Bonus Video Poker: Jacks or Better

by Gayle Mitchell

Bonus Video Poker, Jacks or Better is a logical choice when moving up from basic Jacks+ VP, as noted in this lesson at Learn to Play Video Poker

While offering a payout of 2-1 for 2 pairs like Jacks+, the paytable  offers increased pays for quad Aces, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s.
The pay schedule and playing strategies are offered in this lesson. 

Following is a full-pay 8/5 Bonus Video Poker paytable.
8/5, noted in bold below,  refers to an 8 coin return for a full-house when betting one-coin and 5 coin return for a flush.
Therefore, max coin return of 40 and 25 respectively.

The paytable illustrates specific winning hands and maximum coin return payout.

Pay Schedule: Bonus Video Poker 8/5
Pair--Jacks or Better
Two pair (2 PR)
Three-of-a-kind (3/kind)
Straight (ST)
Flush (FL)=5
Full House (FH)=8
Four-of-a-kind 5-Ks
Four-of-a-kind 2 3 or 4s
Four Aces
Straight Flush (SF)
Royal Flush (RF)

max coin return
5 coins
15 coins
20 coins
25 coins
40 coins
125 coins
200 coins
400 coins
250 coins
4000 coins

Strategy for Bonus Video Poker:

  • Hold two pair for the 10-coin payout, even if one of the pairs is Aces.
  • The 10 coin or 2-1 payout for two pairs will keep you in the game longer and stretch your gambling bankroll. 

The average payback percentage for Bonus VP is 99.17%.

This percentage is maintained with maximum coins per hand at a ‘full-pay’ machine and perfect strategy.

May all your VP choices turn out to be ‘Royalty’. 

Bonus Video Poker is followed by Double Bonus VP
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