Texas Holdem Quiz 2: Advanced

by Bill Burton

Test your knowledge with our Texas Holdem Quiz at the How to Play Poker program.
Limit Texas Holdem poker has fixed betting limits. While No Limit Texas Holdem is a good format for tournaments, the majority of cash games are limit games.
This Advanced Holdem Quiz has 10 Questions.
1) Choosing to play a starting hand in Texas Holdem is the most important decision you will make. The most important factor to consider when making the decision is:
A.Your two starting cards only.
B. Your position.
C. If you can bluff your opponents.
2) Your starting hand consists of two suited cards. How often will you make a flush?
A. 20% of the time.
B. 15% of the time.
C.   5% of the time.
3)  The relationship between the money in the pot and the size of a bet you must call is known as:
A. Reverse odds
B. Pot Odds
C. Implied odds.
4)  You have 10h 10c in late position.
An early position player raises and another player calls. You call and the Big Blind does as well. The Flop is Ah – Qc – 7 d. The original raiser bets. You should:
A. Fold.
B. Call.
C. Raise.
5) Slow playing is checking or calling with a strong hand instead of betting or raising during one round to win more money during later betting rounds. You should slow play when:
A. There are many players active in the hand.
B. The pot is big.
C. You have the nuts.
Holdem Quiz Questions 6- 10
 6) You have 4c – 4h in late position. An early position player raises and a middle position player re-raises. You should:
A. Re-raise.
B. Fold.
C. Call.
7) You limp (just call the big blind) into the pot with Qh-10h. Another player calls and the big blind checks. The flop is 10c – 8c – 3d. This gives you top pair. The big blind checks and you bet. The other player raises and the big blind re-raises. You should:
A. Re-raise.
B. Call.
C. Fold.
8) Two players limp in and you are on the button (last to act before the blinds) call with Ac – 6c. The small blind folds and the big blind checks. There are four players in the hand and the flop is: As – 10d – 6s. The big blind bets and the early player calls the next player raises. You should: holdem poker quiz at gambling teachers
A. Re-raise.
B. Call
C. Fold.
9) You hold 3c – 3d in the small blind.  Three other players call.  You call and the big blind checks.
The flop is Qd – 7h – 3s. You are fist to act.
You should:
A. Check and raise if there is a bet.
B. Bet
C. Check and call if there is a bet.
10) The size of your bankroll will determine the limits that you can play without going broke. A good rule of thumb is to have a bankroll equal to:
A. 50 times the amount of the big blind.
B. 350 times the big blind.
C. 100 times the big blind.
How did you do with the Advanced Holdem Quiz?
Check here for answers to Holdem Quiz:

1) B. Holdem is a positional game. Not all hands are playable from every position. You need a much stronger hand to play from early position than you do from late position. If you play a weak hand in early position you may be raised or re-raised by the players acting after you.
2) C. When you start suited you will only make a flush about 5 percent of the time. The biggest mistake made by many novice players is playing any suited cards from any position.
3) B. Pot odds are the relationship between the current bet and the current size of the pot. If the pot had $20 and the bet is $5 you are getting 4 to 1 pot odds. If you were drawing to an inside straight with one card to come, the odds of making the hand is 10.5 to 1. If you were only getting 4 to 1 in pot odds you are not getting correct odds to make the call.
4) A. Fold. There are three other players and there are over cards (cards higher than your 10) on the board. Your tens are beat and you won’t be getting the correct odds to call the bet.
5) C. You should only slow play when you have the nuts (best hand that can’t be beaten) or near nut hand. You don’t want to give a player a free card by checking when they might draw a card that can beat you. You want to win big pots so if the pot is already big go for it and bet your hand.  Holdem Quiz answers 6 - 8 follow.
Holdem Quiz Answers 6- 10
6) B. Fold your small pair. Players in limit games tend to over value small pairs because they see them as a coin flip during the televised No Limit tournaments. When you have a small pair the odds of flopping a set are 7.5 to 1 against you. You are not getting the correct odds to cold call a raise and re-raise.
7) C. Fold. Even if the original raiser had two clubs and was on a flush draw, the big blind check-raised which could mean a set (3 of kind) or a pair higher that your tens. You don’t have enough outs to call a double raise with this hand.
8) A. Raise. There is a chance that one of the other players might have a single ace with a small kicker. Re-raising may get the big blind or other caller to fold. You have two pair but there are two spades on the board. If a third spade comes on the turn you can call the bet.  If a spade doesn’t come you should re-raise if there is a bet on the turn.  Holdem Quiz answers 9 and 10 follow.
9) B. You should bet. You don’t want to play a small set. Since there is only one high card on the board the chances of the other players checking is greater. You can get more money in the pot by betting as players with overcards may call to see the turn.
10) B. In Texas Holdem a good player will earn the amount of 1-2 big blinds an hour. With a bank roll of 350 times the amount of the big blind a good player can be fairly sure of not going broke. A bad player on the other hand could have an unlimited bankroll and still go broke.
This does not mean you bring your whole bankroll with you to play. You session bankroll will be much smaller but you must play within your means and more importantly within your skill level.

To conclude this Holdem Quiz, some words to play by:
You don’t have to be the best player in the world to win at poker. You just need to be better than your opponents.

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Blind (Small blind/big blind): Forced bets that take the place of an ante. The person to the left of the dealer pays the small blind and the person after pays the big blind.
Board Cards: Cards in the middle of the table that are shared by all players.

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