: Rather than 5 coins per line, you bet six and receive credits for five.
The additional coin for this version, offered in triple, five or ten hand games is for a bonus feature. This feature occurs when you receive 3 of a kind from twos to tens and the other two cards add up to the rank of this three of a kind, the hand then qualifies as a four of a kind. Example 10-10-10-6-4 is considered four tens.
Strategy: If you are dealt trips, take a look at the other two cards to determine if one or two should be tossed. Example: 10-10-10-6-J---toss just the J or 10-10-10-J-J---toss both jacks.

4) Wheel Bonus Poker: Similar to the popular Wheel of Fortune slot, this VP version is another 6 coins per line game. Hit a quad and you spin the wheel for credits from 100 to 2000. The payout for this newer video poker version will be approx. 400 credits and considering the 6 coin instead of 5-coin play, the payout return for this game is approximately 98%.

5) Big Times Draw Poker: This newer video poker version can be played for up to 10 coins/line. The unique twist is that small value cards offer the larger payouts as follows:
High card is K or Q = 1X payout or return of your original bet.
High card is J, 10, 9 down to 3 = 5X payout.
High card is 2 as with a quad or full house comprised of aces and deuces = 10X payout.
Your biggest wish, therefore is for 2AAAA or A2222 especially when playing at a triple, five or ten hand version. A big strike of $100,000 is yours for either of these 2 hands when dealt at a ten-hand game.

6) Super Triple Play: You play six coins instead of 5 but the advantage is that quads (4-of-a-kind) pay double or triple the average value. Some nice payouts for 1 more coin.

7) Good Times Poker: Raise your bet to 10 coins/line and you receive a random multiplier (averaging about 2%) for each line of this triple hand version. While there are no strategy differences when playing this game, the overall payout is certainly increased to match the increased bet.
Example: the Jacks or Better 9/6 version boasts an average return of 99.78% with a 2X multiplier.

8) Ultimate X Poker: Once again, a 10-coin bet/line and random multiplier determines your payout for this newer video poker version. The multiplier, which can change for every line at multi-hand versions, is established by the payout received on the previous hand.
It is important to bet the maximum of 10 coins at all times because if you bet the usual 5 coins for a previous hand, then you are awarded only the multiplier for the following maximum bet hand, but not the multiplier from the previous hand as it was not max. bet. 
While the average multiplier is 2X which means that you are receiving twice your original bet which equates to twice the return of a regular 5 coin bet, this game can push the multiplier as high as 12X for each hand if your last hand was a full-house dealt.
It follows then that your strategy for the next hand will be based upon the multiplier from your previous hand.
Example: for a VP version that offers a bonus for four aces, there will be two different strategies for the next hand.
If previous hand was a low multiplier, then hold aces with unsuited high card—A,Q or A,J or A,K.
If previous hand was a high multiplier, then hold ace only.
Additional strategies include scanning the last multiplier on 2 machines before choosing the one that had the higher multiplier when the player left and playing only 5 coins for your last hand before leaving so as not to leave any multiplier behind. This VP game is valuable when you receive better than 2X return payouts, otherwise it can drain your wallet quickly.

9) Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker: merges increased quad payouts with a ‘pick a tile’ bonus requiring an extra coin to qualify.
With a six coin bet and a quad win, you trigger a second screen bonus where 53 cards are displayed to include a Joker.
The number of picks is determined by the rank of the quad:
quad 5s-Ks=1 pick, quad 2s, 3s and 4s=2 picks, quad aces=3 picks and a dealt quad garners an extra pick.
Your goal is to match the quad for credits as follows:
quad 5s-Ks=200 credits, quad 2s, 3s and 4s=300 credits and quad aces=400 credits. Pick the joker and the top jackpot is 3996 ending the bonus round.
Even better, with the Double Double Bonus version, four aces and a kicker plus a bonus joker is a super payday of 5,996 credits, almost $1500 for a quarter game.

10) *Super Triple Play Poker
A sixth coin per hand can get you super payouts with this game.
There are 7 video poker variations presented to include Jacks or Better plus Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Super Double Double Bonus or Super Ace Bonus Poker.
You can make an additional choice of triple, five or ten play mode.
The sixth coin triggers a bonus payout for quads (4-of-a-kind). Payouts are doubled based on the game version selected.
Example: Double Double Bonus payouts are:
quad 5s-Ks=500 credits, quad 2s, 3s and 4s=800 credits, quad aces, 2s, 3s and 4s with a kicker=1600 credits and quad aces with a kicker=4000 credits, the same as a Royal Flush.
The straight flush is not ignored with a super payout of 700 credits.

*I saved the best for last as Super Triple Play Poker is my best recommendation for three ‘super’ reasons.
It’s the only IGT game to offer Jacks or Better, more choices and certain versions offered are full-pay.

Do you know a newer video poker version you would like to add? Contact us with the newer video poker version info.

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