Poker Versions: 12 Games

This lesson includes 12 poker versions with how-to-play instructions. This game collection includes several eclectic and entertaining poker version names.
Let’s begin with an example of one of those eclectic names--Knock Poker.

1) Knock Poker
This poker game begins with a 1 chip ante and every player receives 5 cards.
The rest of the cards are set in the center of the table available for draw. The first card is drawn by the player left of the dealer who may keep or discard the drawn card.
If the player determines they have the best hand, he/she can knock after their turn.
All other players then receive one turn and chooses one of 3 options—drop out, stay in or pay the knocker 1 chip.
Should the knocker have the winning hand, all other remaining players pay the winner 2 chips. A tie splits the winnings.
Should the knocker lose, he/she pays all players remaining two chips.
Other pay options are: 2 chips for knocking and a win without a drawn card; a win with a Royal=4 chips; a win with a straight flush=2 chips and a quad=1 chip.

2) Whiskey Poker
A 5-card extra hand is placed at center table while each player is dealt 5 cards down in this order; each player starting at the left, extra hand and then the dealer last.
Players may trade their hand for the extra hand or not. If they do, they then place their hand face up at center table.
After trading, each player may choose to pick up 1 or all of the cards in the extra hand, then trading an equal number of cards from their held cards.
Should a player stay with their dealt hand, they may opt to knock and have a showdown at their turn. Upon knocking, other players have 1 additional turn to trade cards.
If the extra hand remains with no takers, the dealer has the option to trade that hand or turn all cards face up. Should the dealer knock and not opt to take the extra hand, he/she must reveal the extra hand to allow other players to possibly draw.
A player may pass at their turn 1 time, but the 2nd time must trade or knock.
After each player takes their final turn, all hands are shown and the winner determined.

3) Bull
For this poker version, every player is dealt 3 cards face down, arranges the cards in order thoughtfully, but cannot change the order once set and then bets accordingly.
The game proceeds with 4 additional cards face up followed by betting rounds after each card is revealed.
Every player then reveals 1 down card, bets and reveals a 2nd down card and final betting. Remaining players reveal their final down card and a winner is determined.

4) Double Draw

Large pots are the result of this poker version, as there are two draws. Following the 2nd round of betting, there is final betting and that is where the large pots come in.

5) Standard Poker
Every player receives 5 cards face down in this original version of poker. There is no draw, therefore a winner is declared after a single betting round.

6) Cold Hands
Comparable to standard poker, but players place an established ante. 5 cards face up are then dealt to each player, one at time with no draw and no further betting. This version is a ‘winner takes all’ game.

7) Round the World
This poker game begins by dealing each player 4 cards and 4 community cards face down at the table center. The 4 cards down are revealed one at a time followed by betting after each is displayed. Every player then chooses their best 5-card hand from the 4 revealed on the table.

8) Shotgun
For this poker version, there is betting after 3 cards are dealt to each player face down. This procedure for remaining players then is 4th card, betting, 5th card draw, concluded by final betting.

9) 3-Card Monte
Comparable to 3-card poker, 1 card is dealt face down and 2 cards up for a total of 3 cards for each player. After betting, the winner is determined based on the best ranking for 3 cards with the possibility of a 3-card straight or flush.  The game’s 3-card limit eliminates 2 pairs, a full house, or 4-of-a-kind.

10) 2-Card Poker
As the name implies, two cards are dealt to each player and there is no draw. The best possible hand is a pair of aces.

11) Indian Poker
This is the most amusing poker versions of the dozen named and can be played by as many as 52 people as daunting as that may sound.
Each player is dealt 1 card face down and in unison; all players pick up their card and hold it on their forehead. At this stage, the player can see all other players’ cards, but not their own. One betting round completes the game and a winner is declared.
If the same card rank is held by more than 1 player, 2 options are:
The pot is split or the winner is declared as follows: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs with the spades being the best hand in order.

12) Red Dog Poker, a separate lesson completes 12 poker versions
Also, 3-Card Poker lesson, similar to 3-Card Monte.
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Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy
Bet the following hands:
1) A pair or better.
2) Ace-King-Queen and the player's next highest card outrank the dealer's up card.
3) An Ace and a King, and one of the other three cards matching the dealer's up card.
4) Ace-King-Queen or Ace-King-Jack, and any of the five cards matching the dealer's up card.  

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