Online Poker Players Top 10 List

by Gayle Mitchell

This Online Poker Players Top 10 List describes why millions of players choose online poker play and the reasons why poker is the #1 card game worldwide.
If you are a veteran online poker player, you are likely to nod in agreement with this Top 10 List while other players will discover additional reasons to enjoy and profit from online play.
Online players are united that the draw of online poker is that you are not playing against a machine but against a living, breathing, and, most importantly, thinking opponent.
Online play utilizes the same rules and regulations as a live poker game, but with benefits not available offline.
As listed below, the differences between land-based casino/poker rooms and online play illustrates several advantages for poker players in comparison.
This Top Ten List begins with the convenience and comfort level enjoyed by online players.

1) Name your Comfort and Convenience Level
Online play cannot be surpassed for comfort and convenience in that no traveling is involved other than the few steps required to reach the nearest PC with an internet connection.
Informal is the rule here. A suit, tie, gown or jewelry is not required and is replaced by jeans, shorts, pajamas, a funny hat or nude that is now the new comfort poker.
Online poker lets you in on the action with talented opponents while looking more or less glamorous as you please.  Also, your chosen comfort level helps you relax and concentrate on the game at hand.
There is no time restraint for online poker. You can play against real opponents any time, night or day and never have to worry about time running out,
Toss in the benefits of saving gas and food costs, plus no tipping is required.
It comes down to the choice of the beret, baseball, pirate or feather hat for online poker players.

2) Your Poker Game Choices
You call the shots with online poker and choose your favorite poker games.
Online poker players can play anything from Omaha Hi Lo to Horse or Badugi.
Your poker adventure can include Texas Holdem--definitely the favorite currently, 7-Card Stud, Omaha or HiLo or perhaps Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and/or Caribbean Stud Poker.
Poker games played in certain countries or locales before are now available to online players worldwide 24/7.
Examples are Pusoy Poker, Red Dog/Acey Deucey and Let It Ride.
Alternatively, there are exclusive or proprietary online poker games available.
Examples are Poker Pursuit, Cyberstud and Pineapple Poker.

3) Online Poker is Less Expensive
Online poker sites are not a casino in that the house does not receive the money, but is compensated with a percentage of pot monies, known as a rake.
Also, in comparison to offline poker games, online play overhead costs are not as high.
While the addition of another table and the space required would increase costs and create waiting times for players at offline poker, this situation is corrected quickly online.
For thrifty or new players, there is a low bet of a single penny available. Free rolls, free play and low priced tourneys are great values that entice more online poker players worldwide.

4) Promotions and Players Loyalty Rewards
Where to begin? There is a wealth of rewards for online poker players. Welcome bonuses are yours at sign-up that include joining the players club for your entry card to additional loyalty rewards.
Here are examples of the long line of promotions online: daily/weekly bonuses, free rolls, free play, cash awards, guarantee pays, reload bonus and day of the week specials like Super Tuesday.
There’s more: 50% rake back, bad beat progressive, coupons offers, gift cards, Match & Win and VIP club cards for frequent players.
Player’s cards generally offer 3 or more reward levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum, for example. Or different award levels like Gold Chips, Gold Stacks and Gold Card cash.
While this may seem like promotion overload, every poker site has a separate menu detailing their promotions and players club awards where you can pick and click your personal choices.
You can get in on the poker action and rewards with this easy first step: Download, install and play!

5) 24/7 Tournaments
No waiting, 24/7 action, plenty of tournament choices, qualifying events and guaranteed payouts are all part of the game for online poker players participating in tournaments. Some tournament types are Bounty, Turbo, Friday Bounty Guaranteed, Pro Tables, Sunday Guarantee, SitNGo, Shootout, Satellites and WPT qualifying tourneys.
Most poker tournaments pass on a set amount of the registration fee to entrants, approximately 10% for the entry fee as the rake.
You may find a tourney with a $1 registration fee, a $10 entry fee, and $100 added to the prize pool.
Most poker sites offer free tournament entry with their players club card rewards program.
Also, there are single table, multi-table and heads up tourneys.

6) Live Dealers
Live dealer casinos are a recent trend for online poker players.
While not all poker sites offer this option, the advantages of playing at the live dealer casinos include playing with a live dealer via web cam streaming, a 100% secure atmosphere where you can play worry free and online poker action that offer more control.
Players applaud the live dealer option that provides the comfort of knowing that the cards dealt are completely random. They trust a living, breathing, human being over digital RNG driven games. The advanced technology of live web cam games allows players to see the game table accurately as if you were there in person.
Players get the convenience of online access and a genuine poker game experience by playing with a live dealer and other live players, all from the comfort of their home.

Alternatively, for those players where speed is of the utmost importance, live dealer action is not as fast as the regular online poker sites that use random number generators.
Veteran poker players prefer the value of the human component in a game of poker and appreciate the limits and risks involved in a technological world.
Therefore, if your speed preference is 200 hands per hour and multi-tabling is equal to optimum multi-tasking for you as opposed to the human connection for poker, then virtual poker would likely be your choice.

7) Play Faster and Safer
The internet age allows everything to be faster.  Now you can play poker faster and thus treat yourself to up to 50% more hands per hour than you would offline.
If this is your preference as discussed in #6, this item is surely in your Top 10 list.
Also, trust and security is very important to all online poker players.
Transactions during play online are guaranteed safe and protected. The best online poker rooms are connected with Verisign or Thawte Security. These are two of the most trusted security certificates in the world. Additionally, cards cannot be marked in this safe environment.
Checks and balances are part of security. For example, a poker player's IP address can be determined in order to avoid players at the same address or an unknown proxy server from playing the same tables.

8) Use Poker Tools for Assistance
Online poker players should use these valuable tools to run reports, show statistics and display information about your game by saving their hand histories in a database. Analyze every aspect of both your hands and your challengers’ hands to gather vital insights into strengths and weaknesses in order to determine what aspects of your game that needs improvement, the best move forward and exactly how to beat your opponents.
The majority of online poker rooms support these poker tools.
Gambling Teachers presents a detailed report of Online Poker Calculator and Trackers at the site.

9) You can choose to be Anonymous
The professional players do it, so why not other online poker players? Think of the advantage in that you no longer give away tells about yourself, and you can create a fictional ID to lure your opponents into overconfidence and add some mystery to the game.
You are immersed in a fantasy world where you can change your gender, become an animal, an ancient symbol or a kitchen utensil, if you please.
Have some fun with this option of playing poker online.

10) Poker offers Much More when played online
Let’s wrap this up with a summary of the top benefits available for online poker players.
If you have ever visited a land-based casino or poker room, then you know how crowded the property can get.  With online poker, there is no long waiting periods for tables to open and you can play several games at once.  Some experienced players can handle up to 10 or more games at once.

Here is the ideal situation for online poker players:
Pat is ready for action dressed in super-hero pajamas trying to decide between 3 poker games, one of which is holdem. Super-Duper players reward card in hand, the free roll is a cheap beginning to the evening. Meanwhile, the Turbo Tournament is calling, as are the Live Dealers that can be played with cash rewards from the SD player’s card. Keeping track of all games via poker software, Pat is now ready to add Speed Poker and feels secure playing at this online poker room.
Pat ends the session by taking on Mighty Duck in heads up play and pockets $800.
Time to hit the sack and smile about the wonders of poker and technology.

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Online play utilizes the same rules and regulations as a live poker game, but with benefits not available offline.
You can get in on the poker action and rewards with this easy first step: Download, Install and Play!

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