Keno Game of Numbers

This Learn Bingo Keno Games lesson is about the keno game of numbers, odds, house edge and history.
Keno is an out and out gambling game where you wager money on the outcome of an event that you cannot manipulate, predict or even otherwise effect in anyway.
Much like a lottery, keno requires no skill, but simply your method of selecting numbers.

It should not come as a surprise that keno originated in the walled country of China. Apparently, the game was so popular in China about 2000 years ago that the winners were considered nothing less than legends. There are other legends equally amusing but rather preposterous that have sprung up around the game, chief amongst which is the myth that winnings from the game helped raise funds for building the Great Wall of China! The game was introduced to the West in the early 20th century with the immigration of the Chinese to the western world.

Keno Game Rules
A typical game set-up consists of a huge glass bubble that contains 80 numbered balls starting from one. The balls are shuffled, or mixed in this case by blowing air through the glass enclosure.
On pressing a button, 20 balls are lifted up into a vertical aperture called the rabbit ear and passed out. Players bet on the outcome of the event or the numbers of the balls that would turn up. It is an automated system and no skills whatsoever are required to predict the outcome. It is gambling at its relaxing best!
Keno game odds and house edge are calculated based on the type of bet. The house edge differs from casino to casino and ranges from as low as 4% to as high as 66%! The higher the matches with the numbers predicted by the players, the higher the payout.
Wagering is done using tickets. One has to mark or check boxes against the numbers one thinks would turn up.

Since the house edge is high, the payouts are great. Even a zero callout from the 20 numbers can sometimes fetch some returns.
A funny thing about the odds here is getting all the 20 numbers right. The odds of this happening are so great, it was estimated that if the entire population on planet earth played keno non-stop, there would only be one person to hit the bulls eye. No wonder the payouts are so grand.

Keno Game Odds and House Edge

The odds and house edge for a 20-ball draw are calculated as shown in the table below.


Odds in %





































The ball draw is influenced by the blower, the blowing system, the number generating randomizer and the glass bubble.
Since the entire game is digitized, the results can even be watched from the comfort of one’s room via VC and internet or live podcast unlike in ancient China where pigeons were employed to do the same.

Keno - Types of Bets 
Straight Ticket: A player can mark one, two, or more numbers on a ticket.
Split Ticket: A player can bet on two or more groups of numbers on a single ticket by circling the groups to be played.   
Way Ticket: Combining several groups of numbers on the same ticket.
Combination Ticket: The player selects two or more groups of numbers and indicates how the groups are to be combined to form many tickets within one ticket.
King Ticket: One number is selected to be used with all the other groups that have been indicated. 
Multi Race Ticket: This is a ticket that indicates that it will be played for two or more sessions in a row.

Keno Game Strategies
Many players develop their own keno game numbers system wherein specific numbers groups are playing consistently.
Keno Tips: Don’t select more than eight numbers on a straight ticket.
Bet way tickets rather than straight tickets.
The average return on a properly calculated Keno bet is purported to be 62 cents for every cent wagered. This based on the math involved in calculating the odds.
Keno can also be played at various casinos online and is quite a big hit with people as there are beginners’ bonuses and usually free play. The best online Keno casinos can be judged by the Keno variants they offer, the house edge, and the general ambience of the site.
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Tips, Terms & Wins

This 51 year old man from Maryland has won in the past, but his most recent win of $200,000 is his largest Keno win to date.
The real estate professional and the father-of-eight played $20 on a 7-spot Keno game with the Super Bonus, making it a $60 ticket. The Super Bonus multiplier landed on 4 times, multiplying his $50,000 win to equal $200,000.  

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