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In this lesson, we explore the exciting game of holdem online speed poker. 
Just about every poker player in the world has a playing style that’s all their own. Some players will take their time, to the point of frustration for the other players while others will take only a few moments to make their play.
Perhaps those that take their time do so in an attempt to throw the others off their game.
Even if the move they end up making is simply to throw the hand away and fold like maybe the 7-2 off suit.

Despite the fact that many card players have made their peace with such players, the new breed of players that are out there who have been birthed at holdem online struggle to adapt to the slower pace of the game. Perhaps this is because they are unaccustomed to the pace of playing face to face.
It can certainly be frustrating playing at a real table where hands can and do creep along at a speed no faster than a snail’s pace once you have become accustomed to playing speeds of 60 hands or more an hour at the virtual tables.
This is the point at which holdem online speed poker comes in.

Holdem online speed poker is arguably one of the most entertaining versions of Texas Holdem poker to evolve in years. Speed poker takes the fast-paced, some would call it suicidal, action that is found online and drops it right into the traditional poker setting.
The long pauses are history. There is no more frustration.
In return, you get an adrenaline rush that is virtually non-stop.

Add to that the pressure of potentially tournament making-or breaking- decisions in about 15 seconds time.
Those who do fail to make their decision within the allowed time frame will have their hands automatically checked if there was no action prior to that or it will be declared dead when faced with the bet of the opponent. It’s an environment that requires absolute readiness for every single hand of the game! Holdem online speed poker is not a game for the faint of heart!
Besides the significantly reduced time frame, you will find that holdem online speed poker also has several deviations from the typical Texas Holdem fare.

Let’s look at an example:
With Holdem online, only 6 players will be seated while there will be 2 dealers that work together managing the game.
Additionally, each poker hand will start out at pot limit but will then shift to no limit betting after the flop.
The theory being that such a structure in the game will allow players to see more flops and to make plays they may not have otherwise been able to make in a strict no limit setting.

Despite the fact that holdem online speed poker has a growing following and is being offered even more frequently during major tournaments, the absolute best place to test your proficiency in speed poker is by playing in the Aussie Millions.
This is a major tournament series that is held every year in Melbourne, Australia.
Players from all over the world compete for a $100,000 first prize in the Aussie Millions’ Speed Poker tournament that is one of the hottest tickets at the event.
This event is played as a regular multi-table tournament until the playing field drops to 36 poker players. It is designed in such a manner that the average chip count for players won’t fall to anything less than 30 times the big blind.
This way, players are never short stacked which reduces pressure created by the costly blinds.
The theory here is for players to play their way out of the tournament instead of being blinded out of the game.
After the playing field has reached the 36 players in question, the tournament will move into the semi-final round of play.
These semi-finals are basically a shootout where the top 6 chip leaders will be assigned to 6 different tables, followed by the next 6 and so forth. It continues until all 36 have been assigned their seat.
From there then the winner of the six shootouts will go on to the final round to compete for the big payout.

There are indeed some so-called poker traditionalists who balk at the idea of speed poker. They say that there is a heavier reliance on the luck factor and a diminished psychological element. Still others find that the fast pace and the unforgiving clock to be a greater challenge in the game.
Holdem online speed poker condenses the pressure of the game all the way down to the core and requires that players examine their cards, read their opponents, make decisions and take action in a fraction of the time it takes in standard play.
While there may indeed be more hands that require luck to a certain extent, there are equally laudable skills required in the game and those are the ability to think quickly among others.

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