Roulette Methods: The Good and Ugly

by Frank Scoblete

Let’s discuss roulette methods or systems – the good and ugly at Learn Roulette Wheel program.
Later in this lesson, you will find the good roulette strategies based on dealer signatures, however I begin with the ugly or losing methods, known as Roulette’s Ugly Seven:   

1. Doubling up when they lost a bet   
2. Continued doubling until they won a bet or hit the house edge
3. Doubling up and adding one unit after each losing bet until they hit the house edge
4. Going with the trend of the colors/sections/numbers that were hitting
5. Going against the trend of colors/sections/number that were hitting
6. Going straight up on a number that had recently hit more than once
7. Going straight up on a number that had not hit in a long, long while

On a perfectly balanced roulette wheel, not one of the Ugly Seven is a winning strategy. Each will lose the percentage the house has over them on the total amount of money a player bets in the long run.
On Europe’s single-zero roulette, that edge is 2.7 percent on the inside bets and 1.35 percent on the outside “even-money” bets when the casino has an option called “en prison.”
On the American double-zero roulette wheel that edge is a frightening 5.26 percent on the inside bets and, in some casinos, a 2.63 percent edge on the outside “even-money” bets where the “surrender” option is allowed.

So, if over the course of a lifetime of playing roulette, a player bets one hundred million dollars on a combination of inside and outside wagers, he or she can expect to lose between $1,350,000 and $2,700,000. An American can expect to lose between $2,630,000 and $5,260,000 on those same wagers.  The math is merciless.
However, over the years ingenious roulette players have figured out ways to beat the physical wheel, as opposed to the mathematical underpinnings of the theoretical game, by locating wheels that were slightly biased in favor of certain numbers.
These roulette wheels may have had design flaws, or usage flaws that over time caused the ball to favor some numbers or sections over others.
Players call such strategies “biased-wheel play” and it was just such “play” that was used by the few individuals who were able to “break the bank” at Monte Carlo several decades ago. They recorded tens of thousands of spins and when they found a roulette wheel that was obviously “off” -- they came on with big bets and battered the venerable casino to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So while the math of roulette might be merciless, the mechanics of the game just might be beatable if you have the time, discipline, and, in some cases, the talent to put into practice.
Take the example of a dealer signature. For years gambling writers have speculated that some dealers might be able to influence the fall of the ball because they get into a “rhythm” where they pick the ball up a certain way, wait a given beat, then release the ball with the same speed each and every time. So a dealer might spin in such a way that more than two-thirds of the time the ball lands within ten to twenty pockets of the last hit. See lesson–Roulette Signatures.
If you know such a dealer, money can be made on them, often a lot of money.

In a similar way, some dealers have consciously developed the ability to hit sectors of the wheel. These dealers are called “sector shooters” and they too can be exploited if you understand their abilities and psychology.
The “wheel clocker” is an entirely different animal. A player can develop the ability to analyze the trajectory of the ball and then approximate where it will land when it finishes its orbit. This is the most difficult roulette method to learn and to put into practice in a casino. It requires months of practice to perfect and then tremendous concentration to perform in the casinos.

These advantage-play roulette methods are all perfectly legal. Of course, casinos might not want you to play these systems and, unfortunately for players, there are simple ways for casinos to thwart each and every method, if they know a player is using such a roulette method, that is.

We realize that most casino players are obviously not all that interested in putting in the time and the practice to master most advantage-play methods. It’s a lot of time and practice.
But for those of you who would like a chance to turn the tables on the casinos, these are the only roulette methods that can actually work to do just that. They are concrete attacks on where the casino game of roulette is most vulnerable.
It is fun to know that for just about every game the casinos come up with, some players, some times, can come up with ways to beat those games -- legally!

The casinos have created ingenious environments for players to enjoy playing games where the house usually has the edge, but some ingenious players have invented roulette methods for surviving those environments and coming out on top in those games.

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