Slots Players Strategies

by Gayle Mitchell

I present Slots Players Strategies from the Slots Newsletter: Casino Players Ezine for the Learn, Play Slots program.
3 Slots Players share their advice:
Gayle:  I have been an avid slots player for over ten years now and have had my share of ups and downs as any player would.
I have spent the most time gambling in either Vegas or the different Indian casinos from Arizona to Florida. I was rather surprised at my last visit to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Tampa Florida with a good quarter jackpot. This Indian casino used to be full of old games, Bingo, and keno, which never caught my eye but recently switched to the video-slots of all types.
They range from five times pay to red white and blue to double double Diamond and so forth. I decided to try the 10 X pay after watching people hit 1000 -2000 coin hits all over the place.
I put 20 dollars in then turned my attention to the large TV screens where you may sometimes find more entertainment than losing your money when to my surprise I turned around to see 10x/10x/ triple bar--9000 coins and a $2,250 jackpot.
I was very excited about my 20-dollar investment. Since then I have gone back twice and seen tons of jackpots hit from $800-$25,000.
Maybe the Indian casinos have heard about the complaints of unfair play and adjusted the machines a little for a higher payout. What do you think? Scott.
Scott: Congrats on your win! I, too would like to think that Indian casinos are becoming generous, but I have my reservations. Oops, bad pun.  

Gayle: Below is a basic explanation of that busy little drone, RNG.
RNG Random Number Generator: No matter what type of machine you play, video poker, games within games, 3-reel slots or multi-line multi-coin with bonus play, they all have outcomes selected by the RNG the instant the reels are engaged.
Even at the bonus round the outcome is pre-determined, the selections you make in the bonus rounds are also pre-determined. The RNG is loaded with number selections, millions of number selections, which in turn are coupled with outcomes.
Each number selection has a specific outcome, for example if the RNG stops on 2765598 it might represent three cherries or it might represent the progressive jackpot.  Whatever it represents is what you will see on the win line. 
RNG programmers can program 30% of the numbers to represent a no win combination.  If there are six million numbers to choose from, 1,800,000 will be no win outcomes or on average three out of ten spins will be non-winners.
Of the 70% remaining, the distribution of outcomes would be greatest for the least prize, probably 1 cherry, and progressively less as the prizes became larger. As you can see from this schedule, jackpots would indeed be rare.
The fact that only 30 percent of the numbers are programmed as non winners does not mean that you will win 7 times out of ten, you could go 40 or 50 times without a win. 
On average, if you play long enough, the outcomes will be 3 no wins out of ten spins.
No matter how much you may know about the inner workings of the slot machine, outcomes are randomly chosen in microseconds.
You get what the RNG selects and that is made randomly, so it's a non-winning spin or a jackpot or anything in between. Spin the reels and hope for the best.  Jeff
Jeff: Thanks for your info. I would add that the RNG continues to make selections even when the machine is idle. 
Gayle: I like reading about slot observations, but ...they are just observations and may or may not hold up as they come from their own personal perspectives.
Most people violate the reality of slots.  RNG (random number generator), placing a predetermined stop on your losses on a machine and betting cycle, carefully reading the payoff schedule before playing, getting third party objective advice as in your books regarding best slot strategies and machines, knowing when to quit when you're ahead and seeking other diversions while at the casino.
I go to Las Vegas every other month and love it but I'm realistic regarding winning and losing. There is much to see and do and having fun without mortgaging the house.
One evening my sister and I were playing at New York ,New York. There was a gentleman who carefully eyed the payoffs on a multi-play video slot machine. He put $100 into a 5-cent machine.  He played the max 90 coins and within minutes, he hit a good bonus that more than doubled his winnings.
Next, he simply cashed out and left. My kind of guy and I hope to try that interesting strategy on my next trip. Good luck to all...we need it! Bill
Bill: Thanks for the simple basics and slots players' strategy; however, I would add choosing the 'right' types of slots to your list.

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