Slots Introduction

by Gayle Mitchell

I present this Slots Introduction for the Learn, Play Slots program to include slot types/groups and examples for all players who want to learn more about the exciting slots playground.
Slots Introduction describes the four main groups of slots at online and land-based casinos.
Let’s begin our journey.
4 groups of slots:  
1.  Basic slots with a single payline and constant jackpot.  
2.  Progressives that offer an ever-growing jackpot.  
3.  Bonus Added Slots. Additional features including multi-spins, 5 reels, multi-lines, bonus games, free spins and nudge-hold.
4. Community Play or Multi-Player Concept: setup to accommodate several players, all of whom can qualify for the top jackpot bonus round and gather credits separately at their station.

Basic Slots Introduction:  
Basic or ‘flat-top’ slots have a constant top jackpot that does not change no matter how often the machine is played.
The payline for basic slots is the single stripe on the window where you see the reels spinning and stopping. You win or lose depending on what symbols stop directly on this payline.
Examples: Double and Triple Diamond, Red, White & Blue 7’s or Blazing 7’s.  

Progressive Slots Introduction: 
Once upon a time, there were lottery tickets to build dreams on and then in 1986, the first progressive slot was introduced.
This original network of slots was connected locally and expanded internationally.
The majority of land-based slot games introduced provide a progressive version.
Additionally, mini, mid and top progressive jackpots are offered for most bonus slots.
Online progressives are everywhere and can be linked from one casino or linked through several online gaming sites. 
There are many sites online that provide updated jackpot totals for progressive slots.
Progressive slots, grouped by slot name, start at a minimum jackpot amount that increases as those machines are played. The growing jackpot draws from a percentage of total coin-in.
When the big strike arrives, the jackpot amount is reset to the minimum and the process starts all over again.
Examples: Megabucks, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Megamoola online.
Bonus Slots Introduction:
The main goal of these games is to play the reels to win a ‘second chance’ bonus round where the real money is.
Bonus Slots are easily identified for as you approach for you immediately see many more graphics than a basic slot or progressive--25 symbols or more filling up the screen. 
The buttons in front of you offer up to 100 paylines. Versions come in penny denominations up to $5. Payouts are much more frequent, usually every 2-3 spins.
There is usually an attractive sprinkling of wild, scatter pay and multiplier symbols that increase your winnings.
Examples of original bonus slot versions are Reel Em In, Monopoly, Jeopardy Right and Triple Profits online.
This is the fastest growing segments of the slots playground online and off.

Community play or Multi-player Concept Introduction:
This latest slots trend is a big hit with players. You can’t miss these versions as they take up more space on the casino floor than any other slots. Set up to accommodate at least 18 players with double seating, each station is linked to the game. All players can qualify for the top jackpot bonus round and gather credits separately at their station. To qualify, players bet on all paylines and place a side bet.
Examples: Wheel of Fortune Special Edition Super Spin and Big Event Poker.

Online Slots Introduction:
Here are some of the features and options offered players online:
Multi-spins: games within a game. Play 2 or more games within added reels at a multi-spin game.
5 Reels: more than extra reels, these slots provide options such as wild, scatter pay and multipliers.
Multi-lines: up to 40 paylines that includes multipliers, wild symbols, scatter pay and progressive jackpots.
Bonus slots: free spins and a second bonus event. Test your skills with these slots.
Fruit Machines: Nudge and hold features allowing players to either move symbols up or down or hold 1 or more reels for bonus credits.
Denominations from penny to $5 are offered.
May you forever hear the sound of ‘raining coins’.

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