Slot Games 2010: Part 1

by Gayle Mitchell

This lesson is part 1 of slot games 2010 previews as presented by five innovative slot makers-- Aristocrat, Atronic, Bally, IGT and Wms Gaming.
This peek at the future of slot games placed at land-based casinos is always exciting and anticipated by slot players. These newer slots were introduced at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in November/09.
Some of these slot games are already on the casino floor; others will be along soon for you to ‘give them a spin’.

This year, as usual, does not disappoint. These 5 creative companies have again provided new features and bonus events that are sure to be on your ‘to play list’ for your next casino visit.
Enjoy the hunt in the slot games playground of the future. 

Aristocrat: Slot games 2010
First up with a preview is the innovative Aussie game maker, Aristocrat.
Kick open the swingin’ saloon doors and walk into an old time barroom full of fun in Aristocrat’s Beat the Bandits, a three level progressive jackpot which leads the player through a two stage event in order to win the jackpots. On triggering the jackpot feature, you play against Madam Red in a dice face-off. If you are lucky enough to roll a double you move through into the Granny Game, Bandito Game or Gambler Gamer features to win the jackpot prizes.
Beat the Bandits rides into town with two fun launch games: Jungle Joe Searching High and Low and Fortune Princess.

Also, Aristocrat’s new Kentucky Derby RFX is a linked progressive product. The excitement and tradition of the Derby is brought to the casino floor.
The elegance, excitement and luck of China’s most famous and intriguing city come to life in dazzling detail in Beijing Bonanza that includes a tournament feature where players compete against each other and a free games bonus that is awarded to all players on the bank.
Next, is Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Rumble, Aristocrat’s newest progressive. Rednecks, rabbit ear antenna TVs, bug lights, fishin’ poles, trucks, beer cans and trailers never looked so good for these slot games 2010. The slot allows players to win one of three progressive jackpots, free games and credits in the second screen bonus features.

What if there were 1,024 ways for players to win? Now Aristocrat, the company famous for the best math in the business, introduces Xtra Reel Power. The game gives players up to 1,024 ways to win with every spin with a 40 credit minimum bet to cover all reels.
Aristocrat will also be showing the GEN7 video slots JAWS, Hit the Heights, The Sopranos Video, Mega Millioni$er, FA FA FA Fortune King and GEN7 Xtreme Mystery.

Aristocrat’s incredible line of new slot games 2010 includes Jackpot Royale, Player’s World Ultimate, Player’s World by Demand, Banana King, Sun & Moon Total Eclipse Progressives, Nile Princess, a line of new Power Pay and Reel Power titles and new 100 Line and 50 Line titles.
New titles include the 5-reel Triple Standalone Progressives Hillbillions and Trophy of Olympus. Three-reelers include Pow-Tastic 7s, Same Way Sevens and Skin Deep Cherries.
With these offerings, Aristocrat continues to fascinate the industry with innovative slots.

Atronic: Slot games 2010
Staying with the A's, Atronic offers exciting linked, progressive, and community games and multi-functional controllers along with stand-alone core game titles. Let's review the lineup:
Atronic is now adding a fourth title to its new multi-bonus progressive, link, Stargate based on the popular film and TV series. Each title offers five distinct bonuses and four progressive levels. Players activate the Stargate bonus by wagering max lines plus a 10-credit bonus bet. Already installed in numerous locations worldwide, the North American slot games 2010 version will be 25-line, 5-reel games with an additional forced bonus bet and a variety of exciting bonuses.

Three Stooges incorporates the slapstick hi-jinks of Curly, Larry and Moe and transports players back in time with a variety of black-and-white video clips. Three levels of progressives are tied to each stooge and simultaneous, multi-tiered bonus rounds add to the player excitement.
The Passion Slots cabinet stands at an impressive 8 feet tall and features a 4th reel with multiplier symbols and bonus game triggers.
Return of the Sphinx is a 3 level progressive and non-linear paytable that rewards high-bets.
Jewelly, one of the bonus slot games of 2010 is a stand-alone progressive linked to a multi-game lineup. To make Jewelly appear, players wager on all pay-lines and also bet on an extra 5 credits times the current line bet during standard game play.
Because Jewelly bonuses are activated by a side wager, the base games keep their bonus games intact. Any player can switch from game to game on the same terminal and still have access to the progressives.

Atronic introduces Gameboss, an innovative entry in slot games 2010. The slot has a linked gaming controller that connects multiple slots thus enabling on the fly, on-demand switching between multiple progressives, tournaments, or community games. An additional feature is an overhead screen to a 15-game progressive with corresponding overhead display to a 10-game linked community title.
Gameboss can transform Bingo Factory, the only bingo-based community casino game on the North American market. It's a five-reel, 50-payline game that allows qualified players to compete together, and features a two-level progressive as part of the bonus.

To complete the Atronic lineup, there are core games that remain. Many of those games include special features such as 'wild stays until it pays'. When this feature is activated, all wilds stay on the screen until they become part of a winning combination.
That sums up Atronic's slot games 2010 previews – a winning combination, to be sure.

Bally: Slot Games 2010
Bally featured approximately 214 unique game titles and more than 300 total games for Class III, Class II and video lottery=VLT markets worldwide at the show. It was Bally’s largest G2E games showcase ever, reflecting its commitment to increase its games portfolio in fiscal year 2010 by 100 percent.
This is the part I like to hear: "Bally will introduce two sleek new cabinets at G2E. Key enhancements include lowered button decks with integrated armrests for player comfort; new OLED and programmable video buttons for ease of play.
A custom-designed stereo sound bar provides an extraordinary range of audiophile sound that cuts through noisy casino environments.
Bally’s Pro Series Slant provides video slot and video poker players with a new level of comfort and engagement. The video display and armrests are slanted at the ideal angles for optimal player comfort, thereby reducing fatigue and enhancing player enjoyment."

There is also Bally’s new Spinnation  series of spinning-wheel video and mechanical-reel slots. These distinctive games feature a mystery or symbol-triggered spinning-wheel bonus top box.
Some of the slot games 2010 featured in this series include Hot Shot Cash Wheel, Monte Carlo Royale and Cash Wheel.
One of the most exciting slot games 2010 in Bally's lineup is Cash Spin, an industry first. This breakthrough game features a spinning wheel on the top two-thirds of the video display above the mechanical reels. In the bonus round, the player actually spins the wheel on the touch-enabled screen. This USpin feature will also be available on Cash Meteor.
Following on the success of its first two Digital Tower games, Fireball  and 77777 Jackpot, Bally introduces three new slot games 2010 led by Vegas Hits, a unique stacked-wheel video slot
with a dual spinning-wheel top box. Other Bally Digital Tower innovations include Ultimate Tower of Power on Bally’s $250,000 multi-area progressive link; and Draw, Match, Win.

Two Unique Community and Group Play Games include Blazing Hot Tournament, a new community-based gaming product with a unique thermometer-style on-screen bonus meter.
Additionally, Bally's Multi-Area Progressive=MAP include the penny-denomination, $250,000 link, Ultimate Tower of Power, Instant Fortune with three, oversized attention-grabbing reels and
1,000,000 Degrees.
Get ready for Bally's slot games 2010 classic titles of Blazing 7s, Blazing 7s Diamond Line, Black & White Five Times Pay and Bonus Times 2X, 5X, 10X.

The Elite V32 platform will also see an abundance of new game titles designed to take advantage of this nearly 6-foot tall gaming platform. Titles include the new Playboy–Girls of Canada, Hee Haw, Cash Meteor, Breeders’ Cup, Reel Money, and two new game series, Crazy Cash and Magic Money.
Bally will be the first-to-market Cash Spin, a groundbreaking game that allows the player to use their hand to spin the wheel during the bonus round.
For the completion of the Bally preview, my last words are echoed from the above line—groundbreaking. Another year where Bally does not disappoint.

Slot Games 2010 is followed by part 2, IGT and Wms Gaming  

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