Slots Reviews Weekly: June

Slots Reviews Weekly reports slot versions for you to explore on your next land-based casino adventure. Each week, Gambling Teachers will publish 4 slot versions. These weekly reports are archived by month.
For each version, Slots Reviews Weekly presents the slot name,  description, theme and bonus features/event including scatter pays.

Report for June 24
1) Phoenix Gold: 
For ‘nudge’ slot fans, this 3-reel single payline slot is sure to please.
If the screen reveals a single, double or triple bar symbols with arrows above or below the payline, then you are in ‘for a nudge’ towards a win.
Additionally, there are multipliers that double or triple the jackpot plus two doubles=4X and two triples=9X. If you line up a Double and a Triple, you have entered 6X jackpot territory.
When a Phoenix Gold symbol arrives on the payline with max coin in play, the top box bonus event occurs with bundles of cash and arrows alit and a ‘Take Shot’ symbol. Either you receive a bonus amount or if the ‘Take Shot’ is lit, you get a second bonus until the round ends.
The two top jackpots consist of a single, double and triple symbol paying 2500 coins for max play or 3 triple symbols paying 4000 coins for max play.
This game will prove ‘golden’ to players with the many win combos offered up.

2) Green Acres: 
Re-visit the days ‘down on the farm’ with this familiar ’TV slot’ featuring Oliver and Lisa Douglas in Hooterville.
Look for 3 or more scattered haystack symbols to go to the Haystack Bonus. Choose one for extra credits.
Arnolds Wild is an event where Arnold the Pig symbols are displayed with numbers imprinted on them to relate the number of symbols determining your award.
Hotcake Bonus displays a scene at breakfast time to include familiar characters, Mr. Haney, Fred Ziffel and Eb, the farm hand. Select one of these characters as Lisa flips the hotcakes to arrive at your bonus amount.
The best news is that for a quarter, you can access all options this game provides including the progressive jackpot.
You will be ‘in the green’ playing this fun and exciting slot.

3) Passion Coast: 
There are 243 ‘Super Play’ combos waiting in the tropical setting before you by this graphically rich slot version.
You activate Super Play Mode with a minimum of 30 credits/line or a lesser amount of credits allows winners on certain activated paylines.
At the time 3, 4 or 5 parrots are scattered from left to right, a bonus amount is paid and thus begins either 10, 15 or 25 free games at which time the Rio is wild.
This wild symbol can pay out triple, 5X or 15X jackpots depending on which reel(s) it lands. Re-spins are possible if 3 or more parrots appear on the initial freebie spin.
With the Super Play Mode option, you can ‘coast’ and then accelerate quickly resulting in numerous credits.

4) Playboy Get Lucky Wheel: 

This QuarterMillion$ progressive entry is a 25 line video slot with a roulette style wheel. Your choices are pennies, nickels or quarters at 75 cents/spin.
When you line up five top symbols, the progressive jackpot resetting at $250,000 is yours. The basic game consists of 3 wild symbols marked 2X 3X and 5X and when these symbols appear on the screen the jackpot is multiplied 2, 3 or 5 respectively.
3 Get Lucky Wheels will start the bonus round accompanied by a number of back lit arrows determined by the number of initial credits bet. You are then prompted to stop the wheels for your payout. 3 arrows in the bonus trigger equals 3 bonus amounts totaled. Another QuarterMillion$ progressive is always welcome, so Get Lucky!

Report for June 17
1) Golden Bear:
This game not only offers familiar poker symbols, but wildlife graphics as well. 12 free spins are yours when three or more bonus symbols are scattered on the reels. Additionally, all wins during this freebie are doubled and the total number of wild symbols is increased for mounting credits.
It’s more than the Bear, that’s Golden with this slot in play.

2) Ancient Flame:
This version displays spots shaped as hexagons in a 5-reel window with a magical Inca theme.
When you connect three of the spots, you have hit a winning combination. Other rewards await for a wild symbol on all reels except the first and/or a scatter wild symbol.
When three or more bonus symbols are scattered on the reel, a free spin bonus round begins and all awards are doubled. With a variety of possible wins, this game can ‘heat up’.

3) Egyptian Prince:
As you enter the world of ancient Egypt, you are given the opportunity for two free spin rounds with this Konami version.
The appearance of 3, 4 or 5 scatter pays triggers an 8, 15 or 25 free spin round where winning combinations produce double the credits.
Additionally, 5 scarab icons take you to the Scarab Feature Spins that displays a set of reels designed for two spins.
The Prince can be very generous during this bonus round with a top payout of $4000. while playing the penny version.

4) Rawhide:
This Western themed slot accompanied by several Wild West symbols, also features a 2 level Mini and Major progressive.
Look for wild symbols appearing on the second, third fourth and fifth reels to begin a bonus round consisting of 10, 15 or 25 free spins that double your wins.
The random Mini progressive jackpot starts at $10 while the Major starts at $100. Step up pardner and enjoy the fun of the Wild West.

Report for June 10

1) Big Ben: 
London, Big Ben, double decker buses, tower guard and the royal crown fill the screen of this video slot available in 15, 20 and 25 line versions.
Find three or more scattered clocks and you receive 15, 20, or 25 free games along with multipliers. All wins are doubled during the free spin round.
Additionally, scattered clock symbols on reels 1 and 5; cranks up the second screen bonus even Big Ben. Listen for the Westminster Chimes for the bonus reward is based on the amount of chimes to a high of 12 that awards the progressive jackpot.
The sound, graphics and unique features make this a truly enjoyable slot to play. No winding required.

2) Johnny Vegas—Free Games: 
Johnny Vegas, the comic character is now established and upon his return, he brings a second screen bonus event, free spins and wild symbols.
The Johnny Vegas symbol is wild along with a “Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign scatter pay.
When the bonus symbols line up on reels 1, 3 or 5, the 10 free spin round begins.
During this round, Johnny Vegas is wild also thereby increasing not only the bonus round playing time but also credits amounts.
You can see just how popular Johnny is—all together now. “Go Johnny Go.”

3) Diamonds & Devils: 
This 5 reel, 25 line reel spinner can be converted to familiar versions of Blazing7’s, Black & White or Bonus 7’s. Look toward the diamonds and devils for progressive jackpot wins where 3, 4 or 5 diamonds pays the minor, middle and top jackpots respectively.
As devil symbols show up on the first, third and fifth reels, you are in for the  bonus feature where the 3 reels mentioned are help while the other 2 reels are re-pin up to 5 times. The bonus spins conclude with a random multiplier ranging from 1-10X totaling your final reward.
Exciting graphics and non-stop action creates a ‘sparkling’ adventure.

4) Village People Party: 
The characters-- a sailor, policeman, biker, cowboy, Indian and construction worker, disco music, dancing of course and a bonus round to include Pooper characters like Jackpot Party are all here packaged in an exciting slot experience.
Line up bonus symbols on the first, third and fifth reels, listen to familiar tunes like YMCA, In the Navy and Macho Man and view the six Village People and make your choice for 1X to 5X your total bet.
Or another bonus round displays a group of records to pick for a bonus multiplier while the unwanted Party Pooper ends the bonus.
If Pick a Macho Man is displayed, choose a second character for mounting future credits. Watch for additional 2X, 3X or 5X multipliers. Let’s hear it for YMCA, YMCA…

Report for June 3
1) All Star Poker: 
IGT, the king of Video Poker play, raises the bar with multi hand VP and a choice of 8 games.
VP players will find their favorites like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus or Jokers at one machine. 
Select your game from the vertical menu offering any or all of the versions: Triple Play Draw Poker, Five Play Draw Poker, Ten Play Draw Poker, Double Pay Poker, Five Aces Poker, Chase the Royal, Super Times Pay Poker, Trade Up Poker, Bonus Hand Triple Play Poker and 9-line Spin Poker. Decide your game, then triple, five or ten play. Use your best playing strategies for these versions and ‘do the VP dance’ as you change your choices at the same machine.

2) Double Draw Poker: 
This VP version offers 4 titles: Ace on the Deal, Royal Draw Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker and Double Draw Poker.
While the pay schedules appear to be lower payouts than usual, the player is offered two draws to get a 4-of-a-kind when initially dealt  3-of-a-kind or full house, he/she is given two draws to make a four of a kind.
For a better return, look for the 6/5 Bonus and 7/5 Double Bonus with 800-1 for Royal Versions.

3) Opponent Poker:
There are standards with this version, but also some delightful surprises.
The standards are a 5 credit bet per hand, pay schedules and available in familiar versions of Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus.
Additionally, your poker hand is viewed within a scene against two opponents. For an extra 5 credits, you select two opponents from six characters.
All three participants are dealt the same five cards each drawing from a different deck.
With the bonus side bet, the best hand takes the winnings of all three hands. In the case of a tie, you can either split the pot or continue to play as the pot grows.
You can opt for a split pot at any time, thereby taking a third portion, except in the case of a Royal Flush. If all three players hit the royal, the bonus pot is split three ways. While the technique of bluffing is not applicable here, players are certain to feel the excitement of poker with this game.

4) The Joker’s Wild: 
If you remember the TV game show of the same name, this five-reel game will be familiar to you.
Three different colored 7’s wins along with 2X and 3X wild symbols that double and triple your credits. If two 2X symbols land = 4X win and two 3X=9X win. A 2X and a 3X=6X win.
Three wild symbols on the center payline translate to the top jackpot of 1500 for mixed wilds, 2000 for three 2X while three 3X wins the Megajackpot that resets at $100,000.
Line up three bonus symbols to activate the bonus round and the top box feature.
Press the Spin button to collect your credits until the Devil symbol ends the round.
Additional credits are received for Three Jokers on the top box in what can only be described as ‘a Devil’ of an entertaining game.

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