Slots Quiz

by Gayle Mitchell

OK, Class, it’s test time.  I’ve created this Slots Quiz for novice and veteran slot players at Learn, Play Slots program.
I offer up this slots quiz in the expectation that all slot players will forever hear the sound of ‘raining coins’. 
Let’s get started...
1) What is an RNG?
A. Really Nice Gambling?
B. Random Number Generator?
C. Right Number Gaming?
2) What are the three types of slots?
A. Basic, Progressive and Bonus slots?
B. Red White & Blue 7’s?
C. Flat Tops, Megabucks and Double Diamonds?
3) What is a multiplier slot?
A. Slot that has multiple graphics and symbols?
B. Pays more for more coins played on certain winning combinations?
C. Multiplies your win no matter how many coins played?
4) What is a nudge slot?
A. Wild Symbol combination pays?
B. A certain combination nudges you to the Bonus round?
C. Paying Symbol dropping up or down on payline for win?

5) What is a Wild-Pay slot?
ASlot that has more wild symbols than 7’s?
B. Slot types that offer double, triple and more with wild symbols?
C. Only wild party animals are paid jackpot?

Slots Quiz Questions 6 - 10
6) Are there higher dollar values for some Progressives in the casino?
A. YES? slots quiz at gambling teachers
B.  NO?
C.  All the same?
7) Do some slots have a higher ‘hit’ frequency?
B. NO?
C. All the same?
8) Which is better: pull the handle or press the spin button on slots?
A. Handle?
B. Spin Button?
C. Neither, both the same?
9) What is “flying solo”?
A. Gambling alone?
B. Slot Players who play one coin only.
C. Only winner of a progressive jackpot?
10) Slots Quiz Easy Point.  What’s ‘Call Attendant’?
A. Large cash hand-paid jackpot?
B. Machine is broken, needs maintenance?
C. My slot club card points have reached their limit?

Slots Quiz Answers:
1) B. Random Number Generator: a computer chip placed inside each slot that is programmed to generate multiple combinations of symbols and payouts. A selection is picked randomly, thus determining the final outcome. A busy little drone.
2) A.  The three types of slots are basic, (aka straight slots or ‘flat-tops’) that have a constant jackpot. Progressives with an ever-changing jackpot and the latest gaming trend, bonus video slots that offer a bonus round for extra winnings.  Although the RNG runs all three types, there are different playing strategies for each type.
3) B. Stated simply, the more coins played, the better the winning payouts. Particular symbol payouts, as per slot schedule, are multiplied by number of coins played. This can mean the difference between a 2-coin payout and a 10-coin payout for max. coin in play.  So, 1 bar, 2 bars, 3 bars--oh yeah!
4) C. Come on baby, drop that paying symbol down and give mama a big win.
It could be a basketball, diamond, cherry or wild symbol. You just need a little nudge up or down to that center payline and you are in the money.
5) B. The Wild symbol substitutes for a win, double wild symbols multiplies win, and generally three wild symbols nets you the top jackpot on payline.
There are many more wild slots out there to choose now.
However, keep this in mind before selecting,  the higher the payout multiplies, (e.g. 5x 10x 20x), the lower the probability of payouts. Therefore, seek out the double and triple wild slots.

Slots Quiz Answers 6 - 10
6) A. Oh yeah. Most casinos, including online have a selection of banks/carousels that consist of Progressive slots with different primary jackpot$. All savvy slot players will want to scout out these slots and play ‘large’.
7) A. With the introduction of the new bonus video slots, hit frequencies have been increased to a high of every 2-3 spins.  While you don’t always get your original bet back, these graphic-rich slots provide the most entertainment for your money.
Wager management is the key here. It’s not always wise to bet maximum coins every time and a higher hit frequency doth not necessarily a winning slot make.
8) C. There is no difference, fellow slot players. Manufacturers still add on the handles as a holdover from the ‘bronze-age’ days of slots. The day is coming when the handle will be eliminated entirely and we will surely yearn for the good ol’ days.
9) B. I call them ‘onesies’. Slot players who play only one coin. 
I know I advocate wager management, but this is wager suicide. 
I suggest you drop down a denomination and play max. coins where at least you are in the running for the top jackpot without the ‘slot bends’ of missing out because you should have played just one more coin. The only exception here is the bonus multi-line slots.
10) A. It’s party time! Big time payday with hundreds peeled off into your sweaty, winning palms.  All casino players should get this slots quiz answer right and truly enjoy the experience.
Until next we meet, remember: ‘Not only do you have good luck with a gambling education, but you are making your luck.’

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