Bingo Lingo

by Gayle Mitchell

At this Learn Bingo Keno Games lesson, we have fun with Bingo Lingo.

Bingo Lingo & Terms
Caller: a person who calls out bingo numbers as they tumble from the holder.
or Blackout: is a winning BINGO that covers all numbers on that particular card.
equipped with a foam tip and filled with ink for marking numbers called. Available in fun colors and shapes for players. Daubers are the only acceptable method of marking paper cards in bingo halls.
Free Space:
the center square of the bingo card. This freebie is counted if required for a pattern or coverall win.
Game Board:
a display board that reflects the bingo balls in play. Can also show the type of game being played currently and jackpots available.
Game Variations:
Double Bingo, Triple Bingo, Coverall, Progressives and Hardway. Each has specific rules and is listed in your game program.
Hall Ball:
first number drawn at the beginning of the bingo session. If this number is the winning number in any game, a progressive jackpot is won along with the usual award for that particular game.
Hardway Bingo:
a win is one line without utilizing the free space.
Double Hardway
Bingo requires two lines without utilizing the free space.
prize awarded for a particular bingo game or pattern win.
Late Night Bingo/Moonlight Bingo: term for bingo sessions that begin after 10 pm.
Lucky Jar/Cookie Jar: cash for winners. Awarded usually for the first number called at the beginning of the bingo session.
Progressive Jackpot Bingo: grows until it is won and requires a separate buy-in. These games start with 45 numbers drawn per session and go up one number per week until won. Generally, the first game played per bingo session.
Main Stage Bingo: term for main event of a bingo session.  
Minimum Buy-In:
the least dollar amount required to be eligible for prizes.
Money Ball:
a number drawn before the game that doubles your winnings if bingo is called on that number.
Multiple Winners: when more than 2 players win, the prize is divided equally among them.
On: term used to declare that a player is On with one or more cards that require only one number for a win.
Parti: abbreviation for participation bingo where the cash prize is determined by the number of players.
Pattern Bingo: is a specified pattern on the bingo card. For example, the letters X, T or H.
Rainbow Pack:
assorted package of paper bingo cards that are played for various prize amounts. Blue cards are the least expensive, then red, green and tan pays the top bucks.
Session: bingo program that include regular and special games lasting approximately 2-3 hours.
Shutter Board: hand held re-useable plastic board with pre-printed numbers, generally in a 4x4 format. The called numbers are then marked off by closing shutters over them.
Six Pack: Six numbers in a block on one card.
Special: bingo games played with a separate set of cards than the admission pack purchased upon entry to the bingo hall or online game.
Speed Bingo: version of a regular bingo game where numbers are called rapidly. Often played before of after a regular session, it is possible to bingo in as few as three numbers.
Speed Game: similar to and played as quickly as Speed Bingo, this game requires a coverall or a full card’ Purchased as a special game, one card at a time.
Split Pot: the winner of this bingo game splits the sales of the game or pot with the bingo hall or House. For example with a 50-50 split, the winner would get 50 percent of the sales and the house keeps 50 percent.
Squares: is bingo lingo for pattern wins. Outside Square: utilizes B and O row plus top and bottom rows across. Inside Square: is a win around the free space utilizing I, N and G rows.
TED or GTI: term for electronic dauber device to play multiple bingo games at an additional fee. Players are allowed only one device/player.
Tickets: printed pages where the main stage bingo is played. They are laid out in grids and normally come in books. Some tickets have bar codes that describe the numbers on them and/or are used to help check claims.
Validation: after a called bingo to determine players’ eligibility for the jackpot award.
Wild Number:
can be played for a double bingo. This is determined by the first number out. For example, the first number is G47; therefore, all numbers ending in 7 will qualify as a wild number and should be marked.
Wild on Bingo is Bingo Lingo created by the writer for this glossary.
Wrap Up: Last Call! for the last game of a session.

As a gambling writer, I recommend this low-cost form of gambling as a good bet.
In addition, the fun of playing the game and talking the Bingo Lingo is built in.

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Tips, Terms & Wins

           Brit Bingo Lingo
67=Made in Heaven       
70=Three Score & Ten       
71=Bang on the Drum       
74=Candy Store       
75 =Strive and Strive       
78= Heaven’s Gate       
82=Straight on Through       
83=Time for Tea       
85=Staying Alive       
88 =Two Fat Ladies       
89 =Nearly There       
90 =Top of the Shop    

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