Omaha Quiz

by Bill Burton

This Omaha Quiz will test your knowledge about strategies and the lingo of this exciting poker game, a lesson at How to Play Poker.
Are you ready for the Highs and Lows of this Omaha Quiz?

1) A player is dealt 4 cards for a starting hand.
Five community cars are dealt face up on the board. To determine the winner the player uses: 
A.  His 4 starting cards and 1 board card.
B.  Any combination of the 4 starting cards and 5 board cards.
C.  Must use 2 of their starting cards and 3 of the board cards.
2) With Omaha Poker, you have four starting cards which means you should play
A.  Twice as many hands as you do with Texas Hold’em
B.   Less hands than you would in Hold’em
C.  The same amount of hands as you play in Hold’em
3) Omaha Hi/Lo split is a split pot game. The high hand splits the pot if there is a qualifying low hand. The game is also called Omaha 8 because in order for there to be a low hand there must be:
A.    3 community cards that are lower than 8.
B.    3 community cards that are 8 or lower.
C.    3 community cards that are 7 or lower.
4) Getting counterfeited in Omaha is when a community card duplicates one of the low cards in your hand, making it unable to be used for the low hand. If you hold Ace – Deuce in your hand you will be counterfeited:
A.   half the time.
B.   quarter of the time.
C.   third of the time.
5)  The best starting hand in an Omaha 8 poker game  is:
A.   A2s- A3s (Suited Ace-2 with a different suited Ace-3)
B.   AA – KK
C.   6-7-8-9 double suited

6) Omaha Quiz Question: You have the nut straight after the flop. The board has 3 suited cards and a player bets. You should:
A.   Fold
B.   Raise to force other players out.
C.   Call to the river.
7) You have a draw to the nut high hand.  There are 3 low cards on the board. You should:
A.   Raise to make the pot bigger
B.   Bet if you are first to act or call if a player bets.
C.   Fold
8) If you make a low hand and tie with another player you will get:
A.   A third of the pot.
B.   A quarter of the pot.
C.   An eighth of the pot.
9) You start with 4 different low cards.  What is the percentage for making a low hand. omaha quiz at gambling teachers
A.   55%
B.   49%
C.   26%
10) Omaha Quiz Question: Scooping in Omaha poker means to:
A.   Win three hands in a row.
B.   Win the high hand.
C.   Win the whole pot.
How do you think you did with this Omaha Quiz? Let's take a look.
Omaha Quiz Answers:

1) C. In Omaha, you must use two and only two of your starting cards along with 3 community cards on the board.
2) B. The more cards you are dealt, the more selective you need to be with your starting hand requirements. It is important that all of your cards are coordinated and work together so they have a chance of improving on the flop.
3) B. To qualify for a low hand a player needs a hand of 5 cards that are 8 or lower. The worst low hand is 8 7 6 5 4. The best low hand is 5 4 3 2 A. (also called a wheel).
4) C. With only Ace –deuce as your low cards one or both of them will be counterfeited one third of the time. This is one of the reasons why is it unwise to automatically raise with A-2 if you hold no other low cards in you hand.
5) A. Double suited A-2 A-3 is one of the best starting hands for Omaha 8. You have a big pair toward the high and plus two different chances for the nut flush. You also have an excellent possibility for the nut low with counterfeit protection.
Pocket Aces and Kings in Omaha are overrated and will not win the pot without improvement. 6-7-8-9 looks better than it is.
If you make a straight, you will probably get beaten by a higher straight.
6) A. You should fold. With 3 suited cards on the board, you can be pretty sure that you are up against a flush. Don’t waste money with the straight. Omaha Quiz answers 7 - 10 follow.
7) C. Fold. If there are 3 low cards on the board, you are drawing to half a pot. It is not profitable to continue with a drawing hand.
8) B. If you tie with one player for low, you will get a quarter of the pot. You have to split low half of the pot with the other player. It is known as getting quartered and it will cost you money. If three players tie for low, you will only get a 1/16 of the pot.
9) B. Before the flop, your odds of making a low hand is 49%. If the flop contains 2 low cards your odds improve to 70% but if the flop has only 1 low card, the odds fall to 24%.
10) C. Scooping the pot means to win the whole pot. Novice players are intent on winning half the pot but that is not the goal if you want to make money.
For example, if 5 players put  $80 into the pot,  there is $400. If you split the pot, you will get $200 minus your $80 for a profit of $120. If you scoop the pot you get $400 minus your $80 for a profit of $320. This should be your ultimate goal when playing Omaha high-low.

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Holdem vs  Omaha
In Hold’em you can use any five-card combination to make your best hand. You can use either one or both of your starting cards with any combination of the board cards.
This is not the case when playing Omaha.

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