Multiplayer Slots or Community Play

The Multiplayer slots concept at land-based casinos is a big hit and provides added excitement in the slots playground.
Also known as Community play, these multiplayer slots can be spotted easily as they take up more space on the casino floor than any other slot games. Set up to accommodate at least 10 players with double seating, each station is linked to the game. All players can qualify for the top jackpot bonus round and gather credits separately at their station. To qualify, players bet on all paylines and place a side bet.
All the major slot manufacturers—IGT, WMS Gaming, Aristocrat and Bally have jumped on the bandwagon to create fascinating versions with several payout options.
There are 7 versions compiled for this lesson.
Multiplayer Slots: IGT
1) Wheel of Fortune Special Edition Super Spin:
These slots games provide nine two-seater playing stations, each of which are linked to the wheel.
Each game station is either a 40-line, 400-coin penny version or a 10-line, 75-coin nickel version. In the bonus round, players select from tiles at the bottom of the screen and as letters are displayed, the game locates the letter in at least one of three puzzles.
Each time you find a letter, the bonus value tied to that puzzle increases. Any player can start the wheel feature and gather bonus amounts to their station pick.
To qualify, players bet on all paylines and place a 40-cent side bet.
Individual terminals who hit bonus events have an arrow light up at their station around the big wheel. The big wheel spins once for all qualifying players and it is possible for multiple players to initiate the bonus and spin the wheel at the same time. When all nine stations are in play, the wheel is in constant motion. Super fun for all players.

Multiplayer Slots: Bally Slots
2) In the community-play arena, Bally features Meet Me in the Middle and Hot Shot, Yours, Mine, and Ours! follow-on game themes to Two for the Money that was designed to enable couples or friends to sit at the same bench seat and play two different games together, while sharing the same credit meter.
Hot Shot Yours, Mine, and Ours! takes Bally’s hugely successful Hot Shot theme to a new level featuring five levels of game-in-games, 11 possible progressives, and a giant mini-game.

Multiplayer Slots: Aristocrat Slots
3) The experience gets crazier with Aristocrat’s style of community gaming in Crazy Taxi – Fare 4 All. The game is a fun experience where players participate together in three community features. While some community style games pit players against each other, in Crazy Taxi, the players all benefit as a community.

Multiplayer Slots: WMS Gaming
4) Grand Hotel Big Event:  brings the Multiplayer Slots concept to the 3-Reel Mechanical player for the first time. Taking place atop the Grand Hotel, the community bonus features credit awards plus unique mini-bonuses triggered by up to 10 guests who may land on the Railroads, Electric Company, Water Works, Community Chest, Chance, Go! or Free Parking! You never know what bonus experience will come along.
On the third reel of each of the Grand Hotel Big Event games is a symbol called the Multiplier Boost. This symbol in any position on the third reel awards additional time on the player’s Big Event eligibility meter, resulting in a temporary increase of their Big Event Multiplier. The additional time awarded is proportional to the size of the player’s bet, so larger bets result in larger increases in the multiplier.

5) Monopoly Big Event: Multiplayer Slots
When the Big Event Bonus triggers, all qualifying players enter the bonus round and win together. A Big Event Multiplier, determined by the player's bet and speed of play, is also awarded in the bonus round. The table-game-like camaraderie creates a hotspot on the slot floor. Monopoly Big Event play is fast, bets are big, and the excitement never stops. The Big Event Bonus is a randomly triggered bonus. When triggered, the Big Event Bonus is announced on the screen of every eligible player. Watch for which of the 6 Big Event Bonuses is awarded with these multiplayer slots: Mr. Monopoly's Prize, Free Parking, Chance, Community Chest, Railroad Riches or Once Around. The Once Around Bonus is the largest and most rewarding of all the bonus rounds. In this bonus, Mr. Monopoly keeps rolling the dice until all players move once around the Monopoly Board, starting at GO. Credits are awarded each time the player lands on a property. Additional bonus rounds are triggered if a player lands on Electric Company, Water Works, Chance, Community Chest, Free Parking or any of the Railroads. The bonus ends after landing on or passing GO.

6) The Great and Powerful Oz brings Community Gaming and Sensory Immersion capabilities to one exciting game experience where players become their favorite character as they journey to the Emerald City for a chance to encounter the Wizard of Oz.

7) The Price Is Right: Ultimate Show offers an experience beyond the game. The longest running game show in television history comes to life on casino floors with an all-new slot experience. The Local Area Progressive bonuses will immerse players into the game show as one lucky player is selected to experience one of four exciting bonus levels.

Happy Hunting for these slots games where you can revel in the community play experience at your favorite casino.

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