Slots Reviews Weekly: January

Slots Reviews Weekly reports 4 slot versions for you to explore on your next land-based casino adventure. Reports are archived by month.
For each version, the slot name,  description, theme and bonus features/event including scatter pays are reported.

Report for January 28
1) Houdini:

The symbols of handcuffs and locks to open secret tricks and part of this slot dedicated to the famous magician and escape artist.
The action centers on Rotating Wild symbols. When these Wilds appear on the middle reel, any win is paid while the six symbols around the wilds rotate until a new win combination appears.
A second bonus event begins when two bonus symbols appear at which time the screen displays four locked chests.
You then make a selection to display a number of free spins, however, if Houdini appears, you make an extra pick along with 10 more free spins.
Pick Houdini on the first try and all free spins are multiplied by four. As usual, free spins can be re-triggered during the initial round.
It’s obvious that there is more than magic going on with this fast-paced game.

2) Shaman’s Magic:
Stars and eclipses are spread across the screen on this slot waiting to begin a free spin round.
The star begins 10 freebie spins during which an extra eclipse is added on the middle three reels. Between re-starting the freebie round and extra wild symbols, there are ample opportunities for collecting plenty of credits.
Also, for your benefit, there are no paylines and all wins paid as scatters meaning this game has 247 possible winning combinations. That’s Magical!

3) Hot Hot Super Respin: 
Let’s count the ‘hot’ features—50 paylines, an extra row of paying symbols, four symbols stacked on each reel instead of three and all paylines for just 40 credits. Toss in an extra 10 credits to qualify for the Hot Hot Super Respin bonus.
We begin with the games of Zeus 11, Hearts of Venice and Griffin’s Gate. As the corresponding symbols are stacked on the reel, they are held for one or more respins. Three scattered bonus symbols begin a 10 free spins event.
During the free spins, if three bonus symbols land again, it re-starts for more free spins. Don’t ya love a slot that offers so many ‘hot ways’ to win?

4) Inca Legend:
The jaguar symbol is wild substituting for the necklace, cup, bird, butterfly or any poker symbol.
If one jaguar subs in a wining combo, the jackpot is doubled while two jaguars equal a jackpot multiplied by four.
This graphically rich slot carries additional symbols of an ancient Inca temple and pyramid. Three four or five pyramid symbols scattered on the reels trigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins and can be re-triggered.
As the set-up is arranged with 3 and 4 symbols on 5 reels, all wins are paid as scatters with 432 possible winning combinations. 
The ancient legend holds true today in that playing max coin brings forth maximum pays.

5) Tropical Paradise:
The mix for this tropical slot includes poker and expanding wild diamond symbols.
Thus, when a diamond is displayed on an active payline, that particular reel becomes ‘all wild’ with the exception of 3 palm trees that activates the free spin bonus event. The count is 3, 4 or 5 palm trees equals 10, 20 or 30 spins along with a multiplier.
Additional free spins can be re-triggered and increase to a max of 500 free spins. That’s a big Wow! Some versions can include the rapid hit schedule that swells the hit frequency and payouts. Obviously. the tropics present hot, hot action at this game.

Report for January 21

1) Gold N Jewels:
This slot version offers a fourth bonus reel with 2X, 5X and 10X multipliers that will multiply the jackpot accordingly when a winning combination is displayed on the primary reels.
For example, the top jackpot is yours when three Gold N Jewels symbols are lined up, however, if the fourth reel is a 10X payout, your winnings increase to $3000.
Diamond logo symbols offer a jackpot if one is displayed of any of the five paylines with maximum bet in play.  Additionally, if bonus symbols appear anywhere on the first and third reels, it starts the Gold N Jewels Bonus of 4 free spins. If you bet the max with this slot, you qualify for extra ‘sparkling’ bonus credits.

2) Golden Adventure:
This slot adventure can be played in the basic mode, or for a side bet--Win Two Ways—left to right and right to left with a fifth reel.
Golden Adventure Bonus is also activated with this side bet along with a choice of free spin or Spin as Long As U Win feature.
The free spin choice means doubled jackpots, while SALAUW lasts until winning combos stop.
Two additional bonus events occur when 3 treasure symbols land on the middle reels where your picks are Take Offer, Offers Left and Try Again. You can take a second chance, however the third offer must be accepted.
The Vehicle Bonus symbols landing on the first, third and fifth reels allow a pick for a bonus award. The many features of this ‘golden’ slot make for an exciting adventure to be explored.

3) Bigger Bang Big Event:
I remember the friendly pig from the popular Piggy Bankin’ slot.
This game heralds his return with five unique bonus events.
You begin with a multiplier that begins your bonus ride.
Base games are Gem Hunter and Los Aztecas offering free spins or pick a tile.
a) The Piggy Bank Bonus has a piggy group cheer as the piggybank fills and then a gushing reward is displayed.
b) Pig Race Bonus has you select one of 5 pigs for a race and award. c) Bigger Bang Cash Bonus where dice move you around a circle of pigs.
d) Pigs Take Over: there are leaping pigs tossing extra credits for wild symbols.
e) Lastly, with Pig-a-Pult Bonus, you are sure to chuckle at the catapulted pigs moving toward bonus signs for extra credits. The slot name says it all – big events with lots of porker fun.

4) Dinosaur:
The T-Rex symbol is wild with this themed slot that also displays other dinosaurs, volcanoes and primeval flora. Three, four or five scattered volcano symbols begin the free spin round of 15, 50 or 100 free spins, respectively. As you can imagine, lining up 5 volcanoes qualifying for 100 spins can send that credit meter soaring.
Additionally, all jackpots are tripled during this freebie round and can go around again with certain combinations. The top jackpot of 180,000 credits fits the theme of this slot as a ‘dinosaur’ type win.

Report for January 14
1) The Price is Right Cliff Hangers:
Fans of the popular TV show will recognize the segment of an alpine hiker ascending a mountain for prizes. This slot version is a banked community play for three players to participate in one of two bonus events. These events are Cliff Hangars Bonus where you gather credits while trying not to fall off the cliff or the Wheel Bonus where you take the first award or risk a second spin.
Cliff Hangars begins with Climb icons or Price is Right tags that you select to reveal either credits or advance steps up the mountain.
As you pass the 10th spot on the mountain, the decision then is to take the credits or continue play. As with other slot versions of this TV game, there is the ‘right’ amount of excitement.

2) Power Progressives:
The basics of this seven level progressive slot are the familiar games of Double Wild Rose, Rich and Famous and White Gold.
You are betting on all 7 jackpots, the lowest resetting at 20 credits and the highest at 10,000 credits. Along the way, there is a Mystery Multiplier to capture.
Each of the 3 progressive events is displayed on the big screen where a grid of tiles appears. You pick three tiles to receive more picks or a Move Up sign.
The event continues until a Collect or Move Up symbol appears to the final level.
There is a gambler’s choice though. As you are progressing upwards, there could be a Move Down tile. Do you accept your current prize or move up? That’s the ‘power’ in this progressive slot. 

3) Reel Money:
I always welcome another version of Hot Shots progressive, but the big deal with this slot is the five-level progressive.
The set-up is a five-reel game with various bars and symbols plus a video screen over the reels.
Off to one side are 5 jackpots displaying gems matching each jackpot level while the other is a bonus wheel.
Jackpots reset as follows: Emerald=$10, Sapphire=$50, Ruby=$100, Topaz=$1000 and the top jackpot is Pearl at $25,000.
The bonus round begins when 3 or more Reel Money symbols appear scattered on the reels.
You then receive 3, 4, or 5 spins at the wheel that displays 9 bonus amounts and a gem for the progressive. Therefore, you can gather at least 1 bonus reward, but possibly all 5 during this round. To qualify for the ‘reel money’ that this slot offers, a maximum bet is required.

4) Double Jackpot Triple Blazing 7’s:
I am always pleased to report about another version of the Triple Blazing 7s. This slot also merges with the Double Jackpot slot.
This special mix translates to bar combos and 4 different 7 combos that are mixed, single, double and the top Triple Blazing 7s combo.
Toss in the Double Jackpot wild symbols with double, triple and top jackpot payouts for 1, 2 and 3 symbols respectively.
The ‘blazing’ top jackpot resets at $10,000. for penny versions of this ‘hot slot’.

Report for January 7
1) Imperial Dragon:
For this banked community play Asian themed slot, a gong will sound to announce the bonus round. One player is chosen as a representative for the Imperial Secret Bonus. 12 symbols divided as 8 symbols on top and 4 at the bottom. The top panels hide--Win All, a Stopper or an Extra Life symbol and the bottom—multipliers. The chosen player makes the picks until a Stopper appears.
If no stopper, the next bonus event reveals 3 golden doors that determine the winning credits matched with a multiplier.
Other players at this banked game will receive bonus rewards.
These shared bonus events invite players to meet at this ‘king’ slot.

2) Bengal Tigers:
This slot game provides 3 ways to increase your credit count.
First, there are two wild symbols, a random mystery symbol with a bonus payoff and a free spin round that doubles all pays.
Free spins are started by either two, three, four or five white and/or yellow tiger symbols awarding five, 10, 20, or 50 free spins that can be re-started during the initial round.
The top jackpot is the Rapid Hit program that can be as high as 25000 credits X line bet. I gotta say it---this game is greeeeat!

3) Splendors of India:
The theme for this slot presents a wild symbol similar to the famous hero of India – Gandhi and the scatter pay is an emerald.
Three or more emerald symbols scattered on the reels starts a free spin round where 3 spins are awarded and all jackpots are multiplied by 10. There are several chances to rack up credits—a high hit frequency, high multiplier and additional freebies. Tis splendid indeed.

4) Bank Buster:
You get 5 popular features in 1 slot. Start with Hyperlink with bonus awards from the Bonus Bank series and toss in the games of K.G. Bird, Sun & Moon and Treasure King.
As with many slots today, an ante bet qualifies for the fifth feature for a progressive jackpot.
The 3 games mentioned all present free bonus spins with 2, 3, 4 or 5 scatter pay symbols activating 5, 10, 20, or 50 spins and double jackpots.
Along the way, the Bank Buster random option can provide 6 possibilities leading to 4 progressive jackpots - Grand, Major, Minor and Mini.
Want more rewards?  There’s Pop Gun, Money Grab to catch some bank notes and Line Up where your matching picks equal extra credits and/or jackpots.
Ok, here’s 3 more. Safe Crackers opens up for bonus credits, Cop Out where you are climbing for credits and Hot Cash offering a special payout table.
As you can see, there are many opportunities to ‘bust the bank’ with this fast-paced, feature-rich game.

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