Winners Slots Reviews Combo for US Casinos: July

These weekly winners slots reviews reports are a combination of both jackpot wins and slots reviews at US casinos.
GT will publish a mix of 4 posts weekly to update casino players.

Winners Slots Reviews: July 29
1) Number 9, Number 9 and Number 9 Minutes
Kimberly Beeler of Great Falls, MT has some time to kill before checking into her room at First Gold Casino in Deadwood, SD. 
So, Beeler choose her favorite slot game—the Wheel and 9 minutes later, she won $232,658. “I like Wheel of Fortune, but my friends tease me because I never win. This time, I only played about nine minutes, invested only $20 and hit the top jackpot prize. I didn’t believe it because I didn’t hear any bells,” she laughed.
As for the future, Beeler said she will “put it aside and think about it for a while.”

2) The Lucky Irish Casino
Choosing the Irish themed casino—O’Shea’s in Vegas proved lucky for Bret a Berwick, 30, a construction worker from North Olmsted, OH. After betting only $20, the Wheel of Fortune Megajackpot for $1,013,882. was hit. “At first I thought I had won $1500 and when I told my friends I’d won the jackpot, they didn’t believe me and had to come see it for themselves.” The new millionaire plans to buy a house with his windfall.

3) Carousel of Cash: Features of this community slot game are 6 reels with a Bankroll scrolling bonus event offering 14 prizes as the central theme. The prize rewards include 10 amounts ranging from 40-200 coins with multiplier values from 2X to 5X. Base games are Double Diamond or Triple Stars.
When the bonus event is activated, there is a 15-second countdown where other players can join in before the final results.
Bonus credits are paid as determined by the spin, while a multiplier results in a second spin/scroll to determine the total reward ranging from 2X to 5X.
Should the second spin/scroll result in a second multiplier amount, the calculation includes the first number by the second by 200 credits.
For example, 5X and 2X would result in 10 X 200=2000 credits.
Round and round we go, stopping only at cash with the slot game.

4) Magic Money: We begin the description of the slot with the wow! factor--5 level progressive with a top jackpot reset at 1 million credits. Chinese symbols merge with classic icons to create two bonus events, one of which takes you to a progressive.
One bonus event is activated when Free Games symbols land on the first, third and fifth reels resulting in 10 free games to include Double Wild symbols. Five wild symbols= 10,000 credits win.
The main event is the Golden Money Bonus that begins when the Golden Money symbols hits on or near one position of the center payline. The screen is transformed to a 15-tile grid hiding credit rewards and a Progressive Feature spot. You make your picks, collecting rewards, but a Progressive Feature selection provides a nice payday of one of the 5 top progressive jackpots.
That’s when Magic Money and Wow! merge to create an exciting slot adventure.

Winners Slots Reviews: July 22
1) One More Time for $2 Million
The Gold Country Casino and Hotel in Oroville, CA had a winner who wishes to stay anonymous. The Yuba City woman was getting ready to leave the casino after a long day of gaming when she decided to try one more time at the popular Megabucks Video Penny slot machines. In a last minute burst of luck, that single coin struck the progressive jackpot for a grand total of $2,145,562. 

2) Texas + Las Vegas=Millionaire
Steven Le Roy Toddy, Jr., 47, from LaGrange, TX. became a millionaire while visiting Las Vegas for a Gift Show. The big strike for $1,201,678. was at a Wheel of Fortune dollar megajackpot in the Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Vegas strip. “I was waiting for the cocktail waitress and put in $100,” stated the new millionaire.
“That’s when I hit the jackpot!” said Toddy, who works in the Texas oil industry. He plans to use his winnings to take care of his family.

3) Full Moon Diamond: The pay window display for this slot is  interesting and unusual in that there are four stacked hexagons for the first, third and fifth reels and five hexagons for the second and fourth reels. All jackpots are multiplied by the total bet and two or more jackpots are possible. 
Therefore, if the same winning symbol appears in similar reels; for example, the first and fifth reels, then the same symbols will appear in the other similar reel to add to your credits.
Three, four or five nearby Moon symbols activate 10, 15 or 25 free spins in that order. Re-activating free spins is possible.
Stacked symbols, freebie spins plus extra credits for similar reels aligning all combine for a ‘full moon rising’ at the credit meter.

4) Jewelly: Meet your wide-eyed, smiling and colorful host, Miss Jewelly for this slot game. She presents not only a choice of 5 slots games, but also 7 random bonus events. 
The games are Decadence, Stars of Fortune, Medusa--Queen of Stone, Wild 1s and Wild Wranglers.  Each game boasts features like stacked wild symbols, free spins and multipliers.
Additionally, a random Mystery bonus offers 7 bonus events resulting in one of three progressive jackpots if you activate the ante wager.
Our charming host, Jewelly appears on screen to begin one of the 7 bonuses chosen for you:
a) Where Are the Jewels? A pirate theme where you chose one of 5 treasure chests.
b) Shopping 4 Jewels: displays 30 jewelry boxes where you match 4 identical jewels for a bonus and receive 4X the sum of the credits.
c) Spinning Wins shows one giant reel spinning to reveal a gem and pays 10-500 credits.
d) Jukebox Jewels: Jewelly appears next to a jukebox consisting of a single reel. You receive 2 spins and all prizes on the reel are doubled.
e) Hidden Games where you are mining 4 locations in a cave for bonus credits.
f) Treasures ‘n Tokens: free spin game where you collect tokens that land on the reels. Five of them win a separate progressive.
g) Quest for Jewels: main progressive bonus feature that guarantees one of 3 progressives.
Miss Jewelly supplies all this action and ‘sparkle’ in a single game.

Winners Slots Reviews: July 15
1) The Symbols Fell in Line
Jacqulyn Elenz, 51, a homemaker from Pensacola, FL stated with glee, “At first, I was in complete shock and disbelief.” “I just couldn’t believe that the symbols fell in line that way. It was like the stars aligned for me.”
The original reservation was changed to the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, MS after Elenz discovered that her favorite Jeopardy! slot was not available. This change resulted in a huge payday of $848,015 at the Rivage after betting only $50.
“I always play the Jeopardy! slot when I visit the coast, but I never imagined I’d win to begin with, much less what I would do with my winnings,” said Elenz. “And I still don’t know.”

2) Play and Stay with the Wheel

Aris Armando Martinez, 61, a pool service owner from Van Nuys, CA hit the big time with a $505,854 Megajackpot on a Wheel of Fortune dollar slot at San Manuel Casino in Highland.
Martinez plays and stays with his favorite slot, however, at one point all the machines were taken with one player at two machines, “I asked if I could use one, since all the other machines were in play, then Viola,” smiled the lucky winner. Future plans include taking care of some bills and doing something special for his wife.

3) Jokers Wild: similar to the TV game show, this slot offers topical questions and prizes depicted by reel symbols of cards, furniture and more. All wins are paid as scatters and both base games provide five levels or progressive jackpots ranging from Bronze to Platinum. Additionally, both games display expanding wilds that when activated cover the entire reel for plenty of credit rewards. All wins are doubled with the appearance of the Joker and the bonus round can award the winner from one to five jackpots at the Platinum level.
This feature-rich slot provides a ‘wild ride’ for players who want to play in the Platinum league.

4) Thailand Fantasy: This game is an eyeful with colorful graphics, five reels and a top box display encasing the pay schedule. When the random bonus mask symbol appears, it transforms all active paylines in the window into wild symbols and you are credited a second time as new jackpots.
The Golden Temple free spin event is activated by bonus symbols on the middle three reels resulting in 8 free spins. All masks are wild during these spins and can be re-activated. Although, the max bet for the penny version is high at 1500 credits per spin, so too are the ‘fantastic’ payouts whether you are in Thailand or not.

Winners Slots Reviews: July 8

1) 2 Players, 1 Casino and 48 Hours
Two lucky players won big money playing Aristocrat slot games at Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls, N.Y. and they won the jackpots within 48 hours of each other.
First, a lucky Seneca Niagara Casino player rode the luck train to a life-changing jackpot playing Aristocrat’s Loco Loot penny slot. She won an incredible $138,000.
Then not even 48 hours later, Laurey Kenward of Ransomville, N.Y., won half a million dollars playing Aristocrat’s popular and exciting Millioni$er penny slot. “I couldn’t believe it!” Kenward exclaimed, beaming from ear to ear. Millioni$er last hit for $1.1 million in Laughlin, Nev.
“Our players love Aristocrat games,” said B.J. Martin, Vice President of Slot Operations at Seneca Niagara. “To have two players win life-changing jackpots in less than two days has been amazingly exciting for us, and more importantly, for our players.”
Loco Loot is one of Aristocrat’s multi-site progressives and has paid players more than $5 million in jackpots since its inception.
Millioni$er is a Hyperlink progressive and sports a second-screen feature with four different jackpot levels that can be triggered randomly during game play.

2) The Wheel and a Prayer
Linda Mae Wood, a 65-year-old retiree from Livermore CA invested only $60 before hitting the mega jackpot for  $477,808 at a Wheel of Fortune slot at Mont Bleu Resort-Casino. Wood stated that she enjoyed the excitement of the game. “I’ve been praying for a miracle,” exclaimed Wood, who plans to pay off debts.

3) Powerball Power Seat: is another community or group play slot that has gained popularity in the slots playground.
Two base games are Hoppin’ Wild and Thunderhawk topped by a giant Powerball bonus screen. Once the bonus event begins, one or more of the slots on the bank are chosen as Power Seats increasing the group bonus multiplier by 1X, 3X, 5X or 10X.
At this point, there is a qualifying round accompanied by red and white balls in a lottery hopper. Last ball remaining will award either a credit or one of the four Powerball Bonus events.
Here is the lineup for the 4 bonuses: a) Mystery Spin Bonus, a free spin for every player resulting in a combination win from mystery and reel symbols.
b) Tire Pump Bonus uses a combo of red and white balls. After elimination, the balls that survive are awarded credits.
c) Super Shot Bonus: a second screen bonus displaying a stunt man in a cannon shot in the air. The longer the distance, the higher the credits.
d) Matrix Bonus displays a 3X3 matrix of spots on a game board. A money reel spins to stop with 1, 2 or 3 powerballs on the paylines at which time, you receive your reward.
Join the community, go for bonuses and enjoy ‘the power’ of this unique slot.

4) JAWS: this slots game is based on the Academy Award-winning film franchise and submerges the player in a total experience. The fun begins immediately after players sit down in their chair.
Then, a nervous flick of a finger on the “shark tooth” spin button, and the game begins. From deep inside the slot, the familiar spine-tingling Jaws theme music sets the tone, but Jaws is more fun than dangerous. Players can win one of four Hyperlink progressive jackpots and fun bonus games keep players in the 'water' longer. Completing the experience, a buoy topper box lights up and sounds off a bell during game play while shark “gills” cover the speakers.
With this slots game, it is safe to get in the water again.

Winners Slots Reviews: July 1
1) QuarterMillion$ Slot Hit
The anonymous winner of $311,098. received a visit from a Bally rep to present a check at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
The selected slot was a quarter Tower of Power QuarterMillion$ slot machine and true to its name paid out more than the reset value of $250,000. on the spot.

2) Another QuarterMillion$ Win
Neicha Frizzel and her champion rodeo driver hubby of Cashion, OK hit pay dirt with a win of $327,490. at Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma City. Frizzel was 'killing time' when she selected a QuarterMillion$ In the Money slot. Meanwhile, Neicha’s husband was in town on an errand to get a special purse for his wife decorated with one of his championship rodeo belt buckles. 
“That’s the last purse my wife will probably ever own, it’s her lucky purse,” her husband teased. Future plans for the money will allow him to continue a rodeo career while the pair’s farm and bills will be paid.

3) Fortune King: here’s the rundown of features for this Hyperlink multiple-progressive slot—4 base games of  Dragons, Choy Sun Doa, Double Happiness and 50 Dragons, Asian theme and possible win combinations by payline or scatter pay.
As with all Hyperlink games, there is more. All four games have a free spin feature and Double Happiness offers multiplying wild symbols. Max coin is important here to be in the running for the Grand jackpot, plus random jackpot wins are part of the excitement of this game.
Moreover, there is a bonus event at all of the base games that displays rows of coins. Match 3 symbols and one of four progressives are yours.
This slot game lives up to its name with a ‘fortune of features and wealth of fun’.

4) Ultimate Party Spin: the main feature is Instant Spin where the game rhythm turns to the top box wheel and rewards with from 100-50,000 credits.
Returning to the reels, this slot displays the classic symbols of fruit, bars and 7s combinations. Line up 5 of the same symbols when 20 lines are activated and the progressive jackpot is yours.
I know you have heard, “play maximum coin” before, however, with this slot, there are ‘ultimate rewards’ with this strategy.

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