Video Poker Quiz

by Gayle Mitchell

It’s Video Poker Quiz time at Learn to Play Video Poker program.
This Video Poker Quiz has 10 questions and answers.
Newbies and Veterans are invited to take the Video Poker Quiz challenge.
1) Which two Video Poker hands designate a specific 9/6 Jacks or Better VP version?
A. Full House and Flush.
BStraight and Flush.
CStraight and Full House.
2) Which two Video Poker hands designate Deuces Wild VP Version?
A. Full House and Flush.
BFull House and Quad (4-of-a-kind).
C. Straight Flush and Quad (4-of-a-kind).
3) What is the best strategy for this VP hand: 6C, 7C, 8H, 9C, 10C?
A. Keep all cards for a straight.
BToss the 8H and go for a straight flush
CToss all five as there are no cards better than a Jack.
4) What is the best strategy for this VP hand: 2C, 6C, 7C, 8C, 9C?
A. Keep all cards for a flush.
BToss the 2C and go for a straight flush
C. Toss all five as there are no cards better than a Jack.
5) Jokers Wild full-pay 7/5 version has a 100.64% overall return IF the quad pays? video poker quiz at gambling teachers
AIf the quad pays 75 for max coin play.
B. If the quad pays 80 for max coin play.
C. If the quad pays 100 for max coin play.
6) Double Bonus full-pay VP pays ? for a full house with max coin?
A. Pays 60. 
BPays 50.
C. Pays 45.
7) Which VP offers a payout of 1000 coins for a straight flush?
A. All American Poker.
B. Jokers Wild.
C. Triple Double Bonus Poker. 
8) For Bonus Video Poker, what are the payouts for 2 pair and 4 Aces with max coin in play?
A.  5 for two pair and 400 for 4 Aces.
B. 10 for two pair and 400 for 4 Aces.
C.  5 for two pair and 800 for 4 Aces. 
9) What is a dirty Royal?
A. 4 Parts of a Royal dealt.
B. Royal straight with 1 card off-suit: AC, KC, QD, JC, 10C
C. Wild Royal that includes 1 or more wild cards--Deuces Wild.
10) With 4 Aces, what is the fifth card or kicker required in Super Aces/All Aces VP?
A. 2, 3 or 4.
BNone. Does not require a ‘kicker’.
C. King, Queen or Jack.
Until next we meet, may all your VP choices turn out to be Royalty
Answers to Video Poker Quiz:
1) A. The 9/6 VP version, such as Jacks or Better refers to the payback for a Full House (9) and Flush (6) when playing one coin.
2) C. Deuces Wild VP is designated by Straight Flush and Quads.
The most common Deuces Wild version is 9/5, therefore when playing maximum coin of 5, a Straight Flush will pay 45 and a Quad will pay 25 coins.
3) A. Go with a sure thing here because an inside straight flush requiring the 8C is a long shot.
4) B. The chances of a straight flush have now been increased with this outside straight flush in that either the 5C or 10C will bring in nice coin. Go fer it!
5) C. While there are several 7/5 Jokers Wild versions available, not all pay 100 for a Quad (4-of-a-kind). A good reason to scan the entire paytable before determining if a specific VP is indeed full-pay.
6) B. 10/7 Double Bonus pays a generous 50 coins for a full house. You should adjust your strategy accordingly holding two pairs—even when one pair is Aces.
7) A. While optimum strategy for All American requires some practice; the 1000 coin payout is worth the effort.
8) B. Bonus VP treats you with a better payout for 2 pair than 1 pair and more for 4 Aces than Jacks or Better plus 200 for quad 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. Secondly, if you find an 8/5 version, you are in the full-pay zone.
9) C. While it pays 125 coins, it ain’t the clean payday expected.
10) B. Wow, no fifth card required and a 2000 coin payday, that’s way cool!
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