Slots Reviews Weekly: August

Slots Reviews Weekly reports slot versions for you to explore on your next land-based casino adventure. Each week, Gambling Teachers will publish 4 slot versions. These weekly reports are archived by month.
For each version, Slots Reviews Weekly presents the slot name,  description, theme and bonus features/event including scatter pays.

Report for August 26
1) Super Huge 7’s:

Playing all the lines is important here where multipliers are applied to winning combinations for an extra bet. Here’s how it works: the first ten coins activate each of the 10 paylines while a bonus bet of 5 credits per line is equal to a total of 50 credits for all.
This total bet sets in motion the 4th bonus reel that carries multipliers of 2X, 3X, 5X and 10X that in turn are applied to winning combos on the primary reels. Lastly, for another 100 credits, you set the fifth reel in motion. So, for 160 credits, all bonus features are go including multipliers that can reach 100X on any winning spin.
You have now qualified for Super Huge 7’s jackpot where three symbols can get up to a $400 prize for pennies. With all these winning combinations and credits waiting for your spin, this slot is indeed ‘super huge’.

2) Chef’s Daily Special Bonus:
Slot players will hunger for this 30-line bonusing game that plays, “That’s Amore” and boasts an interactive bonus game card. 
The bonus feature is initiated by the appearance of three bonus symbols on any played payline.  The game board award card is then initiated and begins to randomly blink.  The player is prompted to press the flashing button, at which time one game card award is displayed to the player. 
Located on the game card are three different squares representing one, two, and four-ball drop awards. Located in the top box are 11 balls, including a 2x multiplier ball and 10 balls with pay values. 
When the appropriate number of balls is revealed to the player, the amounts are added to the bonus meter and the total amount is awarded to the player. 
If one or more multiplier balls drop, all pay value amounts are first added together and then the multiplier(s) are applied last. 

3) Bewitched Spin:
Add the familiar Slotto sphere with spinning balls like the lottery drawings, bonus balls and multipliers and you have the latest Bewitched version.
Begin with the paytable of Triple Stars that includes 4 combinations of sevens plus a wild symbol and triple jackpots. Line up the 3 wild Triple Stars for the top jackpot of 100,000 coins. Now you have a combination of wilds and bonus Slotto balls.
Line up 3 Bewitched symbols and a panel button flashes awaiting your touch. The game board is now set to land on either a multiplier or number of bonus balls.
A multiplier of either 2X or 5X determines the first bonus ball at which time, the flashing continues until one, two or three bonus balls appear.
Enter the slotto sphere that drops the total number of bonus balls received. There are 11 bonus balls total, 10 with credit amounts and one 2X ball that multiplies the total credits.
Your credits are then calculated and the top possible award is 37,500 credits for this bonus event. Triple jackpots, bonus balls, multipliers – oh my – ‘tis ‘bewitching’ yes?

4) Capricorn Mountain:
This slot theme focuses on a tropical volcano and features a reel configuration that produces wins in both directions for scatter pays on adjacent reels. Therefore, the hits just keep coming.
For example—when 3 or more volcano symbols scatter on the reels, a free games event of 10 spins begins. Further 4=15 freebies while 5=25 free spins.
As with most bonus slots today, all jackpots are doubled during the free spins.
You can climb this mountain with ease and extra cash when the random options of Quick Strike or Mystical Temple are in play.

Report for August 19
1) Game of Life: Career Choices:
Add this version of the Game of Life based on the board game.
The two wild symbols and triggers that are the base of the game are the diamond on reels 2 – 5 that subs for all but bonus symbols and the dollar symbol, a scatter wild that converts all symbols on a reel into wild symbols when it lands. When this occurs, each additional dollar symbol multiplies the jackpot up to 16 times.
Additionally, the main bonus event occurs when 3 Game of Life icons line up and your attention is turned to the top screen. You then start the spinning dial that selects from 20 options that include free multipliers, free spins or takes you to an extra bonus game.
Further, the game spaces of Take a Break or Choose Your Job will reward you with free games or multipliers while the game space of Business Trip will reward with bonus credits. Some versions provide a random Mystery Magic progressive jackpot. The Game of Life continues as we await the next entry ‘on board’.

2) Bagpipe Bonus:
The game keeps it simple with graphics of Scottish bagpipes and plenty of scatter pays but with a high hit frequency. Gather 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels and receive 5, 10 or 100 times, the total wager while 5 scatter symbols pays 20,000 credits for max coin in play at max. coin. Should the lion symbol appear on the second, third or fourth reel, the entire reel becomes wild for multiple credits.
The main bonus event occurs when 3 or more drum symbols appear in any position on neighboring reels; you pick one of the symbols to launch one of the free spin options to include a certain number of spins plus a multiplier.
Line up 5 Bagpipe Bonus symbols and the top jackpot of 20,000 credits X the line bet is yours. Be sure to ‘tune in’ to this ‘slot hit’.

3) Super Bankroll Bonus:
Super Bankroll Bonus strengthens social excitement on the casino floor by allowing slot enthusiasts to play among others and experience a shared bonusing event.  The theme is based upon the slot Bankroll and it stands 7 feet tall and almost 7 feet wide. 
The game boasts a 5-reel, 20-line program and plays the song--Money, That’s What I Want.  Players are enticed with a jumbo-sized bonus event that features a scrolling display of a printing press printing oversized bills. 

4) Hexbreaker 2:
If you believe in lucky black cats, then you should test your luck for the big payoff, this slot offers.
This game’s reel configuration allowing for 720 ways to win per spin is called MultiWay Xtra with 3 symbols on the outer reels, four symbols on reels 2 and 4 and five symbols on the middle reel. Betting can be as high as 500 credits/spin and your credits will mount when matching three symbols on adjacent reels, left to right. The base game wild symbol appears on all of the three middle reels while 3 or more black cats start 10 free spins that can be re-started during the initial round.
There are many ways to ‘break the hex’ and bring on the lucky cats.

Report for August 12
1) Sphinx Classic:
The excitement factor is met with this newer version of the Sphinx product line with a bonus event that garners more credits.
Here’s how it goes: Three, four or five Scarab symbols pay a scatter win, while 3 or more Coin Symbols begin the Sphinx bonus.
You are then lead to the Egyptian burial chamber where five sarcophagi await your choice. Your choices reveal either a credit award or Sphinx symbol that carries you to the next level of the Sphinx Chamber. Once inside the chamber, your choice of the correct Sphinx symbol results in a higher mystery bonus win.
Additionally and apart from other versions, if you find the correct Sphinx, you receive all the other credit awards combined.
This version may also include Mystery Magic Progressive awarded at random by the casino. “Me Sphinx”, this is the classiest of Tut’s versions.

2) Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus:

It’s back, 10X better in its Gold Edition with 25 paylines.
The bonus round begins when three Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus symbols appear on an active payline. After the player activates the bonus round by pressing the flashing button, the game card award board is initiated and starts to randomly blink at which time one game card award square will be displayed to the player. Located on the game card are 14 different squares that contain credit awards and ball drop awards including 10X and 5X multiplier spaces. 
Located in the top box are ten balls including one Devil ball (zero award) and 9 with pay values (20-500).  When the appropriate number of balls is revealed, the amounts are added to the game card credit awards and the total amount is awarded to the player, ending the bonus event.

3) Quarter Million$ - In the Money:

Merge the familiar slot In the Money with an Instant Spin wheel; put all 25 paylines into play and you are truly ‘in the running’ for $250,000. or more.
This slot offers one of two bonus options; play either the reels or head to the bonus event that occurs at the roulette wheel above you. This top wheel offers bonus credits of 250, to 25,000 credits. Wild symbol -- In the Money subs for all symbols in winning combinations.
Here are the numbers. A bet of 75 credits=an average bonus of 723 credits. A bet of 100 credits=two spins for an average bonus of 1446 coins. A bet of 125 credits=wheel spins, three times for an average bonus of 2169 credits.
Want to be ‘In the Money’ again? If there is a random Mystery Pay feature, then that famous song will be ‘music to your ears’.

4) Lion Dance:
Stacked wild symbols are the predominant feature of this Asian themed 40-line slot. These dominant groups of wild symbols land on various paylines resulting in ‘stacks’ of winning combinations and mounting credits.
The free spin bonus rounds resulting in 5 to 15 freebies that can be re-triggered to extend this bonus event to hundreds of spins.
Additionally, within this free spin round, the stacking wilds are at work to increase your credit tally.  There are too many winning combinations to count while you are doing the ‘lion dance’. So sit back and enjoy the dance of the credit meter.

Report for August 5
1) Dean Martin’s Wild Party:
All I can say is, “Wow” – a 60-payline slot featuring the tunes of Deano and a hit frequency of 83% resulting in a hit nearly every spin!
This series is called Money Burst with 2 symbols on each of the first two reels and 4 symbols on each the other three reels.
The 60 paylines all begin with the same 2 symbols on first two reels; however, they switch to wild symbols for the free spin round thus multiplying the winning combinations.
The free spin event starts in 3 possible ways.
a) If 4 four symbols on the first two reels match, these symbols remain and 5 free spins are awarded.
b) If 3 scatters show up on the third, fourth and fifth reels, five free spins are awarded. You then pick a microphone or a jewel box that in turn replaces all 4 symbols on the first two reels. Again, these picks remain during the 5 free spins.
c) Line up both combinations of a) first two reels and b) scatter pays on other 3 reels at which time you again pick the microphone or jewel symbols – but there are 20 free spins awarded here.
Dean will serenade you with the tune “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head” while a nice reward awaits at the end of the free spin bonus round. This slot version is a party not to be missed.

2) Lightning Sevens:
Bally’s does 7’s better than anyone else and this version is proof. Based on the popular Blazing 7’s, the pay table of blue and mixed 7 combinations will be familiar.
At max bet, the blue 7’s pay 2000 coins while 7 mixed combos pay 1000 coins.
The difference is the gold 7’s marked with a 7 and 3rd, 2nd or 1st on the third reel that award a progressive jackpot. The wins are as follows: 3rd=$20, 2nd=$100 and 1st=$1000. The simplicity of this game makes for fast play at ‘lightning speed’.

3) Triple Double Cherries:
The cool news about this slot is the Hot Hot Super Jackpot feature when you play all lines with a side bet of 10 credits thereby increasing the free spin round frequency and the credits won.
The triple in the theme of this slot refers to a) multipliers ranging from 2X to 10X and a free spin bonus round.
b) With 2 scattered bonus symbols, you are paid for all wins other than scatters plus the reels with the bonus symbols freeze and all the other reels re-spin once.
c) side bet increases the 5 free spins to 10 at 3X jackpots. If three or more scatters land during the free spins, another 5 free spins occurs.
Another benefit of the side bet is that the rewards for the largest winning combos are increased for base and bonus round spins.
While this paytable may seem complicated, all you need to know are two phrases: side bet and triple wins.

4) The Sopranos:
You just knew this slot was going to ‘be a big hit’ with two versions available--'Top Boss' and 'Welcome to the Family'.
The three jackpot levels are Boss, Capo and Soldier with progressives starting at $10 for Soldier, $100 for Capo and top prize Boss ranging from $500 – $5000.
For Top Boss version, Tony Soprano and Johnny Sack are bonus symbols. Two, three, four or five scattered Tony or Johnny symbols start the freebie games of 5, 10, 20 or 50 respectively where jackpots are doubled.
Added features include a bonus top box, clips from the show and opening theme video.
In 'Welcome to the Family', eight free games are yours with Tony, Paulie, Silvio and Christopher symbols changing to wild during the free spins.
As with all Hyperlink games, a random bonus is possible along with the usual 3 progresssive jackpot levels.
An additional version, 'Play to Get Made' where you buy reels instead of paylines and all wins are scatter pays will be available. These versions are definitely worth ‘singing about’.

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