Gambling Terms Quiz

by Gayle Mitchell

You can test your knowledge with this Gambling Terms Quiz, otherwise known as Gambling Lingo that is heard often at the tables and sportsbook.
This quiz is designed to increase your gambling vocabulary with the added benefit of impressing your playing buddies.
Some of these expressions or lingo have a long history and will surely add some fun to your next casino experience.
Here we go:

Gambling Terms Quiz: Betting and Money
1) What is a Dime?
A.  You are betting $1,000.
B.  You are betting $100.
C.  You are betting $10.

2) What is the Handle? 
A.  Using the handle of a slot machine rather than the spin button. 
B.  Total amount of money bet. 
C.  Maximum bet at a table that the casino can handle. 

3) What is the Hold?
A.  The vault in a casino.  
B.  Winnings held by the casino for tax purposes. 
C.  Percentage of monies played that casinos keep.        

4) What is the Barber Pole?
A.  Referring to the 3 colors at a Red, White & Blue slot machine.
B.  More than one denomination in a stack of chips.  
C.  The board that shows the history of bets at a Roulette table.

5) What is a Sleeper Bet?  gambling terms quiz at gambling teachers
A.  Table bet without strategy—a ‘tossed’ bet. 
B.   A forgotten table bet. 
C.   Bet with long odds that pays. 

Gambling Terms Quiz: Sportsbook
6) What is a Straight Bet in Sportsbook? 
A.   Bet with even odds.
B.   Bet for $100.
C.   One wager, not a parlay.
7) Player who is a Chalkeater does what?     
A.  Player who bets at Sportsbook only.   
B.  Player who bets only favorites.
C.  Player who hangs around Sportsbook lounges to gather info. from the pros.

8) What is a Circled Game in Sportsbook?
A.  Game where the favorite will likely win—a sure bet. 
B.  Game where the betting line has not been established yet.
C.  Game where betting limits are lowered.      

Gambling Terms Quiz: Players
9) Player who is a George does what? 
A.  George is a generous tipper.
B.  George is a lurker who watches a game like blackjack, also known as Curious George.
C.  George plays craps only.  

10) What is a Dept. of the Interior Player?
A.  Player who has inside information about the race/bet.
B.  Poker player who has bagged an inside straight.    
C.  Craps player who makes an inside bet.

Gambling Terms Quiz Answers:

1) A. You are betting $1000. Quite a bit more than B and C, yes?

2) B. Handle: Total amount of money bet at a table game or slot machine.

3) C. Hold:  percentage of monies played that casinos keep. For example, the looser 98% slots hold two dollars while returning 98 dollars to the player.

4) B. Barber Pole: The colorful name used for more than one denomination in a chip stack.

5) B. Sleeper: A forgotten table bet originally wagered by the player and/or dealer.

6) C. Straight Bet: One wager, not a parlay. Nothing fancy about this bet.

7) B. Chalkeater: A player who bets only favorites.

8) C. Circled Game: A game where betting limits are lowered, generally on account of injuries and/or weather.

9) A. George: A generous tipper both to table dealers and to other casino employees.

10) C. Craps player who makes an inside bet.

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