Slots Reviews Weekly: December

Slots Reviews Weekly reports 4 slot versions for you to explore on your next land-based casino adventure. Reports are archived by month.
For each version, the slot name,  description, theme and bonus features/event including scatter pays are reported.

Report for December 31
1) Heart of Vegas:

It’s all about Vegas with the symbols of the city and a heart that is wild.
The familiar ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign is the scatter pay and awards 10 free spins for 3 of them while the wild heart appears on the next reel and stays for future spins.
This is the main feature of the game in that a wild heart is added after each spin thus the symbol appears on 4 of the 5 reels after 5 spins and stays for the following 5 spins.
This results in some rewarding spins when 80% of the reels are wild.
Also, should the Welcome to Las Vegas sign appear during this round, you get 5 more spins and the process of adding wild hearts begins again. The wild awards for this game will do your heart good.

2) NY Gold:

This slot theme and icons are all about the NY Police Dept. The basic symbols are bars, 7’s, red and blue sirens while the top jackpot is yours when you line up 5 scattered Gold badges.
This is a slot to watch carefully as the payouts for red and blue siren wins increase every 6 spins.
Each paytable reveals the number of spins remaining until that symbol’s jackpots rise to 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 10X. When a red or blue siren combination hits, its paytable returns to 1X.
When this feature reaches 10X, it remains there until that particular combo is hit. Pay schedule credits then rise as the multiplier goes up.
‘Police’ this game and wait for your ‘surveillance’ to reward 10X while ‘holed up’.

3) Turtle Treasure:
There are turtles and shells that are wild and when the treasure chest is displayed on the first three reels, the 10 free spins start.
During the freebies, the ring, coin and starfish symbols change into wild turtle symbols. Now you are talking mounting credits with the increase of wild symbols.
Additionally, if the three treasure chests land again during the free round, you receive 10 more free spins followed by again and again possibly.
Want to double your win? You can use the Gamble feature to select red or black card suit.
It can double your profits at this ‘not so slow’ turtle game.

4) Juicy Loot:
There’s much more to this slot—50 paylines, six reels plus each reel displays five fruit symbols. So it follows that there are multiple combinations and this is accelerated by a wild symbol subbing for all other symbols in winning combos. All pays register on every payline and you can receive credits for ‘stacked’ combos on a single reel.
While some slot payouts are for the highest winning combinations, this game pays for any result. Therefore, 6 symbols will award 4 jackpots by adding the amounts for 3, 4, 5 and 6 symbols.
The top jackpot is awarded for 5 stacked wild symbols on each of the six reels.
This slot is aptly named, as there are indeed ‘juicy’ credits to win.

Report for December 24
1) Happy Days:
Your favorite characters of Richie Cunningham, Potsy, Ralph and Fonzie are here as remembered from the TV comedy. An extra side bet and covering all paylines qualifies you for one of 5 mystery jackpot free spin events. In order, they are Vinyl=7 free spins, Silver=10 freebies, Gold=15 spins, Platinum at 20 and Diamond at 50 free spins.
Additionally, there are two bonus features, Cunninghams Go Wild turning some symbols into wild payouts and Richie’s Big Night where you can pick sweetheart lockets to reveal bonus credits. Happy Days equals ‘richie’ and rewards, ayyyy!

2) Wizard of Oz:
We’re going to the land of OZ down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. From Munchkin Land to the Emerald City—watch for flying moneys and the Wicked Witch of the West and preferably Glinda the Good Witch.
Emerald’s City symbols on the first, third and fifth reels activate one of these 2 bonus rounds.
Flying Monkey Bonus begins with this symbol appearing on the third reel, Listen for the sound of the Witch’s Guards--Oh ee ooh, eeooh, oh--when flying monkeys are transformed into wild symbols before your eyes offering up free spins and bonus credits.
Emerald City Bonus credits are revealed when you choose one of the emeralds appearing on the screen. A choice of the home of Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man or the Emerald City creates a second choice to find one of more of the characters’ images for credits.
The more characters at the end point—Emerald City’s Great Hall-   equals increased awards.
Let’s not forget Glinda the Good Witch who can appear randomly to transform reels into wild reels for future jackpots.
This ‘wizard of creations’ combines with sound, rich graphics, superb animations and vibrating set for an exciting slot adventure.

3) Double Happiness:
For an additional 5-credit ante, you can set this slot in Power Pay Mode and get two Roaming Wild symbols working for you.
Otherwise, you get a normal spin round with 1 Roaming Wild and Wild Lion only.
Additionally, 3, 4 or 5 scattered Double Happiness symbols start a 10, 15 or 25 free games round with the wild symbol.
With Power Pay, there are two Roaming Wilds as mentioned plus jackpots can multiply up to 10X during free spins.
If you want Double Happiness (who doesn’t), then bet all paylines, the 5 credit ante and wait for the ‘Power’ of 25,000 times the line bet top jackpot win.

4) Glitz:
Five reels, 60 paylines, gemstones and jewelry supply the ‘glitz’ for this slot.
There are plenty of ways to win as 3 of the 5 reels display four symbols while the first 2 reel symbols become wild symbols and multipliers during a freebie spin event.
There are 3 ways to enter the free spin bonus round—a) scatter pays displayed on third, fourth and fifth reels, you then select a bonus symbol that is held for extra credits.
b) matching symbols on reels 1 and 2 are then held during the free spins. c) if both ways are displayed, you select a bonus and the number of free spins is increased to 20.
This game ‘sparkles’ in a lot of winning ways.

Report for December 17

1) Bankroll Diamond Edition:
Anytime, there is a slot version that includes Double Diamond wild symbols, I will be there. Most slot players know that this symbol doubles any jackpot, however this paytable mixes in the usual bar, cherry and 7 symbols with a win of 1000 credits for five 7’s.
Additionally, jackpots are doubled with combinations of two, three or four wild symbols.
The bonus round begins when 3 Bankroll Double Diamonds appear and you press the flashing button to hear the music “Money, That’s What I Want”. At the end of the bonus event, the flashing arrow has stopped on either a credit amount or multiplier.
If a multiplier is selected, there is added movement to choose a bonus credit amount to determine your final reward, otherwise if the credit amount is selected, it will appear on your credit meter.
Five Double Diamonds grabs the top jackpot of 100,000 credits when playing max. coin.
If you have missed DD’s, here is your chance to get back in the game.

2) Arctic Diamonds:
This version’s theme will take you to the North Pole with the friendly penguins, polar bears and the rewarding wild green diamond.
For an extra bet, you qualify for Xtra Reward that changes all fifth reel symbols into wild diamond symbols.
Also, 3 or more coin symbols is the scatter pay that brings you 15 free spins which can be re-triggered during the freebie round.
The extra bet is advised here for a higher hit frequency and ‘sparkling’ rewards.

3) Deep Diamonds:
The free spin bonus round for this slot is determined by the color of the diamonds while the mermaid symbol is wild. The colors are blue, red, purple, green and yellow.  The free spins begin with any three or more scatter diamonds.
The free spin count is  Blue=5 spins at even money. Red=5 spins at triple jackpots. Purple=4 spins and 5X multiplier. Green=5 spins at double jackpots. Yellow=2 spins and 10X multiplier.
As usual, the free round can be re-triggered plus all diamonds hit during the bonus event are added at the end. With free spins and multipliers, your total can be an ‘ocean’ of credits.

4) Diamond Jackpots:
We begin with 4 familiar reelers: Triple Red Hot 7’s, Triple Double Stars, Double Times Pay and Super Times Pay that also provide 4 levels of progressive jackpots.
The fifth coin is considered a side bet that must be activated for the best top payout.
Three scattered bonus symbols starts the fourth bonus reel offering multipliers of 2X and 5X.
Line up 3 diamond jackpots symbols for one progressive win. Payout is determined by the color of the diamond as follows: white resets at $100, green at $500, blue at $2000 and red top jackpot at $40,000. Maximum coins in play here is the best route to ‘dazzling’ rewards.

Report for December 10
1) Wheel of Fortune Multi-Win:
This Wheel version appears to be a basic 3 reels, 15 paylines version of this popular slot, but look closer at the bonus event.
Three bonus symbols will start the Multi-Win bonus and the fourth reel will select the number of pointers awarded. The reel lands on one, two or three pointers that in turn light up around the wheel, You then spin the big wheel as usual, but in this case you collect credits for all active pointers—thus the multi-win.
Credits range from 40 to 1000 credits during the bonus, however, the wide area progressive reaches huge bucks with a Megajackpot that resets from $500,000. to $1.5 million.
Your spin for fortune just multiplied with this version.

2) eBay:

We know the eBay buying/selling experience online is big and this community player slot game also lives up to that description.
The stats are five machine banks and five 42-inch video screens that transform into huge reels for a free spin bonus event for all qualified participants
The two basic slots are Collectibles--a five reel, 25-line slot with a 250-coin max. to include poker symbols and other items typical to eBay.  Also, Fashions to include clothing and accessories and the MultiWay feature offering 243 possible winning combos.
The top jackpot for Collectibles is ‘collecting’ 5 eBay logos on a played line. On Fashions, the top prize is paid for the adjacent eBay logos with all reels bet.
The minimum bet of 50 cents/spin at the penny version qualifies for the bonus round including a side bet.
It is wise to bet as much as you can afford because those extra credits could return double and triple times at free spin jackpots.
The bonus round has the excitement of Super Bowl when the video monitors change to a giant five reel, three row slot. The 10 free spins reward all and a 5-symbol win is a huge WOW!
This is where community play excitement takes over for each of the giant reels go through 10 free spins with each player paid based on the line bet and multiplier beforehand.
Aside from the familiar brand of eBay, this slot offers the most fun a group of players can have on the casino floor.

3) Monopoly: Jackpot Station:
I am happy to report about another Monopoly version in two parts. One game is a progressive resetting at $100,000 and the other a basic game with a top prize of $10,000.
Line up 3 or more Community Chests and you view five treasure chests for your selection.
That choice displays a reel symbol at which time Mr. Monopoly replaces all Community Chest cards with that chosen symbol for a payout. If you chose a bonus symbol, you are on your way to the Jackpot Station Free Spin Bonus. Two dice roll to determine both the number of spaces you move around the monopoly board and the number of free spins.
Before the freebies even, you select a character to determine either a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 5X or 10X or a Wild Reel symbol that transforms all symbols on the first reel to wild symbols.
Welcome back to Mr. Monopoly and your ‘Station’ in life.

4) Game of Life: Gettin’ Paid:
This version of the Game of Life provides a progressive jackpot and features ‘add-ons’ that are miniature icons where when five are displayed anywhere, the Spin and Win Bonus event begins on the top screen. The result of the wheel spin is either added credits or the Paycheck Bonus.
For the Paycheck Bonus, the screen changes to display 9 paycheck cards, one of which is the
progressive jackpot win. You qualify for three picks and possibly more if you grab additional bonus symbols. This progressive jackpot can mean you are ‘gettin’ paid’ an extra $1000 or $2000.

Report for December 3
1) Imperial Rome:

You are taken back to ancient Rome where Caesar is wild, 3 Coliseum symbols trigger 15 free games that can be re-triggered plus there is a Wild Rain bonus round.
While in the freebies round, the Caesar wild symbol doubles the jackpot of any winning combination. Also, should the arrow symbol appear, you begin the Free Game Wild Bonus where your choice of one of 4 options will bring extra credits.
The Wild Rain bonus subs one symbol on each reel except the middle reel with a Caesar wild and re-assigns credits as a wild win rather than a standard win.
This re-assignment of credits from standard to winning wild occurs during the High to Wild bonus when each high poker symbol has a higher credit count.
Also, Wild Pays rewards 5 times the bet for each wild Caesar symbol on the screen.
Hail Caesar! takes on a new meaning when playing this game.
2) Tahiti Magic:
This Polynesian themed slot has a Reel Power mode that you will want to explore. The basics are that the Polynesian girl symbol is wild while the parrot symbol starts the free spin bonus.
Three or more parrot symbols on the reels rewards 15 free games and all wins are tripled.
The wild and bonus features are the same in either basic or Reel Power modes.
BUT, for an extra bet, this game transforms to Reel Power where all winning combos are now scatter pays resulting in 243 ways to gain credits. This extra bet at only 25 cents bumps up the overall return of the game by 3%.
So, the real ‘magic’ for this slot is the extra bet that makes Tahiti a ‘slot paradise’.

3) Norse Warrior:
Stunning graphics highlight the theme of the base game of a fabled warrior astride his horse. Free spin rounds begin when three, four or five scatter across the screen bring on 10, 15 or 25 free spins, respectively and all jackpots are doubled.
Watch for additional free games during this bonus round. For a low maximum bet of only 10-30 cents per spin on a penny machine, you can trigger all the paylines and be a slot warrior.

4) When In Rome:
Bringing slot players an empire of excitement, When in Rome combines a 5 reel Triple Stars with the crowd-drawing action of an interactive bonus game card, and 3x 5x and 10x multiplier awards. 
When three When in Rome bonus symbols land on any played payline, players enter the fun-filled bonus round.  The game card award board is then initiated and begins to randomly blink. 
Located on the game card are 14 different squares that contain credit awards and ball drop awards.  The player is prompted to press the flashing button, at which time the blinking stops and a single award square is displayed. 
Located in the top box are 11 balls with pay values (20-1000).
When one or more balls are revealed, the amounts are added to the game card awards and the total amount is awarded to the player. 

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