SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System

Part 1
by Tony Stoffo

My SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System has been very, very good to me.
Many sportsbooks would prefer to close their doors during the season because business slows after the football and basketball seasons end and smart gamblers hit the bookmakers up for a lot of money.So how come you're not betting on the game every day?
My question to you is--Are you betting for entertainment or to make money? 

Admittedly, baseball and hockey lags far behind football and basketball in mass appeal, but both games have traditionally provided great values for savvy gamblers. Not only that, their seasons span virtually the entire year. 

Most important, both games differ from football and basketball in that the most common form of betting is on the moneyline (which team is going to win, straight up), not against the run-line or puck-line (in other words, the point spread, almost always 1.5 runs or goals).
This provides an opportunity for great values when you follow the sports closely.

Baseball features another unique dynamic in that even though it's a team sport, it's really about a single player, the pitcher, against another individual player, the batter.

In the age of the Internet, it isn't hard to determine how a particular pitcher does against a specific lineup, or at a particular ballpark. Hockey's sort of the same way, only it's the goalie against the opponent's entire offense, more or less 1 man at a time.

So start "betting wise." Use my 12 Money-Management Programs
and this SportBeting Baseball System, and don't take a gambling vacation during baseball and hockey seasons -- it could be costing you thousands of dollars a year.

SportsBetting Baseball: Play Only When Your Team's Winning
When I was manager at the Desert Inn, Dave strolled into the sportsbook to lay a bet on, the game. I happily took it, and handed over his winnings 3 hours later.
I hadn't seen him in 2 decades, but he was happy to confirm that he made his living using his same old process of riding teams' winning streaks and sitting on the sidelines during their losing streaks. 
Now I'm going to share this baseball streaks system with you. I think you'll find those 3-hour games so much more interesting when you're winning a lot of money on them.

The SportsBetting Baseball Program

The SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System sounds almost too good to be true.
You bet on teams only while they're on winning streaks, and watch from the sidelines as they suffer through all of their losing streaks during the long season. It's so simple, it's genius.
The SportsBetting Baseball Program also works in the opposite fashion, in that you can bet against lousy teams, riding their losing streaks to big money, and sitting out while they string together a few wins.
At the beginning of the season, or even after it's started, pick several teams that you think will have either great or horrible years. When selecting "winners," resist the urge to automatically pick dynasty teams like the Yankees, since bookmakers have long since grown weary of paying out on them and the odds will be stacked against you.
For instance, the Yankees, A's and Braves were the 3 best teams in baseball in 2002. Each had a winning percentage of between .627 and .629 and went on winning streaks of 3 or more games 16 or 17 times.
Yet the Braves and A's were much better values with oddsmakers. Remember, odds are all about public perception, and right now the Yankees are perceived as everyday winners. So look for teams with better value, perhaps those due for their first .600 season in a while, or (conversely) their first .400 season in a long time.

Once you have your teams, start tracking the results of all their games. You're waiting for a "Signal Result," which if you're tracking a "winner" is a victory and if you're tracking a "loser" is a defeat. When a Signal Result occurs, that's when you start betting.
This allows you to catch each team as it enters either a winning or a losing streak. Series end when "winners" finally lose a game or "losers" finally win a game.

For example, in the SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System, you wait for a team on your "winners" list to win a game, and then you make a bet on it the next game and keep doing so until it wins 3 in a row for you or loses any 1 game.
In this way, you will make a SportsBetting Baseball Series of between 1 and 3 wagers on the moneyline in amounts needed to win the pre-calculated Series Amounts of $50, $50 or $25. 

The Series doesn't end until you win 3 consecutive bets or you lose any 1 bet. In either case, you roll your profits into your Personal  Bankroll and start the Series over when you get another Signal Game.
Of course, The SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System also works for betting against poor ball clubs, in which case you wait for a team on your "losers" list to lose a game, and then you make a bet against it the next game and keep doing so until it loses 3 in a row for you or wins any 1 game.
In this way, you will make a Series of between 1 and 3 wagers on the moneyline in amounts necessary to win the pre-calculated Series Amounts of $50, $50 or $25.

The Goal: SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System
The simple objective is to cash in on good teams' winning streaks and poor teams' losing streaks by riding them to 3 consecutive winning bets as many times as possible during a season.
The Series
The Formula
The Formula for setting the Series Amounts in The Baseball Streaks System is a, a, 1/2a.
In the Series above, a = 50 or $50. If you find this too low, try a larger value of a, for example 100.
If you pick $100 for the starting bet, your Series would be calculated as 100, 100, .5 x 100 = 50, or 100-100-50.

For our purposes here, however, we will stick with the original Series Amounts for examples. 
As a guide to selecting which Series to play, you can add up the 3 Series Amounts in the Series you're considering and make sure the combined total doesn't represent more than 25% of your Personal Betting Bankroll. 

The Rules:
SportsBetting Baseball Streaks System
1) To start this Series, wait until your selected "winning" team wins a game and then make a moneyline wager in the amount necessary to earn you the predetermined Series Amount of $50 (or an Actual Wager Amount) on its next game.
2) If your team wins, add your winnings to your Bankroll and make another bet on its next game, again in an amount enough to win the Series Amount of $50.
3) If you lose your first wager, cut your losses and start over the Series, going back to Rule 1, waiting for another Signal Result.
4) Continue betting as your team wins (or loses, if you're betting on a "loser"), setting your Actual Wager Amounts according to the moneyline, until you win 3 wagers in a row (and your team wins 4 games in a row overall).
Add your profits to your Bankroll and start over on a new Series.
5) Be sure to track all your bets carefully.
6) Every month or so, evaluate your Personal Betting Bankroll, and increase your 4 Betting Blocks if you feel comfortable doing so.

SportsBetting Baseball Streaks Systems, Part 2
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