Slots Reviews Weekly: May

Slots Reviews Weekly reports slot versions for you to explore on your next land-based casino adventure. Each week, Gambling Teachers will publish 4 slot versions. These weekly reports are archived by month.
For each version, Slots Reviews Weekly presents the slot name,  description, theme and bonus features/event including scatter pays.

Report for May 27
1) Corrida de Toros: 

The theme for this slot is found with the cap, matador and bull symbols.
The cape is a multiplying wild symbol subbing for any other symbol in a winning combo while the matador or bull offers the Match and Multiply feature. When you touch the symbol and two matching multipliers appear, the win is multiplier by 2, 3 or 5. Three or more rose symbols gets you 10 free games where you select either the matador or bull. If your selection is displayed most often, all wins are multiplied by 5X, 10X, 50X or 100X.
Wagering on this 25 line video slot can be as high as 20 credits/line equaling a max bet of 500 coins. The penny version usually resets at $200 for the Major prize and $20 for the Minor prize.
Additionally, the primary Corrida de Toros featured progressive can be awarded at random during any spin. The program picks one of five possible Bull Ladders while the player chooses their symbol.
The correct choice moves the player up one rung of the ladder for the next round. If the player makes up to nine correct choices, the progressive jackpot is theirs. Three incorrect choices end the quest.
With the multitude of features and many ways to win, ‘riding the bull and playing matador’ just got a lot more exciting.

2) Hee Haw:
Your hosts Buck Owens and Roy Clark are here for this slot version based on the popular TV Show Hee Haw. We begin by counting corn symbols of 1, 2 or 3 ears of corn.
Five ears of corn on a payline begin the progressive resetting at $10. Six ears=$50; Seven ears=$100; Eight ears=$1000 and Nine ears consisting of a triple, two doubles and two singles hits the top jackpot that resets at $2500. with max coin in play. You must bet max. coin.
Free Game spins enter the picture when that symbol is scattered on the first, third and fifth reels.
The top box provides players with a range of risk selection for Free Games and Multipliers from 1X=30 free spins up to 10X=3 free spins.
The Hee Haw characters will cheer you on where the last laugh is Hee, hee, hee, from you.

3) Three Witches: 
This slot mixes wizards and witches in that the wizard is wild and the three witches will start the bonus round when appearing on the first, third and fifth reels. This bonus round offers 10 free games and at this time, both witches and wizards are wild. This results in a high hit total and the chance for additional free spins within the bonus round.
Thus, this slot not only brings three witches but offers three opportunities for slot players; high credits, a longer playing time and high hit frequency even without playing maximum coin.
So, sit a spell and enjoy these benefits.

4) Red Hottie:
Beginning with the basics, you are playing a Triple Red Hot 7’s where playing a second coin activates the 3X wild symbol and the jackpot is tripled. 3 coins can bring you a top jackpot of 3,000 coins.
Additionally, you can bet 10 credits a spin activating the 4th reel containing dice symbols and bypassing the primary game.
A 4 on the dice repeats the roll, 5 pays a mystery bonus and 6 triggers the Red Hottie Bonus. 1, 2 or 3 on the dice and the game is over.
Red Hottie Bonus raises your credit amount by 5 to 1000 credits and now it’s decision time. You can wave the initial bonus and look at three more offers before a final acceptance.
This slot allows the player 2 choices—stay with the base game or add to your bet and find out how ‘red hot’ the action can be.

Report for May 20
1) Jackpot Deluxe: 
The slot versions of Dolphin Treasure, Flame of Olympus and Geisha are merged into one game, however, each game features distinctive free spins and/or wild symbols. This slot requires that you bet all paylines plus a 5-credit ante bet.
The exciting difference is the possibility of winning 2, 3, or 4 progressive jackpots at once.
During the bonus round and when a wild symbol for one of the base games appears, you receive either credits ranging from 50-500 or a jackpot symbol.
Further, the free spins continue until an additional screen with wilds is displayed. Collect all three matching jackpot symbols for a big progressive hit. This slot is a ‘wild and crazy spin’ of delight.

2) Miami Vice--True Identity
Those ‘wild’ Detectives, Crockett and Tubbs of the TV show Miami Vice will multiply your winning combinations.
You will also want to build the scattered letter symbols to spell MIAMI. Two letters will pay and 3 or 4 letters will begin the True Identity Bonus round, but the top progressive jackpot is yours with all five letters.
True Identity gives you a choice of a group of dishonest characters in a police line-up and your mission is to find the undercover police officer.
Choose the right one and at the second level, five suitcases await your selection and bonus. Take my adVICE and head for this slot.

3) Golden Chariots: 
The unique feature and added excitement of this game is the Hot Hot Super Jackpot Respin. This feature is triggered, first by a side bet, and then when 3 or more scatter pay bonus symbols appear, you receive 15 free games. Now with the Hot Hot Respin in play, any time two of the bonus symbols land, the initial jackpots are paid and the bonus reels are frozen while the remaining reels respin once for another try at triggering the bonus.
If the bonus round is triggered this way, all jackpots on free spins are tripled. During these respins, any win in which the Double Wild symbol appears is multiplied by six.
There is plenty of action at the 20-line version of this slot plus a 40% hit frequency rate resulting in a hit nearly every second spin.
You know this slot is ‘on fire’ when you watch the animated flame during the Hot Hot Super Jackpot Respin sequence.

4) Pharaoh’s Gold: 
Another ‘golden’ slot from IGT, this game’s three right hand symbols in the middle row are always active. Each five coins bet activates one vertical row, therefore a 25 max bet allows the players a possible win 243 ways.
Of course, a max bet increases the numbers of ways you can win, however a quarter/spin will keep you in the game. Bonus features include free spins and wild symbols=mounting credits.
Three or more Pharaoh’s Gold symbols will set you up with free spins and possible re-spins. This penny slot will accept a $12.50 max bet/pull for a big strike of $1250. while scatter pays result in a 100X payoff.
I suggest you start slow and increase your wager heading towards ‘the big gold strike’.

Report for May 13
1) Soul Train Mystery Progressive:
Don Cornelius is back with the familiar dance show Soul Train—this time with a 9 level MegaJackpots link. While max coins are not required, the larger bets will increase your chances of setting off the Mystery Bonus because of 9 potential progressive jackpots. The other highlight for this multi-jackpot progressive is the possibility of winning 2 out of 9 jackpots each time you enter the bonus round.
While this exciting slot offers cool soul sounds, remember--the number 9, number 9, number 9.
2) Super Sphinx:

Another Sphinx version is here—Super Sphinx boasting 25 paylines and two playing options.
A) Play from 1-21 paylines and all wins are left to right except scatter and bonus wins.
B) Play the max 25 lines and you are now in Super Play mode where all scatter combos pay.
Toss in the Tutankhamen symbol pays on the second and fourth reels and you are in ‘high hit’ territory. Free spins are activated by scarab symbols landing left to right in this order:  3=10 freebies, 4= 15 free spins and 5=20 free spins. Should the scarab show up, another 10-20 spins are added to this round.
Should Tutankhamen show up during the free game round on reel 2=double jackpot, reel 4 and the jackpot is X5 while both reel 2 and 4, the jackpot is X15.
As you can see, the mighty sphinx lives up to its ‘Super’ name.
3) Prophecy: 
If you are going to have a theme slot based on prophecy, then you must include a likeness of Nostradamus. The bonus round is triggered by the scatter pay book symbol leading to a second screen featuring five prophecies. Upon selection, you are awarded up to 140 credits based on the initial bet and the 15 free spin round begins. During these free spins, the crystal ball symbol is wild and multiplies any wins by 2, 3 or 5 and there is the possibility of 15 additional free spins during this sequence. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict a winning slot with this version.  

4) World Series of Poker: Final Table:
This entry into the world of Video Poker has a side bet that sits you down at the World Series of Poker. The main event consists of any of six VP versions--Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild plus 3 different quad Bonus Poker. The variety of VP is a mix of low to full pay. The unique twist is a bonus bet (10-200 coins by denomination) for a possible seat at the World Series of Poker Final Table.
The deal consists of a two-card bonus hand along with the regular five-card hand. If an ace is included in the two-card hand, any win for the five-card hand is multiplied by three. If the bonus hand is a pair of Aces, the five-card win is multiplied by nine.
Any of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces in the bonus hand triggers the Final Table Bonus. This bonus hand then becomes a pocket pair as your first hand in a Texas Hold ‘em tournament vs. up to nine players. After each win, you move on until a loss or you beat all nine players at which time, your credits are totaled and paid based on your performance among all 10 players.
This is your chance to stand up, sit down and be a Poker Star!

Report for May 6
1) The Big Game Show Bonus Slotto:
This is a slot machine with a lottery-style bonus Slotto game that has earned its top spot as one of the company’s most popular product launches. 
Big Game Show offers a slot experience coupled with a game board event and a lottery bonus ball event, resulting in a different activity for players with each event and increased excitement overall.
As a themed lottery-style bonus game, The Big Game Show Bonus slot simulates a television game show, enhanced with a lottery sphere bonus event.  Once a player engages the game and initiates the bonus event, he or she experiences a simulated skill-stop feature that allows that player to control the start of the bonus. The patented Slotto feature then drops down the winning symbol on a lottery ball. This slot meets the claim of a really big show”. 
2) The Beverly Hillbillies: Cash for Crude.
The popular Cash for Crude—Beverly Hillbillies 25-line slot features the expected oil derrick wild symbol.
The familiar cast of the show entertains while covering each line for at least 30 credits will put you in the running for the bonus round.
The Cash for Crude symbols on the three middle reels activate the bonus. While the 30 credits mentioned will allow you to play this round, the more credits played will offer higher rewards.
The next step with the bonus is to choose map areas to determine the number of times the oil derrick will pump for crude resulting in mounting credits. Should you exceed a certain amount of credits, a new bonus round is set into action.
Secondly, there are other wild symbols and scatter pays to raise your credits along with the big payoff reserved for five Cash for Crude symbols.
Bubblin’ Crude” is the name of this game brought to you by the Clampetts.
3) Five Dragons:
Dragons are not only the theme here, but they are the primary wild symbols.
Three or more coin symbols scattered from left to right on adjacent reels will trigger a second screen bonus event revealing five dragons and a decision based on risk awaits the player as follows:
20 free spins with the white dragon and multiplier of 2X, 3X or 5X.
15 free spins with the red dragon wild and multiplier of 3X, 5X or 8X.
10 free spins with black dragon wild and multiplier of 5X, 8X or 10X.
8 free spins with blue dragon wild and multiplier of 8X, 10X or 15X; or
5 free spins with yellow dragon wild and multiplier of 10X, 15X or 30X. As with most Aristocrat games, free spin features can result in re-spins at the end of the original bonus round.
Here’s a slot game that you should ‘drag on’ over to play.
4) Money Money: 
It’s all about the Money and the Multiplier Symbols— Double Money, Triple Money, Fives Times Money and Ten Times Money that increase the poker symbols by 2X to 10X. Toss in the Wild Money and Hot Cash icons for the top jackpot.
The math is as follows: a bonus symbol with a 2X and a 3X symbol pays 6X the winning jackpot. A 3X and a 5X pays 15X the jackpot.
Line up the King symbol with wild symbols of 2X, 3X, 5X and 10X pays 300X. The big strike is for 5 Hot Cash symbols on an active line pays 100,000 coins X the line bet.
For your final math example, at max coin, that’s 5 million credits =$50,000. Money, Money indeed!

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