Online Poker Calculator and Trackers

Online Poker Calculator and Trackers is another software lesson for players exploring tools and resources for an instant advantage in the competitive online poker environment.
Poker Calculators, the most requested type of poker assist software offers odds, draws and profiling stats and this lesson provides 5 product reviews.
The 3 main types of poker calculators are known as operative, mathematical and empirical. When making a choice for an online poker calculator, your focus should be on the empirical types as these calculators and trackers are legal, easy to use, and have the capability of monitoring and recording the behavior of other players.
They keep track of all the important statistics and calculate all the important numbers for you instantly for both the mathematical and human aspect of the game.
Use these valuable tools to run reports, show statistics and display information about your game by saving your hand histories in a database. Analyze every aspect of both your hands and your challengers’ hands to gather vital insights into strengths and weaknesses in order to determine what aspects of your game that needs improvement, the best move forward and exactly how to beat your opponents.
Additionally, these poker tools are supported by the majority of online poker rooms.

There are many online poker tools available on the market and this lesson describes the features and benefits of 5 online poker calculator and trackers.
We begin with Texas Calculatem Pro, one of the most recognized and best selling calculators.

1) Texas Calculatem Pro
This Online Poker Calculator is perfect for both fixed limit and no-limit holdem poker. It has pot odds calculation and a unique feature that displays your win opportunities instantly on both the next card and to the river. This poker tool has a very sleek and impressive interface that provides all the stats you need in a clear and concise manner.
Calculatem Pro calculates odds and offers the best move forward for every situation while considering position, fold depth, playing style and pot odds. This online poker calculator reads your cards and your challengers’ moves.
In addition, Calculatem Pro supports over 250 online poker rooms.
User-friendly dashboard, advice bar and odds chart of the Calculatem Pro provides all the required info for players from newbies to veterans.
All of your outs are shown with colored dots in the deck window, making it easy to see straight and flush draws for both you and your opponent. You are alerted when you have the nuts, eliminating confusion and letting you play your challengers for higher profits.

The majority of veteran poker players and experts agree that Pot Odds are a critical factor in skillful, high-percentage poker. While, these odds are mathematically complex and confusing for most people, the basics come down to this: if the money you can win in a pot compared to a ratio of how much you need to put in and the odds of hitting your hand will more than make up for all the times you might lose, you should call. Thus, if you make that same play repeatedly, you will come out ahead in the long run.
The problem with simple odds calculators is that while they are unable to manage the complexity needed to generate those odds, Calculatem Pro can instantly giving you a decided edge. Therefore, this tool provides all the basic hand odds plus pot odds so you do not make costly plays based on hand odds alone.
Lastly and certainly not least of the many features, Calculatem Pro offers Your Preferred Style of Play option.
Adjust your style of play, loose or aggressive, instantly to the poker game and table you are currently playing and in return, receive optimum play advice forward.
This online poker calculator is indispensable to an online bankroll.
It appears that Calculatem Pro is now staking a claim in the poker calculator market. I noted that previous poker tools like Poker Pal, Holdem Pirate and Holdem Hawk that have been banned by Poker Stars are teaming up with Calculatem Pro.

2) Holdem Genius Poker Calculator
Holdem Genius offers the innovative feature of calculating and displaying the most important stats regarding your odds on winning plus top moves instantly and up front. It is ideal for multiple table play too.
Additional features and stats availability are:
Pot Odds: pot odds vs. hitting top flop=pre-flop; pot odds vs. drawing out=flop and turn; pot odds vs. holding the best hand=river.   
Hand Odds: odds of flopping top hand, drawing out, and winning at river.   
Odds of making hands at the river, straight, flush, etc.   
Advises when you are holding the nuts and/or what hands currently beat you.   
Calculates the best challenger’s odds of making hands at the river.   
What hands are your immediate outs.   
View Top Hands instantly along with your own hand rank.   
Receive expert advice for multiple games at once.   
Customize your playing style and even your color preference.
There is plenty to cheer about with this ‘intelligent’ online poker calculator.   

3) Sit and Go Shark
Sit & Go Shark is a one-of-a-kind poker calculator/tracker. The observes the patterns and scenarios and returns step-by-step advice on all aspects of the game.
Additionally, Sit and Go Shark is compatible for these versions offered at poker rooms online as follows:
Texas Hold'em & No Limit and Limit, Single-table, Multi-table, Steps, Mini-steps, Heads-up and Turbo.
Features and Benefits of this online poker calculator and tracker are:
Opponent alert system, hand strength graphics, identify and fix leaks, millions of combinations, game type adjustments, customized interface, color coordinated advice, insightful coaching plus instant recognition of games, limit and no limit compatibility and previous text records.
This valuable online poker calculator does much more than track mathematical winning opportunities and calculates your odds and outs. It also has an extensive database of advice for all possible situations that can appear in a sit and go type of poker game.

4) Poker Office Calculator and Tracker
While the 5.5 version of Poker Office is good news, the 5.75 version followed quickly behind to include support for Rush poker.
The review for this online poker calculator will focus on 5.5 features of new graphs and statistical functions, including No Showdown Winnings, and Showdown Winnings graphs.
This well-designed poker tool offers these significant features:
Probabilities, hand rankings and pot odds, Real time table tightness graphs, action hand history plus data based on the play of your challengers.
Always a welcome addition to these poker tools is the Real Time Heads Up Display that overlay player actions, odds and statistics on the actual table. Users are able to have full control of the present game and exploit the weak and loose challengers.
Future hand probabilities and pot odds are shown on the table during game play
while player icons represent the playing style of your challengers.
Poker Office provides accuracy and takes you easily to the next level of poker expertise.
Of equal importance is that this calculator offers instant tracking of every move you and your challengers make at the table, imports old hand histories and categorize players in real time so you determine player type and best move forward.
Lastly, you can analyze both your hand and your opponents' game whenever you want since it stores all statistics in a database on your computer.

5) Poker Edge Calculator and Tracker
Version 5 is now available with features like a detailed players' report plus table finder to locate the most profitable tables online. It automatically tracks every move you and your opponents make at the table so you can view what type of player you are up against and can adjust your play accordingly.
Player stats are gathered from a central database, therefore you have these stats at the ready about your challengers, regardless of whether there was previous play with them or not.
Poker-Edge has the most advanced HUD on the market. To explain, HUD is Head Up Display, software that displays stats near your challengers’ icons at the table.
The benefits of HUD are that you are provided with hand ranges, playing style, aggressiveness degree and the best moves against your opponents. You will be in the fortunate position of controlling and bluffing more pots placing you on the road to profits.
Poker Edge HUD automatically recognizes your opponents and instantly overlays the most relevant statistics next to their icon at the table. The technology allows you to see various stats as the hand progresses from pre-flop to the flop, turn and river. The states can be set to change automatically or manually, and you can even setup a custom state. This feature allows you to display 5 times as much information. This online poker calculator and tracker is an ideal way to receive all the stats you need on both the mathematical and human aspect of the game.

These 5 poker tools are indispensable against the rapid and competitive online poker environment. Designed to calculate and track all vital stats instantly, these valuable online poker calculator and tracker tools provide an instant advantage when playing online.
Good Luck at the Tables!

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