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Winners Slots Reviews: August 26
1) Sevens=Millionaire
Rhea Shaw of Commerce City, CO has a story to tell about her huge strike of $3,683,932. at the Casino Royal Casino, Las Vegas. “My husband and I were playing some progressive poker machines and we weren’t having any luck,” Shaw began. “I then cashed out $58.75, took the money and started playing Millionaire Sevens. I only made one bet and suddenly the reels just started spinning without stopping. When I pressed the ‘Spin’ button again, everything lit up and I won!”
Rhea and her husband, Steve were visiting Vegas after a death in the family.
“We really needed a break and it’s good to have something positive happen.” Plans for the future including paying off their mortgage, retiring and helping their son. “He’s still a bachelor, so maybe this will increase his odds,” smiled Shaw.

2) $5 Is All You Need
Barbara Trujillo, 56, had bet just $5 playing a Wheel of Fortune slot at Gold Rush Hotel & Casino in Colorado. “At first I didn’t know what happened, but when I realized when I won the jackpot I got really excited,” stated a shocked Trujillo. The Megajackpot hit for a golden $421,472. The retired local has no set plans.

3) Winning With Comps
Gilbert Biancucci, a retiree from Rochester, NY started his slots play with a $20 comp from Seneca Niagara Casino in NY. Gilbert and his wife both play Wheel of Fortune slots and after winning $217,771, his story continues. “I played the slot next to the winning machine, lost $3.50 and switched machines. I never went into my own money; I hit the jackpot on the third spin.” The fast-as-lightening winner concludes with “I won within the first 8 minutes of arriving at the casino.”

4) Slingo Mystery Bonus:
once again, slots and bingo combine to create a slot game that features Sizzling Wilds, stacked/clustered wilds, a top box, 50 paylines and 5 reels.
The top box displays a game card with 25 squares randomly numbered from 1-75 and five reels corresponding to the 5 columns of the card.
Three scatters activate the Slingo bonus top box game for 8-16 spins.
Therefore, a number on the reel matching a number in the corresponding column translates to a spot hit. A joker symbol is also considered a spot hit and assists with completing the SLINGO.
Scoring is as follows: a) spot hit=1-10 credits, b) SLINGO=20 credits or a full card=100 credits, c) mystery award=60-1000 credits. All credits accumulate when spins completed and are X line bet. It’s no Mystery why this combination attracts slot players.

5) The Three Stooges: the return of the Stooges is always good news.
Toss in the images, sights, sounds and symbols of pies, football helmets, stethoscopes and you have a hit game. And, there’s more with wild symbols depicting Larry playing the fiddle or Curly or Moe dancing.
Grab a wild symbol and the entire reel becomes wild for more credits.
The Wild Stooges Bonus begins when three or more classic TV symbols land on adjacent reels for 3 free spins each and includes 2 rows of wild symbols.
The top progressive jackpots are won with 5 matching Stooge images as follows: Larry jackpot=$5000, Curly=$10,000 and Moe=$15,000. If you are a Stooge fan, this slot game is for you.

Winners Slots Reviews: August 19
1) Charities Win Too
Joseph Finnegan, 48 from New York knows where his jackpot win will benefit the most. He is president of a charitable foundation, so an easy decision for this retired executive. Finnegan “just had a feeling” and decided to play two Wheel of Fortune dollar slots at the Spa Casino in Palm Springs, CA. Even when his hunch produced a $460,719. Megajackpot win, he was still in an unbelievable state of mind. In the end, Finnegan and the charities win big.

2) An International Win
Dalid Leviy, a clothing shop owner from Karmiel, Israel was patiently waiting her turn at the quarter Wheel of Fortune slot games at Caesars Palace in Vegas.  Once she started playing, it was a short wait and only a $30 wager that produced a $282,951 jackpot.
“At first I thought I won $4000, but then my family told me about the jackpot,” stated Leviy. It was too soon to make plans for her win.

3) Wizard of Oz: Wicked Riches and Glinda are two of the newer versions for this series based on the popular film loved by all.
The similarities with both versions are four progressive-level jackpots, five reels with top box display of progressives, three bonus features and both offer 20 or 40 line games. Both versions offers a free spin bonus along with the Tornado Feature directed at one of the four progressive jackpots.  During play with max coin in play, a tornado randomly appears on the reels.
You then select one of eight bars that reveal either credits or a progressive win.
Moving to the differences, Wicked Riches symbols transform into wild payouts when a Flying Monkey symbol appears on the third reel.
At that time, more flying monkeys get into the game and transform all the other similar symbols into wilds.
With Glenda the Good Witch, Glenda appears during a spin and transforms one of the five reels into a Wild Reel thereby resulting in better payouts.
Both of these delightful games can produce wins that are ‘over the rainbow.’

Winners Slots Reviews: August 12
1) A $100 Gusher
Larry D. Lewis, 28, a local oil field worker was looking to relax and Sam’s Town Casino in Shreveport, LA was the place to play Wheel of Fortune quarter slots. After betting only $100, Lewis struck a gusher, a $1,685,577. Megajackpot. “I was in utter shock”, said Lewis. “I was just enjoying myself and didn’t realize how much I had won when my machine started ringing. It was very exciting.” Speaking about the future, the new millionaire stated, “This will just help me enjoy life more. I plan to use the money to treat myself to a new car.”

2) River Wild:  Known as the Outdoor Wild Series, the games in this group are River Wild, Forest Wild, Glacier Wild and Grizzly Wild.
With an abundance of wild symbols, one of the games--River Wild is a 50-line slot where 3 scattered bonus symbols will get you 5 free games. Wild symbols appearing during the freebie event doubles the jackpot and it's possible to play a total of 50 free games. This series, available in penny denominations is sure to ‘drive you wild.’

3) Jeopardy!: the introduction of a multi level progressive slot for this popular TV game show is sure to please new and veteran fans. The game board is in place at the top box along with 60 paylines plus stacked and clustered wilds for some nice payouts.
Make that ante/side bet to qualify for a jackpot resetting at 500,000 for five Jeopardy! symbols.
The progressive levels are: a) free spin round activated by 5 scattered bonus symbols.
b) reel spin displays a credit value as a symbol, and then the related top box value shows a blank, a bonus re-trigger or a progressive win.
c) if you win the progressive or turn over all the spots in the category, you move to Double Jeopardy! At that time, the categories and all the bonus values are doubled for another round of freebie spins and possible progressive win.
Winning that bonus event will qualify the player for Final Jeopardy! where you pick one of 5 categories for bonus credits or a progressive for at least $1000.
Jump for Joy as Jeopardy! has jumped up the Jackpots.

Winners Slots Reviews: August 5

1) WMS Gaming steps into the huge arena
held by IGT Video Poker with this new
version, Big Event Poker.
Combination of a Video Poker product and Community Gaming.
Contains 6 video poker base games.
Contains 4 Big Event Poker Bonuses--these are Community Bonuses.

Players that enjoy Big Event Poker are experiencing the first ever combination of Video Poker and WMS innovative Community Gaming product category.
Players can enjoy their favorite Video Poker games, but in addition enjoy the randomly triggered Big Event bonuses.
Betting max credits and placing the Big Event bet buys eligibility for the Big Event Poker Bonus. When the Bonus triggers, all eligible players are provided an exciting break from their video poker action to enter the community bonus and win together.

To qualify for random bonuses, you play 7 coins and receive higher payouts plus seven seconds of time to make a decision.
If more than one bonus occurs within those 7 seconds, it is free.
Bonuses are random and according to WMS Gaming come around about every 3 1/2 minutes.
Tip: if you play faster, you will rack up more time for bonuses than another player who plays slower. However, you can never have more than 30 seconds of time.
Base Games:
Note the equivalent IGT version. Example: Double Four of a Kind=IGT Double Bonus.
  • Four of a Kind Poker=IGT Bonus Poker
  • Double Four of a Kind Poker=IGT Double Bonus
  • Double 2X Four of a Kind Poker=IGT Double Double Bonus
  • Jacks of Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Joker Poker
Big Event Poker Bonuses
a) 4 to a Royal
Each eligible player is awarded a free poker hand with 4 cards dealt face up and the 5th card face down. The 4 up cards are all the same suit between 10 and Ace. Each player hits draw to see what they have won.
b) Free Hands Poker with Super Paytable
Each eligible player is awarded 7 free poker hands, with each winning hand paying from a super paytable
c) Poker Pots
Each eligible player is shown a 5 card hand that fans out, revealing each card one at a time. Once all 5 cards are revealed, the player wins the amount corresponding to that hand.
d) Money Chip
All eligible players are awarded a random credit prize.

Table below displays all VP Games for Big Event that payback 98%+
when played with optimum strategy.

VP Game 5-Coins
% Rtn.
 % Rtn.
Jacks or Better - 9/6   99.54   99.89
Jacks or Better - 9/5   98.45   98.78
Joker Poker - Kings+. 20-7-5 100.65 101.04
Joker Poker - Kings+. 18-7-5   98.94   99.33
Four of a Kind - 8/5   99.56   99.17 
Double 4 of a Kind - 10/7 100.17 100.49
Double 4 of a Kind - 9/7   99.11   99.48
Double 2x4 of a Kind - 10/6 100.07 100.44
Double 2x4 of a Kind - 9/6   98.98   99.32
Deuces Wild 9/5 100.76 101.22
Deuces Wild 9/4   98.91   99.24

I will watch this slot game carefully for if WMS manages to grab some
of IGT's Video Poker market share, that is indeed a Big Event!

2) 18 Spins to Win
Mr. Rodriguez, a patron at Binions, Las Vegas for 20 years needed only 18 spins at a Red, White & Blue Wheel of Fortune slot game to win the $1,348,633. Megajackpot.
“When it hit, I thought I won $2000,” stated the US Air Force veteran. There are no plans yet for his windfall.

3) A Canadian Winner
Bruce Whyte from Winnipeg, MB, Canada travels monthly to the Seven Clans Casino in Thief River, MN. “This trip was for a special boxer celebration. It was just a routine night”  said the happy winner who hit for $251,878. at a quarter Wheel of Fortune slot.
After playing only $35, Whyte was in shock. “I thought I broke the machine.” Investing wisely is his plan for the future.

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