Bingo History, Trivia and a Story

by Gayle Mitchell

Like many of the casino games today, bingo history can be traced back to Europe, as taught at Learn Bingo Keno Games program.
Italy, specifically, has recorded bingo history in the 1500’s.The French contribution was a deck of cards in the late 1700’s and the name lotto.
The British have the military bestowing the name house or housy-housy on this form of gambling in the 19th century.
At about the same time, a form of the game called kino or keno was making its way into the American culture.
The Great Depression saw a surge in the game or 'screeno' as it was known when played in movie houses. 
Moviegoers received cards for the price of admission vying for cash prizes.
Of course, keno has evolved today as a popular casino game and is played much the same.
Other variations of the American game are fortune, lucky, radio and beano.
Beano appeared destined to be the name that stuck, but in 1929, a salesman from New York observed the game at a local carnival.
While playing with his friends, a slip of the tongue from a startled winner resulted in the name BINGO and the rest is bingo history.

More Trivia and Bingo History
Bing Crosby was known as Bingo as a child.
Most players also like to play slot machines.
The majority of players have a pet, mostly cats.

A Bingo Story:
One of my experiences many years ago had not been rewarding.
Girls Night Out included 5 friends, all of whom were much more experienced with this game than the only amateur, yours truly.
My past experience had been with my harried mother who was trying to keep four children occupied by playing bingo for candies; therefore, I had seen a card before, and figured I was qualified for the big time.
The huge bingo hall was exciting. There were masses of people and winning prospects in the air.
First game, I am ready with my two little cards, chips in the air ready to cover those numbers. It was just a matter of time, I figured.
After approximately 20 numbers were called, what a thrill, you heard the loudest BINGO! I could muster.  
Friends were awe-struck at this amazing beginner’s luck; they sat stunned as the verifier approached.   
I had ONE LINE filled, a WINNER, so I thought, until I was quietly told that you must FILL your card to win.  Can you see my red face from there?  
Two friends were mortified because they expected to return to this same hall soon. The others laughed until tears rolled.  
“You see,” I tried to explain,” when I played with my brother and sisters, one line was a winner.”
I thought about blaming my mother, but that isn’t fair, obviously she was trying to make sure that the games were short, and hopefully each of us won at least once.
My mother’s sense of fairness has always been one of her biggest assets.
Even after this experience placed me in bingo history with my friends, I have returned to this game often.

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