Live Poker Games vs. Online Poker

by Gayle Mitchell
Part 1

This live poker games vs. online poker discussion at Gambling Teachers is sure to elicit firm opinions on both sides.
However, there is agreement that plenty of poker players share a passion for both modes of play.
Poker versions played, features, accessibility and even the part of the world that certain poker players reside could determine preferred play.
At Gambling Teachers, our position is to provide features and details for both types of play and let poker players pick. Say that three times!

Live Poker Games
There is no debate that live poker was the original method of play and has a long, colorful history. While younger players may not be aware of this history, they can certainly share the adrenalin rush, heart thumping and entertaining thrill that playing poker games live brings to the table.
Poker players enjoy the easy comfort of live poker rooms where there is a satisfying feeling of familiar faces and relaxed rules creating less stress but adding more entertainment.

There appears to be more respect for players who play in a live poker room than those who play online. There is the criticism that most online players use books and internet data to enhance their game. While in live poker rooms, or so the debate goes, players display their skills by taking on the game face-to-face with other players, no books and no extras.

Moreover, some observers have noted that live poker rooms have a larger number of older people. Perhaps, these live poker players do not have the desire or knowledge to explore online casino poker rooms. Statistics reveal that the lowest number of computer owners and users are in the 70+ age group.
Alternatively, their reasons for the choice of live poker games could simply be that they enjoy the fun of a relaxed, familiar atmosphere while chatting with their friends. Winning and losing a little while ready for the challenge is the way to go for these poker players.

Speaking of the challenge, live players are of the opinion that with online poker games, players do not make game play errors when compared to their group. Online players have the opportunity and analysis available to assist them in playing the games well without their opponents' knowledge.
Alternatively, during live poker games, these errors are costly to the player committing the error however can be ever so profitable to his/her opponents.

Face-to-face interaction is the principal reason why playing live poker games is better than online poker. Players can watch their opponents' reactions, strategies, quirks, how they behave and manage their poker bankroll. An observant player can then detect and play accordingly that in turn will serve him/her well and profitably in the long run.
A winning edge is yours if you take advantage of these observations.
It is well recognized that playing online poker will not enable you to see the other players and observe their actions. You are supplied with their name and bankroll amount only.
It is quite possible that you will not even notice when one player leaves and another joins the table.

Socializing at live poker games takes on a different meaning than socializing online. Live play translates into Poker Theater involving different players, friends and foes who are acting out their parts in real time entertainment. The plot can be happy and satisfying or take a twist with tirades, rants and downright 'poker madness' when losing takes its toll.
This roller coaster adventure in real time action is the 'name of the game' and for many live players, it is the only game in town.

Of course, these poker players experience their own type of poker play action inside.
It ranges from winning elation to a heart-stopping wait for results in between and all the way down to the huge thud that comes with a loss.  Most live poker players will state that these emotions don't even compute on the live vs. online meter.

Mix in multi-colored chips, bright lights, mile-high chip stacks (in some cases) and groups of players sitting at tables with a variety of poker faces. This ensemble cast provides an entertaining scene that merges money, luck and skills in the challenge.
It can be said that there aren't enough color-rich graphics to match this scene online.
Stayed tuned for the other side of the debate with an online poker comparison next.

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Bicycle Wheel: refers to the card hand of  A2345.
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