Red Dog Poker
In Between or Acey Deucey

Red Dog Poker was once an immensely popular banking game, a variation of its cousin Acey – Deucey.
Another version, In Between is a backgammon variant where players bet on the odds of the third card falling in between the values of the first two cards, or to use the title of the game, in between the values of the first two cards dealt.

Both these version names at Learn Poker refer to the same card game Red Dog Poker.
Casinos these days do not usually feature this game, but it can be easily found at online casinos.
You will have to use all the names associated with the game to search for it.
Red Dog poker originated in gambling circles in various forms all over the world but is now generally played the same way.
Variants are called by different names. In the US, punters bet on the outcome of the card being higher than the previous cards dealt or also on the card suit.
The objective of the game is to increase your profits, like all poker games we love to play.
Red Dog poker has also evolved from being a simple wagering game to one with set rules and odds.
Similar to other poker games, all cards are ranked and the suits are irrelevant.
Aces are counted for high scores. The game is a simple calculation of difference or spread of the cards, i.e., two cards are drawn from a pack; the spread of these two cards decides how your odds would be calculated.
Here is how the game proceeds:

Players place their bets and the dealer places two cards face up on the table.
Depending on the values of the cards, one of the following options may occur:
If the numbers are consecutive, like 2, 3, or 5, 6, it is a push or tie and your wager is returned as there is no spread or card distance between the two numbers.
If the numbers are equal, a third card is dealt. If this card also has the same value then you win with 11:1 odds or the hand is a push.
If the cards have a proper spread, like 3 and 6 with a spread of 2 cards in between, i.e., 4 and 5, then the game proceeds.
Players can increase their original bet if they so wish. The dealer then draws the third card.
If this card actually falls between the values of the first two cards, then the player wins the wager. On the other hand, if the third card matches the value of even one of the first two cards, or exceeds the higher card’s value or falls below the lower card’s value, then the player loses.
Calculation of odds depends on the spread of the cards. The smaller the spread, the better the odds however, a higher risk.
If there is only one card between the first two—for example, 3 and 5, the odds are placed at 5:1.
Thus, you stand to get five times the amount you bet if 4 turns up.
The odds keep decreasing as the spread increases up to 3 cards.
All card spreads equal to and greater than 4 payout only 1:1.
Red Dog poker is an easy game to understand and seems like an easier game to play but if one gets down to the calculation of house edge, one realizes that the chances of winning a bet with a spread below 7 are very rare.
In fact, the probability of winning a wager for anything with a spread of less than six cards has a negative house edge.

The best strategy is to play cautiously and raise the stakes only when the spread is above 7.

Versions and Terms:
Red Dog poker itself is a version of Acey Deucey or Ace Deuce, but there are several versions of the game.  Popular amongst these are the High Card Pool where the money can also be wagered on the suit of the card that turns up next.
Slippery Sam or Six-Spot Red Dog has players betting without seeing their cards. Three cards are dealt to each player and then the dealer shows his hand. The players bet on their hand having a higher card from the same suit as the dealer’s last card and then reveal their hand. If any card does belong to the same suit and is at a higher value, the player wins.
Shoot is a version in which, only the dealer makes a bet that is an amount which suits all players. The players are dealt three cards each, face down and can only see the cards once they bet.
There is a lower and upper limit (which is the pot sum) to the amount one can bet. If the card that you turn up belongs to the same suit as the dealer’s and is a higher valued card, you win. 
Polish Red Dog varies only slightly from Slippery Sam in that; the players neither see their cards nor the dealer’s card before betting. An agreed amount is fixed as the upper limit by the banker and the rest of the players have to match at least half of this value to begin the game. The game then follows the same way as Slippery Sam.
In each of these versions, only the method of dealing differs.

With so many versions combined with online casino play, Red Dog poker is worth the hunt.

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