Let It Ride Poker

by Gayle Mitchell

Learn Let It Ride Poker and you will have an ‘added value’ game to play online and off.
If you like to play cards, here’s a game that you can add to your list of ‘games for fun’. This Learn Let It Ride Poker lesson deals with the rules for novice players.
I will assume that readers already know the ranking of hands and are ready to begin your education.
Let It Ride is based on five card stud and as many as seven players can participate on what looks like a regulation blackjack table.
Players have a payout schedule and betting circles in front of them with an opportunity to enter a progressive tournament for an extra dollar.

Each player is dealt three cards and the remaining two cards are community cards that all players use to complete their hand. The goal here is to make a pair of tens or better.
While a pair of tens can be a winning hand, the better hands are listed below in ranking:
Royal Flush, straight flush, four-of-a-kind (quad), full house, flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, two pair and lastly pair of tens or better.
Rather than beating the dealer as with other card games, everyone has the same chance for profit.
To begin, all players place the same bets in each of the three betting circles before any cards are dealt.
Minimum bets are usually for $5; however that initial bet of $15. may decrease to as low as $1 per betting circle as the game progresses.
The dealer deals and delivers a three-card stack to each participating player facedown in front of their particular betting circle and finally two cards dealt in front of the dealer become the community cards.
Now comes the time for your decision as to leave (Let It Ride) or take back the first bet away.
If you chose to take back the first bet, you will scratch the surface of the table with your cards at which time; the dealer returns your bet.
Let It Ride Poker table etiquette: don’t take the bet back your self, let the dealer do his/her job and return it to you.
Alternatively, should you choose to proceed and Let It Ride, you will put your three cards face down under your first bet or in front of the betting circles.
At this point, you will be shown one of the two community cards and will make your next decision on this ‘fourth’ card.
You communicate your decision for this second bet the same as the first bet. Keep in mind that this is your final chance to take back any bets.
Okay, take back the second bet--scratch and the dealer returns your bet or Let It Ride and move onto the fifth card or what I call ‘The Big Show’ of the second community card.
Following ‘The Big Show’, the dealer reveals all players’ cards and pays according to bets still riding in each betting circle and an established payout schedule.

Let It Ride Strategies follow Learn Let It Ride Poker
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Pai Gow Strategy: if dealt no pairs: play the second and third highest-ranked cards as the low hand and the remaining five cards as high hand.
One Pair:  The pair is set in the high hand and your next two highest-ranked cards as low hand.
Three Pair:  Highest ranking pair should be your low hand.

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