Sportsbetting Terms

by Gayle Mitchell

We continue your Sportsbetting education with more SportsBetting terms listed alphabetically below.
There are many betting options online and off and these Sports Betting Terms will assist with those decisions. 

Agent: Someone who sets up customers into a book for a commission.
Beard: A runner who makes bets for others.
Bookie: Abbreviation for bookmaker or a person who takes bets.
Chalk: The favorite bet.
Chalkeater: Someone who bets only on favorites.
Circled Game: A game where betting limits are lowered, generally on account of injuries and/or weather.
Cover: You win by more points than you laid or lose by more points than you had taken with a point-spread win.
Dime: $1000.
Dog: The underdog in the game.
Even Money: A bet where one side lays no juice or vigorish.
Exposure: Maximum amount a sports book can lose on a game.
Futures: Bets made today that take place at a later date.
Getting down: Place your bet.
Handicappers: sportsbetting terms for professionals who research all aspects of the game before betting the outcome.
Handle: Total money wagered.
Hedge: To decrease the action by betting the opposite of a previous bet.
Hook: Half point in point spreads; e.g. 3 1/2, 3 and a hook.
Juice: Commission that goes to the house, also known as vigorish.
Lines: Game Odds.
Nickel: $500.
Off the Board: No betting accepted, usually in the case of injuries.
Pick: An even game as there is not a favorite.
Point Spread: Number of points the favorite gives the dog for betting purposes.
Push: Point Spread tie.
Rundown: Listing of odds on a specific game day.
Steam: Big money flowing in on one side means the line is moving fast.
Straight Bet: One wager, not a parlay.         
Teaser: Bet where you can adjust the point spread your way.
The Big Sports Board: explains the wagering, and quotes betting information.
Total Bet: is available to wager on the total number of points scored by both teams during the game, based on an over/under quoted number. These bets are layed based on the quoted total number of points scored, OV=betting over what the board offers, or 
UN =under-betting that the teams won’t score that many points together.
Vigorish: The fee/commission paid during specific wagers at the sportsbook.

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Types of Bets: Basketball:
1) First to 12 Points: betting on the team that is the first to score 12 points in a basketball game.
2) % to 2 Points: wagering on the percentage of points in a game that will be scored with the 2-point throw by a specific player or team. 3) First Scoring: betting on how the first points in a game will be scored.

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