Slots Quiz 2

by Gayle Mitchell

Slots Quiz 2 brings 10 more questions and answers to improve your slot machine education whether playing slots online or at land-based casinos. A lesson at Learn, Play Slots program.
I have created this slots quiz for novice and veteran slot players.
We all need to upgrade our slots education and this test is intended to assist.
I offer up this slots quiz in the expectation that all players will forever hear the sound of ‘raining coins’. 
Let’s get started...

1) How many Games/Hour does the average slot player play?
A.    500/games/hour?
B.    600/games/hour?
C.    700/games/hour?

2) Are the higher denomination slot payouts better?
A.    YES?
B.     NO?
C.    All the Same?

3) What is a ‘certified’ slot?
A.    A slot with a certificate from the manufacturer?
B.    Slot that's guaranteed to payback a large %--as high as 98%+?
C.    Slot that is certified to have a certain number of symbols?

4) Do ALL ‘certified’ slots in the carousel/bank offer high payouts?slots quiz 2 at gambling teachers
A.    YES?
B.     NO?
C.    YES and NO depending on casino?

5) Will all ‘certified’ slots payout their advertised rate all the time?
A.    YES?
B.     NO?
C.     Can I sell you some land in Pango Pango?

6) What are loose and tight machines?
A.    One has more graphic symbols, tight have fewer?
B.    Loose machines have better payouts, tight machines less?
C.    Loose machines offer more versions, tight machines fewer?

7) What is a slot-mix?
A.    Slots are placed back to back on either side of aisle?
B.    All the high denomination slots are in one area of the casino?
C.    Casino Management’s placement of loose/tight slots?

8) What is a slots ‘hit and run’ winner?
A.    Slot Player who plays Baseball Bonus Slot?
B.    Slot Player who uses a token slug, and grabs the payout?
C.    Slot Player who plays 3-5 max. coin spins testing for payouts?

9) What is a hold percentage?
A.    Monies held by winning slot players?
B.    % of coins held by casino?
C.    % of coins through the slots?

10) What is a short win?
A.    A small jackpot?
B.    A win just before you are running out of money?
C.    A large win with a small cash outlay?

How did you do with this slots quiz? Here are the answers to Slots Quiz 2

1) A. 500/games/hour on average.  These stats can change dependent upon whether coins are manually inserted or credits used.  There really is no need to hurry, unless you are playing in a Slot Tournament, and then accelerate to warp-speed for the win.

2) A. Yes, higher denominations ($5+) have a higher hit frequency, however, you are investing more of your gambling bankroll.
Start with lower denominations, and then move up when you are ‘in the profit zone.’

3) B. Most casinos promote their ‘certified’ slots at a bank or carousel with flashing, large, neon lights generally near the entrance of the casino.  Like carnival barkers, these attractions seem to say: “step right up, folks, see the slots with huge payouts, play the big winners, yowser, yowser, yowser”. 

4) C.  A casino can legitimately advertise a very high payback even if one of the machines has the advertised payback--sneaky right?  However, the casino must tell you whether the payback is all or one.  Ask if all or one slot is ‘certified’.  If the answer is not ALL--Run, don’t walk to another casino. If there is only one or two, you could spend a lot of money looking for that ‘slot in the haystack’

5) B. Certified slots payouts; whether they are advertised at 98% or 100% are programmed over an average period of time that could be weeks or months. As you know, timing is crucial in the slots game and the same goes for certified versions.  Don’t stay too long, determine the total amount you want to wager before you play, stretch your gambling bankroll and have fun.

6) B. Loose machines are a slot players’ dream.  They are programmed with more paying symbols and combinations resulting in better payouts. Tight machines are the opposite. Yikes, they’re stingy.

7) C. Also known as slot-placement.  Casino Management places different slot versions that are loose and tight on the casino floor. Loose slots are usually found in high traffic areas that can be seen by ‘wannabe slot winners’ from many angles in the casino.

8) C.   Slot players who ‘test’ a slot before continued play by spinning the reels 3-5 times with maximum coins in play each time.  If there are no payouts during that period, you are outta there.  By the way, suggest you not try B--the casinos don’t like it.

9) B. Percentage of coins played that the casinos keep in their hot little hands.  The looser 98% slots hold two dollars or 2%, while returning 98 dollars to the player.
But, hold on, that percentage is over the long term--perhaps months, while short-term play return percentages can bounce around more than a roulette ball.

10) C. This happens all the time. A large jackpot is hit with a minimal cash outlay. 15 bucks gets you $1000’s. Now that’s a long win on a short chance. Take the money and run!

As we conclude the second slots quiz, remember: ‘Not only do you have good luck with a gambling education, but you are making your luck.’

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